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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Missing jet engines & Uruguay President Tabare Vazquez

Malaysian Mirror have revealed an interesting coincidence. The jet engines went missing in late 2007 and ended up in Uruguay. The President of Uruguay, Tabare Vazquez, and his entourage of 50, paid a visit to Malaysia in November 2007.

More. Apparently Tabere Vazquez is no stranger to military arms controversies. Tabare was embroiled in the 'arms from Iran controversy'. In 2007, he authorized his navy to pick up a "cargo" in Venezuela, three months after the UN placed an arms embargo on Iran.

So is Uruguay President somehow linked to the missing jet engines?

Datuk Melampau ( Datuk who is too much)

This video shows the tirades of a Datuk Melampau ("Too much Datuk") probably from Perak, real name unknown, issue unknown. What I can gather are frequent references to Melayu, Orang Melayu and Tanah Melayu (Malay, Malay people, Malay Land) and at least too expletives - puki mak. Towards the end of the video, 3 banners were displayed and to make it easier for you to read what the banner says, I have uploaded screen shots of the banner below. Do listen to the video to find out what that Datuk Melampau is raving about. Please if you know the issues, do leave a comment and let us know what it is all about and help me update this post. If you can help do a transcript, that would be great:

Banner 1:

Datuk Melampau Banner 1

Kami mohon Ke...... Duli Tunku campurtangan dalam membantu masalah ini, ..... orang-orang Melayu.

We appeal to ... Tunku to intercede and help in this problem, ..... Malay people.

Banner 2

Datuk Melampau Perak Banner 2

Mengapa nasib kami orang-orang Melayu di.... ..... dan dihina, adakah ini sikap peminpin Melayu di negeri Perak

Why the fate of us Malays .... ....., is this the attitude of Malay leaders in the Perak state?

Banner 3

Perak Datuk Melampau Banner 3

Kami mohon pihak badan pencegah rasuah menyiasat wakil rakyat, 8 Exco dalam kes ini.

We appeal to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the people representative, 8 Exco in this case.

Comparison - Islamic and Convention Banking - Islamic banking worst

by Syed Akbar Ali

I recently attended a talk on "Contemporary Islamic Finance". The speaker was a young man with a PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance (UK). He was from an outfit linked to INCEIF ( International Center for Education in Islamic Finance).

Islamic banking or Islamic finance exists because the religious folks have succesfully inculcated the idea that bank interest is riba and therefore haram. The Quran states clearly that riba is haram but nowhere can we derive the injunction that bank interest is riba. The two are not the same.

Anyway the religious folks have created 'islamic finance' and 'islamic banking'. To cut a long story short there really is no such thing. Islamic finance and Islamic banking are just arabised versions of conventional banking. There is nothing islamic about it. Neither is there anything un-islamic about conventional banking either.

If you take a housing loan from a conventional "haram" bank you pay a monthly instalment. If you dont pay, the bank will auction your property. If you go to an 'islamic bank' you still have to pay monthly instalments which can be more expensive than the conventional bank. If you dont pay your instalment, the islamic bank will still auction your property too. What is so islamic or unislamic about that?

The conventional 'haram' bank will charge you interest say 10% a year. The 'islamic bank' charges you what they call a 'profit rate' which will also be 10% or more a year. Kira-kira semua sama, tapi ini halal, itu haram. This is called pulling the wool over peoples' eyes.

Talking about the pricing of his Islamic banking products, the young man with the PhD in Islamic banking made no bones about it. He said it quite loudly and clearly 'we want to be the same as the market'.

I discovered this islamic banking trick years ago when we were handling the earliest stages of Islamic banking in Malaysia . At that time we called it an 'Islamic window' - Maybank did not yet have a full fledged Islamic banking license. But three months Islamic Bankers Acceptances (IABs) were priced exactly the same as three months conventional BAs. And so on. Tak ada beza pun.

A colleague who wore a kopiah to work had volunteered to go and work in the Islamic banking part of the bank. After a while he became even more confused. He said the calculations were all the same. In Islamic banking you add an 'Al' prefix to everything. Al Wadiah, Al Murabahah, Al Mudharabah, Al this and Al that. Other than the 'Al' its all the same.

Then the speaker dropped a bombshell. There is a famous case where an Islamic bank was suing a borrower for non payment of a housing "loan". According to Islamic banking the bank does not give you a "loan". The bank first buys the house from you at the market price. Then it sells the house back to you at a higher price over the period of the "loan" say 10 years, 15 years etc. Its just a deferred payment scheme with a 'profit rate' factored in.

The Islamic bank determines the selling price by compounding the "profit rate" (say 10% - copycatting the conventional banking system - 'we want to be the same as the market') for 10 years or 15 years. For those of you who have financial calculators (and if I still remember my financial computations), this is just the Future Value (FV) of an annuity at 10% starting with Present Value (PV) being the price of the house today and going forward 10 years, 15 years, 20 years etc. The Casio calculator will give you the 'islamic' answer in seconds. Does that make Casio 'islamic' too?

In a conventional 'haram' bank, if you default on your 20 year housing loan say after just three years, the conventional bank will ask you to pay back the principal amount of the loan plus 10% interest compounded for three years. The islamic bank cannot do that. The islamic bank will ask you to pay the full selling price of the house (based on 10% for 20 years) - even though you defaulted only after three years.

This is what the Islamic bank was claiming. However the very wise judge of the High Court Abdul Wahab Patail, the brother of our present AG, made a landmark decision. He ruled that the Islamic bank cannot charge the borrower the full amount for the full tenure of the "loan" when the borrower had defaulted just a few years into the "loan".

This decision by Justice Abdul Wahab Patail still stands until today and it has not been overturned. It also destroys a huge chunk of Islamic banking because the Judge has essentially ruled that the islamic banking system in Malaysia is actually unjust. It is worse than riba.

So how does INCEIF and the Islamic bankers handle this situation? This is where the speaker dropped the bombshell - and with a great big smile too. He said "the Muslims dont know" about Justice Abdul Wahab Patail's decision. Well dear Muslims, I hope that now you know. Please do spread the word quickly.

The speaker said that 'Islamic banking can still go on in our country because the Muslims dont know the decision by Abdul Wahab Patail'. In other words the islamic bankers are not going to tell the Muslim borrowers either. They will keep it quiet. Shhhhh ! ! And this is Islamic?

Then I learned something else too. While the speaker was talking about murabahah (one method of islamic financing), the Chairman at the talk was getting quite agitated. The Chairman was a foreigner from the Middle East and is an internationally acclaimed Islamic scholar himself. Suddenly he interrupted the speaker and made a clarification. He said that according to the Hanafi madhab (I think he is a Hanafi) murabahah was riba. Meaning murabahah was haram.

He then said that the Islamic banking practised in Malaysia was according to the Shafie madhab. Madhab means sect. Only then did it dawn upon me that in Malaysia we dont have generic islamic banking. It is "Shafie banking", according to the Shafie madhab.

A Muslim friend with a PhD from Cambridge later explained that this is partly the reason why there cannot be an "international Islamic capital market". One madhab's murabahah is another madhab's riba. One madhab's al bai al bithaman ajil is another madhab's riba also.

When a borrower defaults (or prepays) a 20 year housing "loan" say after just three years, the islamic bank can do what is called 'ibrar'. (In the old days they called it muqassa - I dont know why the change). 'Ibrar' means to refund the balance owing but not yet due. In other words 'buah belum masak lu jangan kira lah'. But there is no fixed or detailed idea about 'ibrar' among the islamic bankers.

So defaulting borrowers have no choice but to fight it out in the Courts with the Islamic banks. The speaker said that todate there are 3,500 unresolved cases of islamic banking BBA housing loans (Al Bai Al Bithaman Ajil) being disputed at the Courts in KL. And one judge, a Dato Rohana, has been assigned to handle all these cases. Well good luck Justice Dato Rohana. She will become an expert in Al Bai Al Bithaman Ajil calculations - maybe faster than Casio.

If it is a conventional housing loan, all these 3500 cases can be resolved by a Casio calculator. (Ya Allah, why do the Muslims like to create all these strange things and end up tying themselves in knots?)

During the talk, the speaker put up a slide that had the arabic word 'zulm'. Zulm in Malay is zalim, meaning oppressive. The meaning was that Islamic banking should not be zalim or oppressive like the 'conventional' banking system with its interest based practises.

But how is the islamic bank less oppressive than the conventional bank? You charge the same rates - quite unashamedly saying 'want to be the same as the market'. The terms and conditions are the same except when the 'loan' turns bad. Then the islamic bank can become worse than Shylock the Jewish moneylender. They want their pound of flesh. And the conventional bank is still 'haram'?

There is another danger lurking. Talk is some ignorant do gooders are thinking of legislation where Muslims will be barred from using the conventional banking system. They can only go to the Islamic banking system. That is how we end up in the Club of Doom.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Najib Abdul Razak proven liar again? - sport gambling license

Yes, if what was reported by Malaysian Insider in Vincent Tan blames illegal bookies, Pakatan for licence snub. If true, not just Najib but also the Treasury and the Finance Ministry too had lied for they had said in Parliament too that "“The government has yet to issue a license to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd for bookie operation in Malaysia. The government has also not concluded discussions on the terms and conditions for licensing to Ascot Sports for bookie operations in Malaysia,” the ministry said in a written reply. Source: Najib insists no licence issued to Ascot Sports.

Najib had claimed that no approval to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd. However, he had been reported not once but twice that no approval had been given:

Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, in a written reply to questions from four MPs in the Dewan Rakyat, said the government has yet to conclude its discussions and terms concerning the legalisation of sports betting. Source: Bursa Malaysia to probe sports betting permit issue

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak insisted today that the Finance Ministry has not awarded a sports betting licence to tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd. Source: Najib insists no licence issued to Ascot Sports.

And here is what Malaysian Insider reported

Tan (picture) said this at a luncheon with about 40 gaming analysts, where he was also said to have shown them a Finance Ministry letter dated Jan 13, 2010 that gave him conditional approval for the licence.

However, sources who saw the letter said the conditions made no mention of the government having to first gauge public support and that they had essentially been fulfilled.

A Berjaya Corp press statement released earlier today said the company was extremely disappointed at the government’s decision not to re-issue the licence “despite having granted its approval for the re-issuance of the same” — a phrase which was underlined for emphasis.

Berjaya Corp reported that the government had last month re-issued the licence to Tan-owned Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd after the original licence was cancelled by the previous Abdullah administration.

The licence itself is said to be worth RM10 million, an amount which was refunded to Tan following the government’s capitulation to public opinion on Friday.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buy Malaysian but Najib bought Persian

Looks like Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is the king of "cakap tak serupa bikin" (say one thing but do another. We have heard him said "zero tolerance for corruption" only to watch him on Youtube using public money to bribe the Sibu electorate. We have heard him say he is the Prime Minister for all Malaysians only to find out he is going to let the Rajang Park drown in the flood waters when they did not elect his candidate. And so on and so forth.

The latest is him attending a BUY MALAYSIAN exhibition but he bought a Persian cat instead.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Human Rights Appreciation (PORN) Night

People's Rights Network (PORN) will organize a Human Rights Appreciation Night on the entitled "PORNography Night" at Jalan Tempinis, Bangsar

Pornography is defined as the explicit depiction or exhibition of a subject.

NOTE: While the general perception of pornography is that of explicit sexual materials of the negative kind, the PoRN as expressed here is the more innocent kind as an abbreviation for People's Rights Network which I am confident is not working for the right to freely view "dirty videos" but in the advancement of Human Rights as defined in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The event aims to explicitly promote human rights through performance arts medium.

Details of the event are as below
Date : 10th of July 2010
Venue : Seksan Design, Jalan Tempinis, Bangsar.
Time : 6.00 p.m. - 11.00 p.m.

We would like to invite you to this event.

Please contact this number for any inquiry regarding the event:
Wan Luqman 0172552249
Nur Arinah 0176635840

Info of PORN:!/group.php?gid=396915472328&ref=ts

Info of the venue:

Info of the event on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=129115293771926&index=1

Thank you.

PORN. Young and bold.

Location map, Jalan Tempinis, Bangsar

View Larger Map

For clarity, you can also click the "buttons" (blinking dots) at an animated location map which shows how to get to get to Seksan Design from various locations.

Najib Abdul Razak proven liar - Sibu by-election

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is a proven liar. You can safely accuse him of lying as there is clear cut proof. Where? Read what he said in his reply in Parliament to a question from Wong Ho Leng (DAP-Sibu) and compare it to what he promised the Sibu electorate as captured in the video (or read the transcript) campaigning in the Sibu buy-election:

Najib's reply in Parliament

“The government has never promised programmes or projects? for the public during by-election campaigns throughout the country, including in Sibu," he said.

Video of Najib in Rejang Park, Sibu

(listen to the video or go to the transcript):

Transcript of Najib speech in Rajang Park

I want to make a deal with you. Boleh tak. Can we have a deal? Can we have an understanding or not? OK the understanding is quite simple. You help me, I help you. Ini bukan tipu. Because Hulu Selangor, you read in the papers. I gave this, I made this deal with the people in Hulu Selangor. They wanted 3 million ringgit for a Chinese school. New bangunan (building). I said to them: "Barisan Nasional wins on Sunday, on Monday I will ask a cheque to be prepared. They said yes. When we won on Sunday, Monday I called, prepare the cheque. Wednesday I delivered the cheque. I want you to know that when we give our word, we "honor" (this is honour of thieves, corrupted and robbers) our word. We "honor" our commitment. Tak payah janji nak tentu lagi. I don't want to make promises, and you shouldn't listen to people who make promises. You not sure if they will deliver the promises or not. But if you want your problem of Rajang Park to be resolved. I make the same deal with the committee of Rejang Park, boleh tak? Boleh? If you deliver me Robert Lau on Sunday, on Monday I will ask the cheque to be prepared. Boleh tak? This is our deal tonight. Robert Lau becomes Ahli Parliament on Sunday night, Monday I will ask the cheque to be prepared. I don't know how much it cost. 3 million? 5 million. Wah tadi sudah naik eh? Tadi kata 3 million. Now 5 million. Five kah? Boleh kah? But you must make sure Robert Lau menang dulu (win first). Boleh? OK lah. Robert menang, I ask the cheque to be prepared on Monday. I promise you, because always, I never fail to deliver on my promise. So I want you to know that this is the government that "cares for the people" (if you Najis really cares, you will stop your thieving, corrupting ways and deliver us a clean and incorruptible government). This is the government that will fight for the people....... You mahu 5 juta, wa mahu Robert Lau menang. You tak payah keluar duit (You need not bring out money). Wa akan keluar duit (I will bring out the money {hey bastard that is not your money. That is our [public] money).....

Dr Laura Schlesinger & God's Law

In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, penned by a US resident, which was posted on the Internet. It was first brought to my attention by Raja Petra Switch Jew for Muslim and it would remain the same which I reproduced below together with the references from the Bible in red. It's funny, as well as informative:

Dear Dr. Laura:

Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination ... end of debate.

I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God's Laws and how to follow them.

1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighbouring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?
Leviticus 25:44 Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.

2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

Exodus 21:7 If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go free as menservants do.

3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of Menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15: 19-24. The problem is how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

Lev.15:19 " 'When a woman has her regular flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will last seven days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean till evening.

20 " 'Anything she lies on during her period will be unclean, and anything she sits on will be unclean. 21 Whoever touches her bed must wash his clothes and bathe with water, and he will be unclean till evening. 22 Whoever touches anything she sits on must wash his clothes and bathe with water, and he will be unclean till evening. 23 Whether it is the bed or anything she was sitting on, when anyone touches it, he will be unclean till evening.

24 " 'If a man lies with her and her monthly flow touches him, he will be unclean for seven days; any bed he lies on will be unclean.

4. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odour for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbours. They claim the odour is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

Lev.1:9 He is to wash the inner parts and the legs with water, and the priest is to burn all of it on the altar. It is a burnt offering, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the LORD.

5. I have a neighbour who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or should I ask the police to do it?

Exodus 35:2 For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a Sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it must be put to death.

6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination, Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this? Are there 'degrees' of abomination?

Lev. 11:10 But all creatures in the seas or streams that do not have fins and scales—whether among all the swarming things or among all the other living creatures in the water—you are to detest.

7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle-room here?

Lev. 21:20 or who is hunchbacked or dwarfed, or who has any eye defect, or who has festering or running sores or damaged testicles.

8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?

Lev. 19:27 Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.

9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

Lev. 11:6-8 6 The rabbit, though it chews the cud, does not have a split hoof; it is unclean for you. 7 And the pig, though it has a split hoof completely divided, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. 8 You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.

10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? Lev. 24:10-16. Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair, like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

Lev. 19:19 " 'Keep my decrees.
" 'Do not mate different kinds of animals.
" 'Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed.
" 'Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.

I know you have studied these things extensively and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I'm confident you can help.

Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.

Bakun Dam Documentary by Chou Z Lam

This documentary series in 5 parts is reporting on social impact faced by more than 10,000 natives of Belaga area, who were forced to be relocated to Sungai Asap and Sungai Koyan area in 1998, to give way to the Bakun Dam construction. (producer : Chou Z Lam)

After the first 2 were broadcasted by RTM (Radio Telivision Malaysia), the series was taken off because of fears that it may affect the Sibu by-election. When Chou Z Lam told the public about it, he was sacked by RTM. Someone has uploaded it to Youtube and here are all the 5 parts for your enjoyment:


巴贡水坝专题2/1 (Bakun Dam Part 1)

巴贡水坝专题2/2 (Bakun Dam Part 2)

巴贡水坝专题3 (Bakun Dam Part 3)

巴贡水坝专题4 (Bakun Dam Part 4)

巴贡水坝专题5 (Bakun Dam Part 5)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forum: Future of our Opposition - Civic Hall

There will be a public forum entitled "The Future of our Opposition"
Speakers: Zaid Ibrahim,
Nizar Jamaluddin (deposed MB of Perak)
Teng Chang Khim (Sel Dewan Spaeker)

Venue: MPPJ Civic Hall PJ
Time: 24 June 2010 8pm.

Location map: Petaling Jaya Civic Hall, MBPJ, Petaling Jaya

View Larger Map

From an email forward:

Please pass around. Tks.

PUBLIC FORUM "The Future of Our Opposition"
Speakers: Zaid Ibrahim,
Nizar Jamaluddin (deposed MB of Perak)
Teng Chang Khim (Sel Dewan Spaeker)

MPPJ Civic Hall PJ
24 June 8pm.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BN government burden public but subsidize croonies

Surviving the coming hard times
TUE, 22 JUN 2010 06:00

By Stanley Koh

COMMENT It turns out that the government you voted in will not hold your hand to see you through hard times. Instead, it will make sure to add to your suffering because that is the easiest way it can avoid going bankrupt.

Barisan Nasional has apparently decided that the time has come to remove or cut subsidies — the kind of subsidies that poor people depend on, not the kind enjoyed by big corporations and monopolistic suppliers of utilities and infrastructural support.

So what is the use of a government that will eagerly shake your hand during election time but will not hesitate to pull the rug from under your feet when it needs to save itself?

Few believe that the removal of subsidies on essential food items and fuels can save the Malaysian government from possible bankruptcy. If it does go bankrupt, it will be because it has failed to cleanse a corrupt system.

It is better for Malaysians to be rich and to control a bankrupt government than to be poor and controlled by a corrupt government. Many countries have rich citizens with bankrupt governments.

You do not need an economist to tell you that RM100 in Malaysia today does not buy as much as it did last year.

In what we may call the Malaysian Misery Index, we can see that food prices have been spiralling upwards for years. For example, fresh tenggiri, which was RM13.23 a kilo in 1997, now costs RM40 a kilo. A roasted duck cost RM13.47 in 1997, but is now at least RM38. And Malaysians have become used to the doubling in price of some food items during festive seasons.

Most Malaysians do not expect the situation to improve. Food prices will continue to go up and there is little hope that they will come down again.

Two years ago, the BN government announced that it had set up a US$1.25 billion fund to increase food production and that it was targeting 100% self-sufficiency in rice consumption. What has happened to the fund and the target?

Nevertheless, the escalation in food prices is only one of the financial worries of most Malaysians. Other worries include the general cost of living, salary changes and debts.

Double whammy

When the GST (goods and services tax) is fully implemented in 2011, it will be a double whammy for poor and middle-income households, pensioners, the unemployed and single parents.

Some have argued that imposing GST on Malaysian does not make much economic sense when only 6.8% of the population are taxpayers and a large majority earn low incomes. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that most of us are paying hidden taxes in highway tolls and electricity tariffs.

Indeed, the future looks bleak.

Yet, quite a number of us are gullible enough to think that the government will protect consumers. Are we not being stupid? Isn't it better to be wiser and brace for tougher times ahead?

Instead of believing the promises of a government that has a dismal performance record, we should believe the law of inflation, which says, “Whatever goes up will go up some more.”

Ronald Reagan once described inflation as a violent mugger, a threatening armed robber and a deadly hit man. In the Malaysian context, that is an apt description not of inflation, but of the BN government’s behaviour and policies.

Unlike grey hair or extra pounds, inflation, Malaysian-style, does not sneak in gradually. One of the outstanding characteristic of our government is that it can cause inflation to explode overnight, such as when an official makes a snappy and stupid policy decision on pricing.

So how do we fight the inflation of food prices?

Economists generally agree that the average Malaysian household spends about 75% of its income on food. Food price hikes will therefore have an adverse impact upon disposable income and force us to make a lifestyle change.

To fight inflation

Here are some of the things we can do:

Stop eating at expensive restaurants.
Boycott traders, hypermarkets and hawker stalls that charge unreasonable prices.
Shop intelligently for value and do not be too impressed by branding.
Work out a budget before buying. Look out for special sales.
Prevent wastage by not buying more than you can eat.
Tell friends and acquaintances about shops that charge excessively.
Avoid buying expensive beverages or foodstuff and find alternatives for nutritional value.
Boycott chained markets and fast-food joints. They are monopolised by a few large companies and can therefore raise prices at whim.
When inflation reached a six-year high at the end of 2005, even the price of the humble bean sprout went up by 10 sen a kilo. Reason: A gunnysack of beans went up from RM75 to RM135.

Today, even death is becoming exorbitant. The cost of cremation is expected to rise soon from RM100 to anything between RM200 and RM300.

Perhaps economist Milton Friedman was right when he said, “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara desert, in five years there will be a shortage of sand.”

Malaysians do not take the official Consumer Price Index (CPI) seriously. They know it does not accurately reflect price rises in essential foodstuffs.

Many suspect that the government uses it as an instrument to deceive the public into thinking that things are hunky-dory when they are not. The government develops statistics so that the inflation-weary public would direct its hostility towards businesses, and not blame official mismanagement.

The average household consumption expenditure over the last 20 years has increased by 181.8%. In 1973, it was RM412. By 1993-94, it had gone up to RM1,161. In 1999, it touched RM1,631.

According to Prof Lim Teck Ghee, real household income has been growing, but at the snail-pace rate of 0.9% per year. More than half of the population are in the low-income category.

Today, a family of five spends 50% to 60% of household income on food compared with 20% in 1998 and 15% in 1988.

Not long ago, there was official acknowledgement that 95% of families are finding it hard to cope with the rise in food prices.

In fact, the biggest failure of the Ninth Malaysia Plan is that it did not help Malaysians improve their quality of living. Inflation, whether it is imported or locally generated, raises the cost of living and lowers the quality of living.

When five out of 10 Malaysians are prone to mental problems and other disorders due to the pressures involved in trying to support their families, it is time for the government to wake up.

'Why not change the government?'

In 2006, when Najib Tun Razak was Deputy Prime Minister, he asked Malaysians to change their lifestyle in the face of the rising cost of living.

A blogger by the name of Chong wrote in response: “Perhaps, the prime minister should have done some simple calculations himself. People like us basically have no lifestyle, just merely surviving with our earnings. So how are we going to change (our lifestyle)?

“Inflation has gone up 4.5% (and above) and the government is pushing the cost of living higher by increasing electricity tariffs, but our income remains the same.”

Others felt it would be easier to change the government than to change a non-existent lifestyle.

“Instead of listening to Najib asking us to change,” one critic remarked, “why not we change the government at the next general election?”

To me, that makes a lot of sense. Any government that is willing to build air-conditioned toilets around a city at more than RM100,000 each has no business planning a national economy.

When such a government decides to cut subsidies, many of us will wonder whether the so-called “savings” will instead go towards more majestic arches, fanciful lampposts, refurbishments of VIP residences, luxurious government bungalows and fruitless overseas trips by ministers.

Any government that stands accused of having wasted RM320 billion in 20 years — through corruption, wastage and mismanagement — definitely does not deserve to be re-elected.

Stanley Koh was the head of research unit at MCA. He now writes for FreeMalaysiaToday.

Views of Singaporean Malays Re: Mahathir

In Singapore, we don't kowtow
I READ with concern Tuesday's report, 'Malaysian Malays might kowtow to others if...', in which former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad claims that even though Malay Singaporeans enjoy the benefits of a more developed country, they have to 'terbongkok-bongkok' (kowtow) to others.

Tun Dr Mahathir could have been more sensitive towards the feelings of Singapore Malays.

As a Malay Singaporean living and working peacefully with fellow Singaporeans of all races, I cannot agree with what he said.

Singapore's leaders worked hard for many years to achieve racial harmony, tolerance and understanding among Singaporeans. Today, we live and work together as one family; and we have reaped the rewards of being one of the safest and most developed nations in the world.

While Dr Mahathir's opinion on Malay Singaporeans enjoying the benefits of a developed country is spot-on, we have never kowtowed to others. Singaporeans of all races, including Malays, engage in healthy debate and discussions with our Government. The decisions made by the Government, after hearing feedback from its people, are respected as we trust it is in the best interests of all Singaporeans.

Through community support and hard work, Malay students in Singapore have bettered their results in various national examinations. Such achievements are celebrated by all Singaporeans.

With better education, Malay Singaporeans have achieved a better lifestyle for their families compared with a large percentage of Malays in Malaysia. We worked hard to be where we are today and in no way kowtow to anyone to gain success. Meritocracy remains the benchmark of our society. While this works in Singapore, it may not work in Malaysia.

Having many relatives, friends and business associates of all races in Malaysia requires me to travel frequently across the Causeway. Over the years, I have seen and learnt that for the minority to succeed in Malaysia, they need to kowtow to others.

The irony is that many ordinary Malaysian Malays who have no connections, or fail to share their potential success with the 'right' people, will never have it easy to succeed. Perhaps, favouritism, cronyism and bribery are problems Dr Mahathir may want to address in his country.

As for me, a Malay Singaporean, I would like to say thank you to my Singapore leaders. You have made Singapore the best place to live peacefully in for me and my family.

Mustaffa Othman

'Like others, Malay Singaporeans work hard for the benefits in a meritocratic system.'

MR AHMAD ABU BAKAR: 'I strongly object to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's remarks. Like others, Malay Singaporeans work hard for the benefits in a meritocratic system. They are not born with a crutch of ethnic rights, quotas and 'unfair' opportunities. When Singapore Malays graduate from universities as doctors, engineers and scientists, they can hold their heads as high as the others, because they have done so by their own hard work and merit.'

'The Malays in Singapore stand shoulder to shoulder with other Singaporeans.'

MR NIAZ MOHAMED: 'The prosperity of Singapore is proof enough of its internal stability achieved through excellent inter-racial and inter-religious harmony. A non-Muslim can visit any mosque in Singapore where he will not only be welcomed with hospitality, but also given a guided tour. Similarly, any person may visit any house of worship if he is modestly attired and receive the same hospitality. The Malays in Singapore have made great strides in all areas and stand shoulder to shoulder with other Singaporeans.'

'Singaporeans of all ethnic backgrounds have come a long way since 1965.'

MR JEFFREY LAW: 'Most people will dismiss Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's remarks as merely political rhetoric. Singaporeans of all ethnic backgrounds have come a long way since 1965, having embraced the system of meritocracy in all aspects: education, employment and social standing. Most important, our ability to be a developed country within such a short time is due to the concerted effort and sacrifices of all Singaporeans - Chinese, Malays, Indians and others.'

Source: REACTION TO MAHATHIR'S REMARKS - In Singapore, we don't kowtow

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rosmah ad sponsor has something to hide

Someone or some party paid a lot of money for an advertisement in the New York Times (NYT) congratulating Rosmah, Najib's wife being awarded with a suspiciously obscure "International Peace and Harmony Award" by the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU), The cost of such advertisements ranges from US$180,000 to US$230,000 which converts to between RM580,000 and RM740,000 for a one-page ad.

However, everyone involved are evasive which points to them having something to hide and suggest guilt. The Nut Graph in Business council mum over Rosmah ad described how they try to uncover the true picture but met with people giving vague answers and not responding to clarifications.

After Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced in Parliament that BCIU was the organisation that placed the ad, another e-mail to Peter J Tichansky asked him to confirm who had actually paid for the award. This too met with no response.

A very reasonable query to Tichansky about when the obscure award was conceived and the criteria used in conceptualising the award, who were the other nominees and what qualified Rosmah for the award.

The New York Times too were evasive, again pointing to them hiding something. Initially NYT told The Nut Graph that the ad was placed by an ad agency on behalf of the Malaysian Government. This was announced by its Executive director for community affairs and media relations, Diane McNutty. They later retracted that and then claimed that it was a mistake but could not explain how such a high placed person as the director could make such a mistake.

All this point to someone, probably the Malaysian government or its croonies having spend a lot of money on a useless award and expensive advertisement to the detriment of the public. One more big fat reason why the BN should be kicked out from Putrajaya.

Sorrowful Mystery of Mahathir Mohamed - By George Soros

This letter from George Soros about Mahathir who have caused the greatest damage to Malaysia by any men, was from an email forward probably published in the Bangkok Post some time ago. However, its content is still relevant, and this prayer/poem looks like it was penned by George Soros which summarize pretty well Malaysians who realize the huge mess he left us:

The Malaysians' Prayer,
"Ya Allah, we thank you for your gifts of timber, oil and grain.
But then the devil sent us corrupt Mahathir without a Brain
and look we are back to square one again.
So just take Dr Mahathir back to Hell
and we will be alive and well."

The Sorrowful Mystery of Mahathir Mohamed - By George Soros

By Admin

Subject: The corruption of Mahathir: published by Bangkok Post

The corruption of Mahathir: SOROS' REPLY TO MAHATHIR -
adapted from Bangkok Post (Not published locally)

I have always said Dr Mahathir is a menace to his own people. Now only
you can see the effects of his foolishness when the ringgit has halved its
value overnight and your economy goes kaput. Single handedly you have
caused hardship to millions of your own people. You have built useless
mega projects at tremendous cost to the country.

The telecoms tower in Kuala Lumpur and the highest building in the
world show how stupid you are. Not only does it cause massive traffic jam,
it has totally no purpose.

If you need high ground for telecoms antennae a nearby mountain is there
for free.

This tower has no purpose from the ground up to 300 metres. The
satelites make this totally unneccesary. A fool and his money are soon
parted. The only thing is you are the fool and the money belongs to
Malaysians. You make 20% in every project, you have real estate in Japan
and billions of shares corruptly acquired.

Your 3 sons are worth 8 billion US$. Where do they get this money? Of
course, corruption.

You are known as the Marcos of Malaysia, having enriched yourself to
the tune of billions.

You dare to shed crocodile tears during UMNO delegates meeting about
the ills of corruption.

Yet you are the most corrupt of all the prime ministers before you.
A thief is crying thief and hopes people look the other way. Who dares to
say anything when the chief is caught with his hands in the candy jar?

You said wisdom is not the monopoly of the West. So is foolishness. You
have more foolishness than most people would believe. Billions are used to
build two high rise Petronas buildings that benefit nobody. They now stand
tall, a symbol of stupidity and irresponsibility. Instead they just add on
to traffic jams. What is this reclamation of 10 islands off Kedah? Totally
absurd and stupid. Of course your benefit is 20%. And the bridge across
from Malacca to Sumatra across international waters?

Why not build a bridge to the moon? I am sure you still can get your 20%.
You called me a Moron. How can a Moron make so much money. By
allowing short selling and borrowing millions of shares from your banks we
fund managers made millions out of your inexperience and poor regulations.

You lose all Malaysians' money, therefore you are the Moron . Now you
know too late and start crying over spilt milk.

In Australia you are known as the recalcitrant ego maniac; in UK the
corrupt bastard because of your stupid purchase of our movie studio and the
290 million ringgit Lotus racing car plant and the shady Pergau dam loans
from the UK. They are useless to us and you still want to buy them.

What about buying British reject submarines through your agent, of
course. The agent/ broker is designed to make millions out of the Malaysian

Your purchase of our battleships is at least 50% more than others are
paying. Your purchase of 9 hospitals from UK lock, stock and barrel does
not support your local architects or your industry and the British send you
obsolete medical equipment. The design is atrocious, one end to the other is
half a kilometer and there is no CT-scan, an absolute necessity.

In the UK your face appears in no less than 17 newspapers as a corrupt
dictator. In Malaysia you are known as the (IBM) International Big Mouth.
In Japan they call you the 'smallest one' (brain size). In Pacific islands,
the Santa Claus (giving advice left and right). In south America they call
you the parrot (he talks a lot but does not know what it is about). In
Manila the living Marcos.

In Malaysia they are spending millions to lure tourists and you talk
rubbish scaring every foreigner away. When he is dumb he is doubted a fool,
when he opens his mouth it removes all doubt."

While I agree the West does not have the monopoly to wisdom, your
actions are not the wisest either. Your EAEC has totally no support even in
Asean. Your South-South dialogue meets with the same fate and what is this
I hear of the Bridge from Peninsula Malaysia to Sumatra covering 20 miles
across International shipping lane?

How crazy can one get? Even the Japanese don't have the money. This
world's stupidity seems to be concentrated in one man's mind - yours.

The multimedia super corridor - MSC -. Well in USA its Most Stupid Concept
because we Americans, would have thought of it light years before. Even if
it makes money, we can copy this concept can't we?

Why do you want to spend your hard-earned money doing questionable
projects? It will be like the Bakun project. Abandoned fund wasted and
another white elephant. I always say politicians should not be involved in
business. Your ministers are also businessmen and almost every official is
enriching himself. Look at Rafidah Aziz, selling thousands of Approved
Permits (APs) for cars each worth 20-30 thousand Malaysian dollars. Why not
your government sell them and make the money? She has acquired millions of
shares meant for bumis for free before she agrees to list them.

Look at your Selangor Chief Minister collecting millions for approving high
rise buildings from businessman. He is worth a few billions.
Unfortunately he was caught with a few million pocket money in Australia .
Every Chief minister is awarding useless projects to his cronies then
collecting secret pay offs on the side. The Land Development Boards and
the Economic Development Boards are used to bail out any loses suffered by
politicians. The profits they keep, the losses they force the Government
bodies to absorb. How can your poor ever close the gap when every good deal
is snatched by your politicians? How can your country get out of poverty if
all the billions of corruption money is taken out of the country?

Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber
concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to
businessmen without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative
government contracts; selling approval signatures for a fee 'you pay I
approve'. He has 8 billion US stashed overseas. Thousands of acres of land
are given to one or two companies while thousands of poor people still live
in cardboard makeshift homes; have no water and shit into the river..

Thousands of acres of land are sold to companies for plantations while
the natives do not have even one acre to their name. He is selling sand near
the beaches to one company for earth filling and then ask the government to
spend millions to protect the coastline when erosion occurs.

He lost 300 million of the Sarawak government money trying to make
computer chips. He has built a port in Northern Sarawak town in water so
shallow it needs dredging every year. The Prime Minister built highways
without tender, your cronies get the deal and the price double. Your
Langkawi airport runway was built double the cost by your own company,

The Malaysian nation has lost at least 30 billions during your last 10 years
of corrupt rule. One billion lost from the purchase of phantom Skyhawk
war planes nobody has ever seen (are they still in the Nevada desert, USA ?).
3 billion lost from the London tin scandal (you thought you could corner the
London tin market without knowing the Americans have a stockpile! Stupidity
at its best. 6 billion Perwaja steel mill where nobody even knows where the
money goes, 3 billion bank Bumiputra scandal when George Tan bribed all the
bank officials to lend him the money.. 6 billion forex lost by Bank Negara
(the fool and his money are soon parted) and 6 billion to build three of the
world's tallest buildings (built by Japanese and Koreans and furniture
imported from France - not Malaysia ) and 1 billion lost from purchase of
British warships including fees paid to the broker and under the table.. Add
the 10 billion you stole and 5 billion taken by Ministers.

In the 1997 the World Journalists meeting voted Dr Mahathir the Prime
Minister of the Decade. It sounded strange to everybody until it was
revealed those who voted against are threatened by IRD officers and with
losing their jobs. In New York the United Nations 1997 meeting, the most
corrupt Prime Minister of the decade is President Suharto and second Dr
Mahathir (Actually Dr Mahathir should take first place but bribed the
Indonesians to take honour of Number One.

There are Fifty thousand of your university students not given places in
Malaysia but are good enough for places overseas resulting in billions of
dollars lost. The British and the Australians are thinking how stupid. Your
best students are sent overseas raising their standards while as in most
countries the best are kept in local universities and the rejects sent
overseas.. A university student in Hong Kong is much more prestigeous than
any Australian counterpart. You have been colonised by the British so long
you cannot even educate your own people. Look at Hong Kong or
Singapore , less than 5% study overseas. All the money saved. Your country
could save billions if every student overseas is recalled to a local
university, and at the same time raising your own standards.

Your people are still without shoes, without land to farm, without homes,
bathing in rivers shitting in holes in the ground, without water and
electricity. Your cities are concrete jungles without greenery and open
spaces. Your KL is jammed with traffic. Yet you still keep on building high
rises. You should come down from the clouds and stop daydreaming and firmly
plant your feet in the ground. Your schools are cramped 500 students to
an acre and thousands of acres are given free to some politicians who leave
them idle. Your parks are being taken by politicians to build shophouses
and every cabinet minister is a land-grabbing businessman who builds roads
only to their cronies' land.

The Malaysians' Prayer, "Ya Allah, we thank you for your gifts of timber,
oil and grain. But then the devil sent us corrupt Mahathir without a Brain
and look we are back to square one again. So just take Dr Mahathir back to
Hell and we will be alive and well."

In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars. With
8 billion you have stolen, therefore you would be shot 80 thousand times.
Now you are leading an anti-corruption campaign. We all know what you
should do. Look yourself in the mirror. You see the crooked you. Then use
your left hand and handcuff your right hand. You have put the opposition
leader and his son in jail when they said in parliament you are the richest PM
in the world. And his colleague Mr Karpal Singh too for 2 years.

So I get a reward or bribe if I now say you are the poorest PM in this world?
Your 3 sons are sitting on the board of directors of more than 200 companies.
They must have been educated in Harvard school of business and obtained
distintions? Or is it "you don't know me, you don't do business in Malysia"
law that applies. Billions of ringgit of Employee's Provident Fund and
public Petronas funds are used to bail out your sons who make losses
investing in every venture you thought you could make money. How
unethical and corrupt. Every one of your politicians is sitting on the board
of tens of companies making thousands without any effort, lending their
VIP names to borrow millions from local banks without collateral.. Now
these have become non- performing loans. Now you want 20 million
Malaysians to sacrifice for the folly of ONE man? Why not the fool resign
and admit he wasted and took most of the money. I could teach you how to put
your economy on track but first you must apologize to the Malaysian people.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why vote against UMNO BN - example Shahrir Samad

Note: the above is conditional on BN enforcing their whip to compel their elected representatives to vote along party line ALL THE TIME irrespective of the merits of an issue.

I have written before about why we should vote against UMNO BN at Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament, the whip and the DNA bill and Reject all Barisan MPs as long as the whip is imposed all the time plus Why I am a supporter of DAP: whip is not applied all the time where I explained that as long as Barisan Nasional maintain that the BN whip is in force ALL THE TIME and never allowed to vote according to conscience and in the interest of the nation and public, the Malaysian should vote against a BN candidate. This is because under this condition, a BN elected representative (Member of Parliament and State Assemblyman) cannot represent the interest of his constituency because he is always forced to vote according to how BN wants him to vote.

Now I feel compelled to revisit this issue plus take Shahrir Samad as an example because of a series of exchange between Dr. Rafick at his posts Kemana Melayu and Kemana Melayu 2.

Dr. Rafick contended that we should always elect "an individual with strong character that place the nation and the public interest above personal interest" and never vote solely because of the party he represents. And he took choosing between Azmin Ali of PKR and Shahrir Samad of UMNO as an example, saying that he would choose Shahrir because he is "because I believe Shahrir is far more intelligent and understand the people needs more clearly".

In better circumstances, I would agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Rafick. However, my contention is that Malaysia is facing perilous circumstances needing surgery cum with the fact that a BN elected representive is ruled by the BN whip all the time and thus will be representing his party interest and not that of the nation's and the rakyat's interest.

Dr. Rafick pointed to the times that Shahrir had been in and out of the cabinet as proof that Shahrir is a representative truly representing the interest of the public and the nation and invited people to do some research.

OK let us see what I have found. The best known incidence is when Shahrir could not get along with Mahathir, resigned, stood for re-election and won. Let us examine closer the circumstances surrounding this event:

"Shahrir was sacked that year in the events leading up to the 1988 Malaysian constitutional crisis and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah's challenge to Prime Minister and UMNO President Mahathir Mohamad. In 1988, Shahrir resigned from his Parliamentary seat, and ran for reelection in the resulting by-election as an independent." (source: Wikipedia: Shahrir Abdul Samad)

May I point out that the above was a tussle for power between Tengku Razaleigh and Semangat 46 versus Mahathir and UMNO Baru and in no way reflect acting in public or nation interest versus individual or party interest.

Another incident mention in Wikipedia: Parliament had been discussing the issue of a Member of Parliament (MP) who allegedly asked the Melaka Customs and Excise Department to "close one eye" to an illegal import shipment of timber. Lim Kit Siang of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and the Leader of the Opposition moved a motion to refer the MP in question to the Dewan Rakyat House Committee of Rights and Privileges. Several BN MPs quickly voiced their disagreement with the motion, but Shahrir — according to one source — "shocked the House" when he stood and spoke in favour of the motion in order "to maintain the integrity of parliamentarians and Parliament". The motion was eventually rejected — in line with the BN policy of not supporting motions moved by the opposition [3] — by the House. Shahrir walked out of the House and held a press conference in the Parliament lobby, telling reporters that "Even though it was an Opposition motion, we should support it for its importance to MPs and the House."

Now I am not sure if Shahrir did not vote but walked out of the House or he voted against, then walked out. Hopefully someone can enlighten me. In any case, perhaps I would concede Shahrir did "do the right thing".

However, let us look at more issues that are more important than the above "close one eye" incident. Let us consider the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Identification Bill 2008 where in the Nut Graph it had been explained so clearly and comprehensively why that was a very bad bill. In fact I even told MCA that if they pass that bill, if ever Pakatan Rakyat become the next government, it is feasible they can use that bill to incriminate them and get them hanged. The bill was passed (List of Bills Passed by Parliament in 2009). Now I would be very interested to know how Shahrir voted. However, I think I can make an informed guess that Shahrir did not vote against that bad bill, otherwise it would have made headline news which didn't happen. And lots of people postured that the reason for that bill is so that they can use it against Anwar Ibrahim in Sodomy 2.

Then how about that Elections (Amendment) Bill 2007 (List of Bills Passed by Parliament in 2007) which was obvious to everyone was meant to retain that hopeless EC Chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman for the pending 12th General Election to ensure BN wins. You tell me, should laws of a country be amended for an individual for such purpose? And tell me how Shahrir voted in Parliament.

And the Special Complaints Commission nicknamed "fake IPCMC", a hugely watered down version of the IPCMC which all Malaysians who wants a credible police force will want. In this case, after much opposition, I believe it was withdrawn and never put to a vote. But I would venture that Shahrir would probably vote as how BN wants him to vote had that been put to the Parliament for voting.

I would say that Shahrir can probably be considered as the best of BN but I would venture to opine that Shahrir had contributed to the mutilation of the Malaysian Constitution because of the BN whip.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Hannah Yeoh letter - stay the course

By Hannah Yeoh - Please read and circulate and pray.

So many people have been telling me just how frustrated they are with the current political situation in our country. Some have told me that they regretted voting for change because of the political instability now and would prefer returning to their old style of voting - vote for stability and forget about having a stronger opposition and greater check and balance. Is harder at the thought of this!

One needs to remember the reason why we are seeing such great resistance for change is simply because there is much to lose for those who have been in power for so long. For decades there has been so much abuse of power, unchecked misuse of public funds and plain dirty corruption. With a stronger opposition now, they stand to lose their illegal sources of income and some may even be charged and sent to prison if they are found guilty. With this in mind, they will fight at all costs to reclaim back power and to ensure they can continue tosteal public funds from the people for their own enrichment. We are not just dealing with differences in politics; we are combating evil forces who will not rest till they secure back their powers and illegal sources of income.

Sometimes I feel equally frustrated and disillusioned about the political situation too. Sometimes I lie awake thinking of how to effect change in this land. Some days I cry while driving in between meetings thinking of what's left for the future generation in this land if we give up now. I have endured much verbal attack from political enemies, accusation after accusation of me not doing anything for my constituents and etc. No one truly understands the resistance we face daily in discharging our duties except for my fellow PR assemblymen. Robert Kennedy once said *Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator and change has its enemies.*

Our enemies are resisting change but we must stand firm and continue to push for a competent, accountable and transparent government. At the end of each day, as I lay myself to sleep, I ask God for strength, wisdom and protection to face the next. I lookforward to the end of the term when I can tell the people of Subang Jaya that I have remained clean and have not stolen any of the taxpayers'funds.

As reminded by Raja Petra in his blog"*Please continue your struggle to make Malaysia a better place for our future generation. This country belongs to them and it is for them that we struggle."

All hope is not lost. Come the next election, vote out the corrupt once and for all. Hang in there supporters and friends, the best is yet to come!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Time theft in Felda - Tan Kee Kwong

Here is an urgent letter from Dr. Tan Kee Kwong, son of the late highly respected Tan Sri Dr. Chee Koon, one rare Tan Sri who really deserved his honorary title. He has openly accused Najib Abdul Razak of grand theft in a letter the content of which I hope you will help spread to help make the citizens of Malaysia the colossal rape of our country under the despicable UMNO BN:

Date: Sunday, 6 June, 2010, 9:23 PM
Written by Dr. Tan Kee Kwong

Dear Sir

I write this letter with a very heavy heart. Just to put things in perspective. Finally after much soul searching I joined Keadilan in August 2008.

From 1999 to 2004 I was Barisan National Deputy Minister of Land and Cooperatives. My Minister Tan Sri Kasitah Gadam put me in charge of answering questions in Parliament regarding all Felda matters. In 2004, before Najib began meddling in Felda affairs. Felda was the pride of the oilpalm industry. It had 75 oil palm mills, assets of RM 7 Billion and a cash hoard of RM 4.5 Billion.

What I just heard upset me so much. I publicly accuse Najib of single handed destroying Felda! As of now out of the huge cash hoard of RM 4.5 Billion, only RM 200 Million is left. In actual fact with the record price of CPO for the past few years, Felda if managed properly should have cash reserves of RM 6 Billion! The reverse has happened and now it has only a pathetic sum left.

When Najib became Deputy Prime Minister, he put himself in charge of Felda. He gave the lame excuse that his late father Tun Razak started Felda, he should continue the family tradition of looking after Felda. In fact if the late Tun Razak khows what Najib has done to Felda , Tun Razak will turn in his grave. The same goes for the former Chairman of Felda, Tan Sri Raja Alias. Tan Sri Raja Alias did a excellent job in looking after Felda. The real reason why a very busy Deputy Prime Minister wants to micro manage Felda is now very clear, he wanted to have access to the huge cash hoard of Felda. What took 40 long years to build up Najib destroyed it in 5 short years.

On another note, I just heard on NTV 7 news that the BN government is going to buy 3 special ships for our Navy costing RM 2.2 Billion! Just a few days ago Dato Idris Jala announced that if we do not watch out, we will be like Greece in 9 years time. If things are so bad how can the Government justify spending so much money to buy ships, Money that Dato Idris Jala says we do not have.

So it is very clear that the Pakatan Rakyat MUST take over the Federal Governmentin Putrajaya in the next General Election. This is our priority to save the country. If the Pakatan takes over in 20 years time it will be too late, the country will really be bankrupt. So fellow Malaysians open your eyes to see how this country is destroyed by the greedy and corrupt politicains from UMNO/BN. Kick them out of Putrajaya! Register as a voter now!

Monday, June 7, 2010

UMNO/BN Government used Rakyat's money for self protection

BN Kota Belud MP Rahman DahlanHere is proof that UMNO?BN abuses their power as the current Malaysian government. According to Free Malaysia Today Govt hired APCO for protection, Barisan Nasional's Kota Belud MP Rahman Dahlan told Parliament today that BN “was forced to appoint” international consultancy firm Apco Worldwide to bridle and contain opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat. Since this was revealed in Parliament, it must be the truth as it should be in the Malaysi Parliament Hansard

“I want to say that RM77 million is the risk, the amount needed to rectify the damage triggered by Pakatan,” he said.

Now isn't that clear abuse of power? Definition: Abuse of Power Also found in: Wikipedia: Improper use of authority by someone who has that authority because he or she holds a public office.

What right does UMNO/BN has to use Government fund which is the public's money
pay APCO pay so much money supposedly for public relation but is actually to protect them (Barisan Nasional) from Pakatan Rakyat? If they want to do that, they should use their ill gotten gains. I am going to see if they can be sued for this.

'Govt hired Apco for protection'
THU, 22 APR 2010 15:25

By FMT Staff

KUALA LUMPUR: In a shocking revelation, Barisan Nasional's Kota Belud MP Rahman Dahlan told Parliament today that BN “was forced to appoint” international consultancy firm Apco Worldwide to bridle and contain opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat.

Rahman said the BN government had to appoint Apco to protect itself from Pakatan.

“I want to say that RM77 million is the risk, the amount needed to rectify the damage triggered by Pakatan,” he said.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is at this moment facing a probable suspension for his allegations linking Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia campaign to the One Israel concept.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Aziz had tabled a motion to refer Anwar to the Rights and Privileges Committee for saying that there is similarity in the concept of 1Malaysia and One Israel and for suggesting that PR firm Apco Worldwide may be responsible for these ideas.

Nazri’s motion, under Standing Order 36 (12), was supported by Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin.

The motion was passed by the House after hearing debates from eight MPs - four from BN and four from Pakatan.

Change in foreign policy?

PAS' Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad earlier told the Dewan that Khairy, who is also Umno Youth chief, and BN MPs had today failed to explain why Umno had inked an agreement with Apco Worldwide knowing its link to the Jewish community.

The ruling party also avoided disclosing details of the cooperation between Umno-Apco and instead diverted the issue to accuse Anwar of corroborating with the Jews.

Khairy had earlier waved, in Parliament, a document alleging proof of Anwar’s relations with former World Bank president and US deputy secretary of defence Paul Wolfowitz.

Anwar meanwhile slammed the government for defending its liaison with Apco.

“You can punish me but you can’t run away from the facts. The Public Accounts Committee has also once before expressed its reservations about Apco,” he said.

He also drew attention to the government’s foreign policy which he said had suddenly changed in direction.

“If it is true that Apco had no influence, then how is it that our foreign policy has suddenly changed?

“I have never denied my relationship with America but I am firm on the issue of Afghanistan.

“Our policy on Iran shows how weak we are. This has never happened in our history, even Dr Mahathir Mohamad (former prime minister) has never bent on the Afghanistan and Palestinian issues,” said Anwar.

Source: Govt hired APCO for protection,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rafidah Aziz: Fokus pada pertumbuhan ekonomi dulu, Rafidah memberitahu Bumiputras

Oleh Clara Chooi, Jun 5, 2010 (Rencana dalam Bahasa Inggeris)

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 Jun - Bekas Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Perindustriam Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz mendesak Bumiputeras untuk fokus pada aspek pertumbuhan dalam Model Ekonomi Baru (NEM) bukan mengomel tentang agenda peribadi mereka sendiri.

Menyanjung NEM sebagai cara maju (betul) bagi Malaysia untuk mencapai pertumbuhan ekonomi, Rafidah menunjukkan bahawa kumpulan yang menentang inisiatif hanya menjadi "kontra-produktif" dan berfikiran sempit.

"Kumpulan seperti Perkasa, mereka hanya memandang NEM melalui satu perspektif. Mereka menganggap itu sebagai hak mereka untuk mengemukakan pandangan mereka yang cuma "seharga dua sen" tetapi ini boleh menjadi kontra-produktif.

"Saya seorang Bumiputera juga, tetapi pertama dan yang paling penting, saya percaya kita perlu untuk mencapai pertumbuhan ekonomi terlebih dahulu sebelum kita mulai mengomel tentang agenda Bumiputera," kata dia kepada The Insider Malaysia dalam sebuah wawancara baru-baru ini.

Ahli Parliament Kuala Kangsar mengatakan bahawa kalau pertumbuhan ekonomi dicapai dahulu, kerajaan kemudian boleh melihat bagaimana menyesuaikan agenda Bumiputera dan agenda kumpulan lain di dalam NEM serta orang-orang miskin dan bukan-Bumiputeras.

"Akhirnya, kami tidak boleh mencapai pertumbuhan tanpa pengagihan. Bagi saya, di mana-mana negara, pertumbuhan ekonomi harus dicapai dahulu sebelum boleh mencapai distribusi yang merata (adil), ia harus datang dicapai dengan minimalisasi ketidakadilan, "katanya.

Rafidah berkata bahawa di Malaysia, adanya ketimpangan yang paling mencolok adalah ketidaksamaan antara Bumiputeras dan bukan-Bumiputeras.

"Ia (ketidaksamaan) akan tetap masih ada untuk sementara. Walau bagaimana pun jika pertumbuhan ekonomi yang kita menjangkakan terjadi pada tahun 2020 tidak menggabungkan minimalisasi ketidakadilan, maka dijanjikan bahawa kami akan merangkumi agenda Bumiputera" katanya.

Rafidah Aziz yang veteran politik (yang lama terlibat politik) mengatakan pandangan riuh-rendah berbantah dari Ibrahim Ali (Perkasa) bukan pandangan semua orang Melayu. Rafidah menambah, bagaimanapun, bahawa perbezaan pendapat gencar datang dari kumpulan-kumpulan seperti Kuasa tidak mencerminkan pandangan dari semua Melayu.

"Ini hanya kerana media memberikan liputan (publicity) untuk seorang sahaja. Jika anda berbincang dengan mereka dari Perkasa, saya yakin anda akan menemui bahawa tidak semua dari mereka berkongsi pandangan yang sama sebagai presiden mereka (Datuk Ibrahim Ali).

"Ibrahim Ali hanya seorang. Tidak semua kongsi (sama) pandangan dengan para pemimpin mereka" katanya.

Dia mengatakan bahawa dalam setiap masyarakat atau kumpulan, memang ada beberapa "ultras" yang ada agenda mereka sendiri dan motif peribadi.

"Tapi kau harus merasionalisasi. Jangan hanya menyoroti (menyorotan atau highlight) kata-kata orang-orang yang tidak mencerminkan pandangan majoriti. Selalu ada nuansa yang berbeza pandangan (different shades of views).

"Kadang-kadang saya percaya bahawa jika anda tidak memberikan liputan media (publisiti atau publicity) kepada siapapun di dunia ini, kita akan hidup di dunia dengan bahagia," katanya.

Rafidah juga mendesak syarikat-syarikat tempatan untuk sedia mengatasi kemerosotan ekonomi yang akan berlaku masa depan untuk membantu negara mencapai sasaran (matlamat) negara untuk mencapai pertumbuhan ekonomi sebanyak tujuh peratusan (7%).

"Mereka harus cukup kuat untuk menghadapi cuaca badai (buruk). Seperti saat-saat yang sesuai, mereka harus memangkas lemak (trim fat), lebih gesit untuk menghadapi perubahan, mencari pasaran baru dan sebagainya.

"Salah satu sumber kekuatan harus untuk sekurang-kurangnya dapat mempertahankan diri mereka sendiri," katanya.

Dia juga mendesak pemuda-pemuda untuk mengembangkan diri dengan seperangkat "multi-cabang" kemahiran dan pengetahuan (dengan serba-kemahiran dan serba-ketahunan).

"Sistem pendidikan kami tidak boleh kekal dengan cara yang lama. Kita tidak boleh meneruskan dengan hanya mencoret A, B, dan C dalam peperiksaan (ujian objektif atau objective test).

"Apa yang kita perlukan adalah membangun kemahiran pemuda kita dengan kemahiran komunikasi kerana saya tahu bahawa perniagaan kini memerlukan orang-orang dengan serba-kemahiran dan mereka yang boleh dengan mudah menyesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran baru," katanya.

Full English text

from Malaysian Insider: Focus on growth first, Rafidah tells Bumiputeras:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — Former international trade and industry minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has urged Bumiputeras to focus on the growth aspect in the New Economic Model (NEM) instead of harping on their own personal agenda.

Lauding the NEM as the way forward for Malaysia to achieve economic growth, Rafidah pointed out that groups that opposed the initiative were only being “counter-productive” and narrow-minded.

“Groups like Perkasa, they are only looking at the NEM through one perspective. They regard it as their right to put their two cents’ worth forward but this can be counter-productive.

“I am a Bumiputera, too, but first and most importantly, I believe we need to achieve growth first before we begin harping about the Bumiputera agenda,” she told The Malaysian Insider in an interview recently.

The Kuala Kangsar MP pointed out that once growth was achieved, the government could then look at how to fit the Bumiputera agenda and the agendas of other groups within it, like that of the poor and the non-Bumiputeras.

“After all, you cannot have growth without distribution. To me, in any country, growth must then come with equitable distribution, it must come with the minimisation of inequities,” she said.

Rafidah said that in Malaysia, the most glaring inequity was the disparities between the Bumiputeras and the non-Bumiputeras.

“It will still exist for a while now still. However, if the growth that we envisage to happen in the year 2020 does incorporate the minimisation of inequities, then it is guaranteed that it will include the Bumiputera agenda,” she said.

The veteran politician said there will be those in Perkasa who did not share Ibrahim’s views. — file pic
Rafidah added, however, that the vociferous dissent coming from groups like Perkasa did not reflect the views of all Malays.
“It is just that the media gives coverage to one person. If you speak to all in Perkasa, I am sure you would find that not all of them share the same view as their president (Datuk Ibrahim Ali).

“Ibrahim Ali is just one man. Not everyone shares the views of their leaders,” she said.

She said that in any society or group, there would always be some “ultras” who had their own personal agendas and motives.

“But you must rationalise. Do not just highlight the words of the ones who do not reflect the views of the majority. There are always different shades of views.

“Sometimes I believe that if you do not give media coverage to anyone in this world, we would be living in a happier world,” she said.

Rafidah also urged local companies to be ready to ride out possible economic downturns of the future in order to help the country achieve its seven per cent growth target.

“They need to be strong enough to weather the storm. Like during appropriate times, they need to trim the fat, be more agile to changes, find new markets and so on.

“One source of strength is to at least be able to maintain themselves,” she said.

She also urged today’s youths to develop themselves with a “multi-pronged” skill set and knowledge.

“The education system cannot go the same way as that of the past. We cannot move on with just crossing out A, B, and C in examinations.

“What we need to is build up on our youths’ communications skills because I know that businesses today require people with multi-skills and those who are able to quickly adapt to new environments,” she said.

Calling Selangor voters -reject money politics or future is bleak

Thanks and apologies to Malaysiakini for the post below: First Perak, now for the goldmine state as I feel it is important for those not subscribed to Malaysiakini to read that post

From previous correspondence, have found out that Malaysiakini perhaps is not putting all emphasis on making money, more to get real news out, and since I think Malaysians especially Pakatan ADUNs and MPs will stay focused on bringing badly needed changes to Malaysia (only way real changes going to happen is when the despicable UMNO BN spend some time as the opposition, especially Federal wise. Please help bring into reality a two party/coalition system for Malaysia for proper check and balance.

Please please please do not fall for small temporary gains and big permanent losses because if you accept the small gains, fall for the despicable UMNO/BN's tricks, they will continue to abuse the country's important institutions and rob the rakyat as what they have done in the past

First Perak, now for the goldmine state

Humayun Kabir
Jun 5, 10
Speculation is rife that Umno while allegedly enticing Pakatan members with money politics to cross-over, is also now trying to rope in big-time tycoons to help destabilise the Selangor state government.

According to Perak Pakatan Rakyat chairperson Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, he had heard that a top Umno personality recently had approached a very prominent tycoon to seek his financial help in undermining the Selangor government.

However, the request was rejected as the tycoon does not believe in dirty politics and was prepared for any political repercussion that his non-cooperation might invite.

Nizar (left) believes the same tactic had been responsible for destabilising his ten-month-old government in Perak last year.

He also said three Umno members had told him that a tycoon of similar status had financially backed the wresting of Perak from the Pakatan.

This particular person had apparently met former DAP Jelapang assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong in Hong Kong before the collapse of the Pakatan government, said Nizar.

If once you fail, try and try again

So, having tasted success in Perak, Umno is now focusing its attention on Selangor, described as the goldmine state.

"Their plans have not borne fruit so far but we do not know what will happen in the near future as Umno may try to contact other tycoons for their political agenda," the PAS leader said.

Nizar was speaking to Malaysiakini after addressing a four-hour political forum titled "Sibu to Putrajaya" at the Chin Woo Hall in Ipoh last night.

Around 1,500 people attended the DAP function where top Pakatan leaders, including party superemo Lim Kit Siang, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Perak DAP party chief Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP state secretary Nga Kor Ming, DAP state deputy chief M Kulasegaran and PKR state chief Mustaffa Kamil Ayub spoke on the topic.

Nizar in his speech touched on the steps that Pakatan is now taking to build bridges with the Perak royalty after the relationship turned icy when state government changed hands.

The former Pakatan menteri besar said that he had written an official letter on March 31, to Sultan Azlan Shah requesting an audience to explain to him their version of what the politician situation in Perak.

Nizar's argument is that the Sultan has only heard one side of the political story from the BN and Pakatan wants to enlighten the ruler on the state's actual political scenario.

Also, the opposition coalition wants to correct whatever misconception that the royalty may have over the absence of its politicians at the Sultan's birthday celebration in April which was simply because the BN had not send them any official invitation.

Nizar said that the Raja Muda had replied to his letter in early April stating that he has consented to a royal audience at a date and time to be fixed

He also claimed that the Perak Raja Muda had whispered into his ear during the May 7 assembly sitting, that the political future is bright for Pakatan in the state and that he could work closely with them if they win the next general elections.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UMNO Anthem - Rob and Cheat Malaysia

English Translation

UMNO Anthem - Lagu Baru UMNO - Mahathir Mahazalim Mahafiraun

Bersatu Kita Bersatu
Dengan Setia Berganding Bahu
Tipu Terus Menipu
Kita Tipu Melayu

Bersama Kita Bersama
Menjunjung Hasrat Semua
Berjasa Pada Kroni
Anak Isteri Dan 'Bini'

Lambang Kita Yang Rebah
Dipandang Keji Dan Haprak
Bersatu Bersetia ... Khianat
Cogan Katanya

UMNO Terus Mara
Rompak Rakyat Malaysia

my translation which may or may not be accurate)

United, we stay United
With loyalty alongside shoulder
Cheat we continue to cheat
We cheat the Malays

United we stay united
Respect deeply everyones' desire
Service to the cronies
The son of wife and "wife" (repetition for emphasis I think)

Our symbol that collapse
Seen despicable and (don't know what)
United, ready..... betray
That is our slogan

UMNO continue to advance
Rob the citizens of Malaysia!