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Friday, August 27, 2010

Citizens for PAS DAP Consensus

Further to Solution for PAS DAP disagreement re Hudud & Islamic State, it is good to announce that we are now a team of 4 and possibly one more from PAS. The first thing is what are we going to call our initiative/efforts/drive/......

I had suggested PAS DAP Conciliation initiative. A member suggested consensus is a better word so let's look at the definitions of these 2 words

Conciliation: the state of manifesting goodwill and cooperation after being reconciled; "there was a brief period of conciliation but the fighting soon resumed"

Consensus: Consensus is defined in English as, firstly, general agreement and, secondly, group solidarity of belief or sentiment. It has its origin in a Latin word meaning literally to feel together.

OK perhaps Citizens for PAS DAP Consensus would be better? That would be giving a message to both PAS and DAP that we citizens want them to come to a clear consensus over this Hudud and Islamic State issues so that when it is time to vote, we citizens know exactly what we are voting for.

If you have other suggestions, we would be happy to hear about it.

There was an article by Zeffri Yusof over at Malaysian Insider Do not PAS go, do not collect hudud where he had some suggestions for PAS some of which we may want to incorporate? Do give us your views:

1. Explain clearly to its own coalition first and get their buy in with regards to its Islamic state plans (including and especially how non-Muslims or “dhimmis” fare) and hudud law — before repeating it to the larger public. We would all be interested to know what PAS would do if it gets to practise hudud. Judging from past action, some are betting that its first priority is policing women’s attire as opposed to something more substantial. It behooves PAS to clarify.

2. Be realistic about its Islamic state ambitions. Instead of the whole country — which would require two-thirds majority and the consent of the King to amend the constitution — perhaps just being selective in favour of its strong states as “syariah experiment zones”, leaving the rest of the country secular. Well, if BN can divide and rule along racial lines, perhaps PR along ideological lines. At least people can see how commercially (e.g. tourism), scientifically (e.g. innovation) and socially (e.g. integration) the hudud states would fare.

3. Resist from falling back on the “if only the critics would understand the principles of hudud” line; or that criticising hudud is somehow “sensitive”. Here’s the thing: the fact that people are questioning hudud should tell its advocates that people care enough to want to understand. PAS’s job is not merely to defend its position, but win people over. It is the duty of hudud proponents to explain and enlighten through persuasive argument. In fact, they should do what other disciplines do when they need to communicate a position — publish a position paper, debate in an open forum, etc.

4. When going public with hudud, refrain from using “argument from authority” or “appeal to authority” when claiming why hudud is “just and fair” because not only is that approach dogmatic, it does not wash with non-Muslims and non-believers. A rational, empirical approach would be appreciated — for example, a comparison between how secular and syariah law might address the same issues differently, or citing historical and current examples of successfully implemented hudud (hopefully not Saudi Arabia or Iran).

5. And last but not least, that PAS does not assume that all Malaysian Muslims are for PAS’s brand of hudud. I say PAS’s hudud because taking all of Islam’s schisms and fiqh schools and mazhabs into consideration, no way can PAS claim it holds the one and only legitimate view.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Solution for DAP PAS disagreement re hudud and Islamic State

The issue of implementation of Islamic Hudud law (Syariah) and an Islamic state for Malaysia has cropped up again and can pit pro-hudud and Islamic state PAS against pro-secular state DAP which could lead to the unrevalling of the Pakatan Rakyat just like what happend in 2001 when DAP left the Barisan Alternatif coalition.

The dislodging of the decadent and decaying UMNO/BN from Putrajaya and introduction of badly needed reforms to Malaysia is seriously threatened by this possibility and all reasonable Malaysians will not want this to happen. The current momentum should be maintained at all costs especially now that there is a possibility to win Federal power. We have seen how the dastardly UMNO/BN has used their federal power to frustrate the state governments governed by Pakatan Rakyat.

However PAS will never be able to give up its aim to introduce hudud and make Malaysia an Islamic state probably because a Muslim is obligated to make these 2 a reality in their life. If PAS continue in its current stance, there is great danger of losing non-Malay and non-Muslim votes even if both PAS and DAP continue stay in its Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

On the other hand, DAP will find it extremely difficult to drop its insistance on Malaysia remaining a secular state and reject hudud. DAP if it continues to stay in Pakatan Rakyat in partnership with PAS while PAS continue to harp on hudud and Islamic state will also lose votes and may even be trounced in the election like what happened previously.

I appeal fervently to both PAS and DAP in particular and PKR in general to consider my suggestion to break this deadlock. Please please please do not play into the hands of UMNO/BN and hand them victory in the next general election. I have written on this issue before in Pakatan Rakyat should be a formal political party and not just a loose coalition. Below I will build on that.

Here is my opinion for a solution to the above. Pakatan Rakyat now has the Pakatan Rakyat CPF (Common Policy Framework) drawn up in December and which is a great platform on how PAS PKR and DAP can cooperate to win Federal power. May I humbly suggest that all the parties in Pakatan Rakyat should be political in the sense that its purpose is to win elections and form governments and its actions and policies should be solely based on the CPF. In this way, the aim of Pakatan Rakyat will not be jeopardize by this very major and fundamental difference between PAS and DAP.

My suggestion to for PAS to solve its delicate delima is as follows. PAS shoule separate into 2 bodies which I will temporaly refer to as "political PAS" (PAS for all will fit in here extremely well) and "religious PAS". "Political PAS" will be ONLY for the political purpose of cooperating with DAP and PKR within Pakatan Rakyat as mentioned above. All others such as the intention of PAS to make Malaysia an Islamic State and introduce hudud should striven for within "religios PAS".

In this way a member of "religious PAS" will not feel that he is neglecting his religious obligations but which he may practice and pursue within "religious PAS". Further, by doing this, PAS will then not need a "PAS Supporter Club" anymore as then all non-Muslims who support PAS can join "political PAS" and withoug any controversy can stand for elections and become office bearers. Conservative PAS members who feel strongly and negatively about the presence of non-Muslims within its party will no longer have any reasons to fee such.

Please PAS do seriously give some considerations to this suggestion and not jeopardize this real chance of becoming part of the Federal government.

If you think this is a good idea to break this deadlock, for the sake of Malaysia, I hope you will help spread this message.

Update: From Dr M says meritocrats are racist too:Mahathir: "Islamist party PAS also did not escape coming under fire from the veteran politician who said that it was using religion for political gain"

Perhaps when PAS separates its religious striving for Islamic State and hudud and its political ambitions, perhaps that would be an answer to Mahathir's accusation.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Take charge of the nation: Register to vote

Take charge of the nation: Register to vote
Please forward this article to all your contacts so that we may reach out to educate those who failed to register or failed to vote.

I spoke to my sound engineer yesterday at the audio studio. He is in his 30s and has not register to vote.

Reason: "My single vote will make no difference coz THEY will chea.... and we will never win......"

My Reply: "If 1 MILLION of single vote say the same, we are hopeless. Every single one of us need to come together to overcome the cheating. Volunteers come forward to monitor and prevent cheating. If the 1MILLION single voters sit back and say we make no difference.... Then it is really hopeless...."

Result: "He asked how he can register soon..."

Many are ignorant and dismiss their single vote as POWERLESS. We need to give them a different perspective... May God help our nation... our country... our people.

God bless and love, Jen

Freelance writer and long-time journalist Bob Teoh makes an impassioned plea to Christians to register as a voter. He is proud to have been a voter since 1969.

Every vote counts. This point was forcibly driven home in the recent Sibu parliamentary by-election in Sarawak (16 May 2010). Sibu is the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition's stronghold - it has never lost this seat. But this time it did. And by only 398 votes.

The underdog, DAP's Wong Ho Leng, polled 18,845 votes against BN candidate Robert Lau's 18,447 votes. All that was needed was for Lau to get an extra 399 votes and he would have beaten Wong to the post by one solitary vote. Yes, every vote counts.

The irony is that there are plenty of votes lying around for the picking. There are 15.47 million people who are eligible to vote. Of this, nearly one-third or 4.39 million have not yet registered as voters.

These potential new 4.39 million voters will make a significant difference in how the country is governed. Like Sibu, many parliamentary and state constituencies are won or lost by slim margins. Yes, if 4.39 million people who are eligible to register as voters sign up, they will determine whether Malaysia should continue as a one-party regime or a two-party democracy.

Any new Prime Minister needs to get a fresh mandate. Therefore, I believe the next general elections will be held soon - within a year or so. This is not a prophecy but common sense. The Prime Minister had done well in winning Hulu Selangor (in April) and he was banking on taking the Sibu by-election.

This was a seat he couldn't lose. If he had won, then we can expect the Sarawak state elections to be called any time.

Will we finally see the emergence of a two-party democracy? It depends very much on the missing 4.39 million votes. Are you one of these missing votes? Your one solitary vote can make a world of a difference.

The Christian block of voters is the largest after the Malay and Chinese blocks. It is even higher than what MIC can deliver.

Yes, the Christian vote makes a real difference. It does not matter who or how you vote but vote you must. If you have not registered, do so now. If you know someone in your church who has not registered yet, get him/her to do so. Better still get your church to hold a voter registration campaign.

Romans 13 talks about governments being ordained by God. You can help to ensure the next government is a just and righteous one. Register now unless you don't give a hoot to a godly government.

It is no coincidence that God has made it out that every one out of 10 persons in Malaysia is a Christian. Don't be merely a statistic. Be a Christian voter. There are Christian lawmakers on both sides of the political divide. Make sure you vote the godly ones. That's not only your right but your responsibility.

As a strategy, do not register in the Klang valley even if you work and live here. Register to vote in your hometowns to spread out the voters nationwide.

My wife and I are registered to vote in Taiping. At the last general elections, we drove back there to cast our votes. Our two votes were among the many that made the difference.

Some Christians who have emigrated made it a point to fly back just to vote at the last general elections. That cost them a lot in airfares. You need only to register and go to the nearest polling station at the next general elections. It costs you virtually nothing to exercise your right.

We get the kind of government we deserve. If you are not a voter, by default you have chosen the worst form of government.

The tyranny of an iron-grip of a taken-for-granted two-thirds majority in Parliament was broken at the last elections. It must remain broken. Please register now as a voter. Every precious vote counts for your own future, that of our children, the generations to come and the Church in Malaysia . To God be the glory.

Register now. Go to:
Election Commission of Malaysia: voter registration
Suruhanjaya Pilihan Rays Malaysia: pendaftaran pengundi

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RPK interview at BBC Hardtalk September 1 2010

Raja Petra Kamarudin interview with BBC Hardtalk will be aired on 1st September 2010 at 3pm UK time which is 10pm Malaysia time.




Teoh Lee Lan appeal for support - Shah Alam High Court

Dr. Pornthip will testify at the inquest on 18th August at the Shah Alam courts.

Your presence will certainly lend support to the family of Beng Hock in their quest for justice. At the recent public forum at the KLSCAH, Teoh Lee Lan, sister of Teoh Beng Hock, lamented the dwindling support from the public as reflected in the dwindling attendance at events. She appealed for continued support so I hope many will attend the hearing tomorrow at the Shah Alam High Court tomorrow


Rakyat Malaysia diminta memberi sokongan kepada Dr. Pornthip dan keluarga Beng Hock dengan menghadiri inqueks pada 18/8/10(Rabu), 9am di mahkamah tinggi Shah Alam. Dr. Pornthip akan beri keterangan pada hari tersebut.

Location map: Shah Alam High Court (Makamah Tinggi)

View Larger Map

Dear fellow Malaysians, please lend your support to Dr. Pornthip and Beng Hock’s family by present at inquest on 18/8/10 (Wed), 9am, Shah Alam High Court. Dr. Pornthip will testify at the inquest that day. Please contact Yap Hwa at 012-2658448 if you have any queries.


Rakyat Malaysia diminta memberi sokongan kepada Dr. Pornthip dan keluarga Beng Hock dengan menghadiri inqueks pada 18/8/10(Rabu), 9am di mahkamah tinggi Shah Alam. Dr. Pornthip akan beri keterangan pada hari tersebut. Sila hubungi Yap Hwa pada 012-2658448 jika ada sebarang pertanyaan


“明福冤案一年:人民怎么说?” – 全民挺明福论坛
Date : 16 Aug 2010 (Mon)

Time : 7:30pm

Venue : Auditorium, KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Speakers : Teoh Lee Lan (Beng Hock’s sister), Lee Ban Chen (Senior writer), Haris Ibrahim (Blogger & Activist), Chong Kok Siong (Coordinator, Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign)

Language : English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu

Jointly organized by : Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign, CRC-KLSCAH

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Khir Toyo palace: Where did he get the money from?

Umno Warlord's palace - sky view. When the next general election come, remember this photo (click on it to enlarge). Teoh Beng Hock lost his life due to MACC investigation over a miserly couple of thousand of ringgits. Khir Toyo could afford a palace (and not only that it was most probably located in a forest reserve) after only a few years as Menteri Besar and MACC never even try to investigate how he got so much of money to build this palace on his MB's salary:

You can see this when you take pencala link from duta!!

This is the palace that a warlord builds in Shah Alam.
This palace cost RM24 million, they said.
The warlord says he earns it thro" his businesses.
What businesses and what taxes do you pay?ax men and MACC never seem to question him. Why?
Things like these only happen in a failed state.
Warlords also exist only in a failed state.
Selective failure and prosecution are characteristics of a failed state.


See for yourself, this is rumah Khir Toyo.....a gentle reminder to Malaysians !!!
He is not born in Malaysia ! He was born in Indonesia came over quite late. This Indon can join UMNO and become a politician! (former MB of Selangor). He called others - immigrants!

Looking at the background,I wonder if the land is a forest reserve.

Malaysia two party system: A pipe dream?

Web definitions for pipe dream: A fantastic but vain hope (from fantasies induced by the opium pipe); example" "I have this pipe dream about being emperor of the universe"





By:Wong Chin Huat
Monash University Sunway Campus

Date/Venue:18 August 2010 (Wednesday), 10:00 am –12:00 noon
IKMAS Seminar Room, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Malaysia is in reality an electoral one-party state, thanks toelectoral manipulation, erosion of federalism and local democracy and draconian laws. Because the system operates on the "winners-take- all"logic, there is no room for a second contending party/coalition to survive healthily. After the 2008 political tsunami, many Malaysians talk passionately about two-party system. For some, it simply means a changeof government. However, if Barisan Nasional recovers its lost ground under Najib, will the so-called "budding two-party system" come to an end? This paper argues that without substantial institutional reform of electoral system, two-party system is not an equilibrium point and Malaysia may have to choose between resurrecting one-party predominance or sinking into chronic chaos and instability ala Perak.

Wong Chin Huat has just completed his PhD from University of Essex,United Kingdom on "The Implications of the Electoral System for Party Competition in West Malaysia, 1982-2004". His research interests cover democratization, institutional engineering, party politics, ethnic politics and rational choice theory. He teaches journalism at Monash University Sunway Campus and writes regularly on Malaysian politics for the and merdekareview. com (Chinese). He isalso active in the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections 2.0 (BERSIH2.0) and other civil society groups. He was detained for three days inMay 2009 for initiating the 1BLACKMalaysia campaign in protest of the Perak Constitutional Coup.

ALL ARE INVITED(For further information please call 8921-3205/4169 or8921-3625)

Location map: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi

View Larger Map

Monday, August 9, 2010

What does Malaysians have to pay for? Lots

I think everything he wrote is fact. Cannot agree more.

Yes, I think they are. What do I get for paying toll everyday?

Now I have to pay an extra RM50 for each credit card. For what?

Extra GST (goods and services tax). Again, how does that benefit me?

Look at the long list:

I have to pay for security guards because the police are hopeless.
I have to install filters because the water supply is dirty.
I have to watch satellite tv because the government broadcasts crap.

Many kids have to go for tuition or to private schools because the government schools are bad.
We have to pay IPPs (independent power providers) because the government cannot provide consistent electricity.

We have to pay Indah Water to clean up the sewers.
We have to pay tax on foreign cars because Mahathir wants to keep his dying local car industry alive. ON top of it APs cost bcoz of his cronies.
Most have to drive because the government cannot provide good public transport.

We have to pay to sustain the government's affirmative action policies.
We have to pay for private health care because the public hospitals are crowded .

All in all, we have to pay a PREMIUM to stay in this country!

1Malaysia Boleh!!!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Election Offences Act: Did Najib commit general bribery? Judge for yourself

Judge Azahar threw out Zaid's Ibrahim election petition to invalidate the result of the recent Hulu Selangor "buy election". Is his judgement based on facts and true justice. Malaysians, you read the Election Offences Act below and even simple layman can judge/conclude that general bribery, an election offence have been committed by Najib and Judge Azahar should allow Zaid's election petition:

Election Offences Act 1954 Sections 32(a) and 32(c):

Section 32, titled "Avoidance of election on election petition," reads:

"The election of a candidate at any election shall be declared to be void on an election petition on any of the following only which may be proved to the satisfaction of the Election Judge:

a. That general bribery, general treating or general intimidation have so extensively prevailed that they may be reasonably supposed to have affected the result of the election; and,

c. That a corrupt practice or illegal practice was committed in connection with the election by the candidate or with his knowledge or consent, or by any agent of the candidate.

Judge Azahar background

Azahar was the prosecutor accused of fabricating false evidence against Anwar Ibrahim during the infamous Anwar corruption trial a decade ago, which was resoundingly condemned around the world as a heinous travesty of justice and outright political persecution? This is an accusation that Azahar was not known to have denied.

Azahar was also the judge who handed out the atrociously "double-standard" judgment in the Perak Speaker vs Speaker case on Sept 8, 2009.

In that judgment over the chaotic state assembly sitting of May 7,2009, he rejected Pakatan speaker Sivakumar's complaints against BN speaker Ganesan on grounds that he had no jurisdiction to intervene into affairs of the assembly.

But he failed to realise that by declaring Ganesan's election as speaker during the same assembly sitting as a lawful act, he was in fact committing the same intervention he said he wanted to avoid in the first place. (Azahar's self-contradiction was so blatant that it earned the title of "Speaker vs Speaker: Judge Azahar slapping his own face?" for an article in Kim Quek's book, 'The March to Putrajaya')

Monday, August 2, 2010

The real 1 Malaysia - forked tongue Najib

The real 1 Malaysia

Forked tongued cakap tak serupa bikin Najib Abdul Razak: "1 Malaysia is intended to provide a free and open forum to discuss the things that matter deeply to us as a Nation. It provides a chance to express and explore the many perspectives of our fellow citizens."

A look at the REAL 1 MALAYSIA (watch the video of Malaysian Police brutality and see if Najib's word match his police action:

On August 1st 2010, people from all walks of life gathered outside Amcorp Mall to hold a (peaceful) candlelight vigil. The purpose was to express the people's prolong dissatisfaction towards the ISA (Internal Security Act), a draconian law allowing detention without trial. For years the people of Malaysia have struggled to bring about the abolishment of the Act but to no avail....

8.00pm 1st August 2010:

The real 1 Malaysia - violence against the rakyat


It seems ironic how those in power remains so blind, when everything they preach stands before them...

United the people of Malaysia stand, crying out for a change, and yet the government turns a blind eye and set their dogs on us.