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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zahrain: "I have 'principles????', do not belittle me

idiot frog wannabe Zahrain Mohd Hashim
Photo of wannabe idiot frog Zahrain Mohd Hashim courtesy of Malaysiakini

Translated from Malay to English from Malaysian Insider: Zahrain: "Saya ada prinsip, jangan perlekeh saya" to show what a load of rubbish Zahrain is sprouting.

Bayan Baru Member of Parliament (more like idiot frog wanabe betraying the trust the voters gave him, would you believe him?) Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim repeated to not expect him to leave PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) while aserting to "not belittle/smudge him with speculations that he would like to join BN (the corrupt Barisan Nasional).

"I am a leader with "principles?" (ha, does he have any?), don't belittle me" he told Malaysian Insider.

Zahrain, former Penang PKR chairman said this when asked whether the rumours accusing him that he wanted to leave PKR and have been offered to join or support the corrupted BN in Parliament.

Zahrain insisted he still have faith in the struggle of PKR which was established more than a decade ago.

For this reason, Zahrain, a former UMNO Tanjong Division chairman before joining PKR during the reformation era, said that expressed the hope that the leaders in particular PRK Adviser Datuk Anwar Ibrahim would not pawn the principle of struggle of PKR in the name of cooperation of PKR in PR (Pakatan Rakyat).

PR is the informal coalition binding PKR-PAS-DAP which has 82 Members of Parliament in the House of Commons.

"I asked Datuk Seri Anwar to not compromise in the struggle for the party. As a party member, I just give my views" he said.

Just yesterday, PKR Penang Chairman Dr. Mansor Othman and Anwar today said that there are attempts to lure its Members of Parliament to join BN's component parties or the Cinta Malaysia (Love Malaysia) party to strengthen BN"s position in Parliament.

Asked if Anwar who is the general leader of PKR, is not suitable to lead PKR and the PR coalition, Zahrain said: "Those are not my words."

"For me, Datuk Seri Anwar is still my friend (bullshit), he is the famous Pakatan leader" he said, while not wanting Anwar to compromise the principles of PKR.

Last week Zahrain described Lim who is DAP's secretary-general as a dictator and chauvinistic communist.

Zahrain was quoted as saying that PR will not compromise with leaders such as Lim from Malacca who has failed to fulfill the general election promises.

This is not the first time Zahrain criticized Lim.

Last April, Zahrain also blamed regarding the appointment of the Deputy Chief Minister 1 and the resignation of Fairuz Khairuddin as the State Assemblyman of Penanti.

Commenting on the question of integrity and the principle of holding on to the party's struggle, Zahrain denied that he had denounced Lim because of personal problems, including the reluctance of Lim in not supporting the award to a company to management of Bukit Jalil golf club to a 2 ringgit (dollar) company.

Regarding that matter, Zahrain claimed that Penang DAP's chairman Chow Kon Yeeo's accusation is completely not true.

"Lim told me that Zahrain was disappointed with the State Government for refusing to support (that 2 dollar) company to run the club's management," Chow said here yesterday.

So Zahrain claimed that Lim was not acting in a professional manner when calling for the tenders of the project management without consulting him.

When the tender for the management of the club was opened, only one company bidded, he said.

"As the only company to submit a bid, the club's board decided that the company raise its capital and award it the tender."

"That is that board's decision, not my decision as chairman of the club... the joint board decision," he said.

However, Zahrain said Lim cancelled the tender award without discussing the project with him (Zahrain) and the board first.

That Lim's action is said to have challenged the integrity of the board's decision.

He said therefore it is not true to say that his son's or his family's 2 dollar company was awarded the project.

"I hope they will guard their mouths. If they continue to say that that project is to be given to my son's or my family's company, I will take legal action," he said.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat's Common Policies Framework - Meeting Voters' Expectations?

As many Malaysians are still unclear about the Pakatan Rakyat's Common Policy Framework, Sembang-sembang Forum is organizing a forum to help Malaysians to understand the Common Policy Framework:

Pakatan Rakyat's Common Policies Framework - Meeting Voters' Expectations?
5 February 2010 ( Friday ),
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang Penang,
Jalan Utama, Penang. ( Next to Governor's Residence)

Tunku Abdul Aziz IbrahimSpeakers:
YBM Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim
(Vice-Chairman DAP)
Founder of Malaysian Chapter of
Transparency International

Dr. Dzulkefly AhmadYB Dr HJ. Dzulkefly Ahmad
(Central Committee Member PAS, MP Kuala Selangor)

YB Sivarasa Rasiah
( Vice-President PKR, MP Subang)

Please come early to get a seat. This forum is open to everyone. Admission is free. See you there!

Penang at Amazon

Location map, Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang Penang, Jalan Utama, Penang

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RPK Malay Ketuanan Melayu Addiction

This is one of the most impactful video that Raja Petra Kamarudin has made where he talked about how his teacher taught him to swim, his experience at 2 Kuala Terengganu PIPG (Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru or PTA, Parent Teacher Association) and the Malays.

RPK first described how when he first joined the MCKK (Malay College Kuala Kangsar), his teacher separated the students into two groups, those who knows how to swim and those who don't. Those who can swim were placed at the shallow end of the swimming pool while those who don't were placed at the deep end. His teacher ordered RPK to jump into the pool but RPK refused.

"If you don't jump now, I will kick you into the pool". RPK jumped. He sank to the bottom of the pool, bobbed up, help up by the hair and asked again, "Now do you know how to swim?" No was the answer, the teacher let go and he sank again, and this was repeated a few times. In desperation, RPK paddled and probably somehow kept afloat. "Now do you know how to swim?" and finally the answer was "yes."

Then RPK described about his involvement with the Kuala Terengganu National Primary schools' PIBG. It seemed a vast majority of the very young students were Malay while the Chinese went to the Chinese vernacular schools. It seemed many students there were involved with drugs, starting with cough mixtures and then graduating to harder drugs like ganja. He wondered how the students were able to afford the frequent RM10 for the cough mixture as their parents were mostly low salaried workers and found out that it was given by the drug pushers gratis (free). It was only when they got addicted that payment were demanded and when the students were unable to pay but desperately need the drugs for their addiction, they were then recruited as new drug pushers and the cycle went on.

What connections does that have with the Malays? Well, RPK equated the drug pushers with UMNO and the drug with Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy). The Malays were told that they could not swim and gave them life jackets (drug) and became so dependent on UMNO and government assistance now that they cannot survive on their own.

It seemed the Malays have become so dependent that they are prepared to spill blood to maintain UMNO in power. That is an extremely sobering thought and observation. What is the future of Malaysia then?

Dine Haiti Charity dinner event Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant

Haiti Earthquake victim buried under debris
Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant has organized a Dine for Haiti Charity dinner event. As you know, Haiti is facing an extremely difficult situation and needs help badly. Here is a chance for you to dine on good food, meet celebrities plus do your bit to lessen their burden:

Friday, February 5, 2010.
From 5.30pm to 11.30 pm

Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant
1067, Jalan Jenjarum,
Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara,
off Jalan SS23/10,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7803 1832.
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 3° 7'26.64"N Longitude: 101°36'46.71"E

* Come and dine on our fresh, live sea-food with our secret recipe herbal soup steamboat. All items on menu at normal prices.
* Spot the celebrities.
* Participate in Celebrity Item Auctions.
* Photograph with the celebrities.

ALL proceeds go to the Haiti earthquake victims.

This event will not be publicised in the mainstream media. It is NOT an event to generate publicity for Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant. It is a simple opportunity to give something back to fellow human beings in need. Please help to spread the word about this event through your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, coffee morning groups....

Location map - Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant

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Help find missing girl Lee Xiang Yuee

Anxious parent desperately seeking help to find their missing 14 year daughter, Lee Xiang Yuee. If you know where to find Lee Xiang Yuee or the suspected boy who may have taken her away (photos below), please call

Joanne: 012-4787 323 or 016-4407 889
Kian Soon: 012-4787323 or 012-4787323

missing child Lee Xiang Yuee
suspected kidnapper boy

Monday, January 25, 2010

We are the revolution - so apt for current situation in Malaysia

Found this video at Raja Petra's "Malaysia Today" blog - No man is an island; we are the revolution and the lyrics at Youtube: We are the revolution and found it so apt for Malaysia with it's deteriorating political situation and the apathy of many eligible to vote and yet not even bother to register to vote:

The time has come, for you and I,
To walk along, together for a while,
Connecting dreams, and visions of a time,
All nations healed, and purposes combine

Separate paths, are now as one,
The course is clear, and barred from none,
All who join, have a part to play,
We welcome you, were on our way

We are the revolution,
We stand for the right to be free,
We are the revolution,
The rule of wealth, is nearing an end,
People power, is the coming trend,
We see a world, of new equality,
Right human relations, is what there should be

We know, we see...

We are the revolution,
United, we defend our liberty In the brighter world that soon will be known,
Admired men wont have to kill to own,
A time of peace, and true prosperity,
End of times, will be gone to history

We face a time, of mounting pain,
The final days, of tyranny reign,
The weakened system, is breaking down,
Were all familiar, with the sound

Extreme greed, and inequality,
Little truth or accountablility,
Our common debt, is beyond all scope,
Rebellion now, is our way of hope.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conspiracy - Anwar to be blamed for church burning

Read the latest by Raja Petra Kamaruddin - Ha! The burning of the Reichstag! What did I tell you?.

RPK claims he had been told by police officers that the conspirators are planning to blame Anwar Ibrahim for the torching of the churches, I suppose to take him out of action. Let us wait and see if this will come true.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I pray for Malaysia

Let us pray for Malaysia and Malaysians to be rational, considerate and not be rash as Malaysia is facing some difficulties over the Malay and Arabian word for God and not be influenced by racial and religious bigots.