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Monday, September 23, 2019

Vernacular schools and national unity

There are people, mainly the Malays and Muslims who takes the view that there should only be 1 national schools. They claim that vernacular schools segregate races are a hindrance to national unity. But what are the real reasons for the minorities preferring to send their children to vernacular schools? And are they the reason for Malaysians disunity? What probably would happen if a teacher in the vernacular schools were to pray Hindu/Buddist/Taoist/Christian prayers before starting a class?

It should be valid to believe that the Malay/Muslims will start a huge hue and cry.

Let me take myself and my children to illustrate. I previously stayed at a different town/city from where I am staying currently. And there was a national school within short walking distance from my home then. So it is natural for me to send my child to that school. Not long after she enrolled, I went to observe the class she was in. And what did I see? I saw the teacher praying a Muslim prayer before she started the class. And almost 100% of the class was Malays and I assume Muslims.

And let us fast forward to the present. Why are the minority races not sending their children to the national schools preferring either to send them to the vernacular schools or if they can afford it, to the international schools? The NEP (New Economic Policy was meant to remove/reduce the imbalance between the races. When it was first introduced, the Malays were mostly staying in the rural areas and they were relatively poorer than the other races, especially the Chinese. The professions (Doctors/Lawyers/Accountants etc) were mostly non-Malays, non-Muslims. So I plus many of other Malaysians would support the NEP. But the NEP was supposed to be for a limited period and not a never ending perpetual policy.

And it is the views of many that the standards were purposely lowered to help the non-Malays move up the ladder. If that is true it would not be wrong to expect the standards to drop.

So many of the non-Malays now believe the standard of teaching has dropped tremendously in the national schools. They are also of the opinions that there is a drive to promote Islams. Plus many believe that discipline is stricter and standards are higher in the vernacular schools. Many also believe that students from the vernacular schools are more disciplined plus better in the Mathematics and sciences.

I believe the non-Muslims and I was told an increasing numbers of Malays are also sending their children to the vernacular schools especially the Chinese medium schools. Are these valid reasons for preferring the vernacular schools?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Alert from Invoke

Please abide strictly by this advisory by INVOKE.. I am in a few nearly 99% Malay groups and I read messages about their anger of non Malays posting messages against the Malay Rulers etc... Let us immediately refrain posting messages which may be turned v racial by evil minded malaysians.. PLEASE VIRAL THIS WARNING TO ALL NON MALAYS.. let the law take its course.. We have celebrated enough over the last few days.. ENOUGH PLEASE for the sake of maintaining our fragile unity in this country.. NO MORE POSTINGS ON THE POLITICAL SCENARIO IN THIS COUNTRY IMMEDIATELY

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Although official results are not fully in, partly because some SPR officers are delaying signing off on the results, Pakatan Harapan & its Sabah ally, Warisan, has won an overwhelming electoral victory in GE14. Can we urge all of us to get our networks to really pray through the next 24 hours for the following:

1. First, that all those in authority will act responsibly to accept the results of the election and help work towards a smooth transition in the government; and that all hanky-panky attempts to change any results will be stopped or hindered from being effective.

2. ​Second, please pray that the Lord who is sovereign over our nation will pour His SHALOM, His peace, upon our land. Pray that the fear of God will envelop the whole nation so that evil men or women, as well as demonic powers that seeks to bring civil disorder and violence will be restrained. Remember Eph 6:12.

3. Pray that everyone, Christians included, will be responsible and sensitive so as not to provoke those who have been identified with BN. We should therefore avoid sending out offensive and provocative messages, photos and videos, or anything else that may be inflammatory in the present political context.

There will be other things that the Lord will lay in your hearts to pray for. But do activate your networks and urge them to take our responsibility to pray for the nation's welfare seriously. We must, as Paul reminds us, "Pray without ceasing!" (1 Thess 5:17)

Sunday, May 6, 2018

If governance in Malaysia doesn't improve, this could happen

What could happen? Argentina raise interest rate to 40%. See

Malaysia is blessed with much natural resources such as petroleum, fertile land which produces cash crops such as oil palm, rubber trees, trees for timber, etc. However, because of widespread corruption and leakages, there is much loss of public money but things were still manageable because of Malaysia resources. But if continued, Malaysia may slip down the slippery slope to economic crisis.

Malaysia previously had much highly educated human resources many bilingual and multilingual, conversant in English, the de facto world language. However, the human resources of our country has to a great degree been lost to other country because of bad policies. We are exporting talent while taking in lowly educated unskilled workers. In fact, the late Lee Kuan Yew had laughed at us because of this.

If ever Malaysia's currency falls further, the interest rate may be raised like Argentina. Then we will have hyper inflation. There is a saying, things in Malaysia will not change (for the better) until the people suffers. The people are already suffering now, but because of the unique situation in Malaysia, things may still not change for the better if the people do not vote for change.

Perhaps the people are not suffering enough yet. But if ever things become like Argentina where interest rate is raised to 40% and perhaps more and hyper inflation occurs, then perhaps the greater sufferings may force the rakyat to vote for change (for the better)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Why UMNO/BN is bad for the country

Yes, why I believe UMNO/BN is bad for Malaysia. Reasons can easily be seen if you are unbiased. The main reason is UMNO/BN practices patronage and money politics.

Why is patronage bad for Malaysia? Because get voted into positions wielding power in their political power, they need to buy support from warlords, division heads. And division heads in turn need to buy support from division members. Not only that, while the opposition volunteers generally work for free, UMNO/BN volunteers needs money in cash or kind to work, etc.

And because of this need for money to buy support, there is tendency to get money unethically. So there you have it all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights

If this do not move a patriotic Malaysian,nothing can.

Get up! Stand up! Stand up for our rights!

Copied from write up by Mej Mior Rosli TUDM (Rtd)

Good afternoon to all. The fight for a free Malaysia must go on!
Let us get one thing clear – the country and the government are separate entities. Governments come and go, the country is eternal.

We owe our allegiance to the country, not to the government.
Therefore, saying bad things about a bad government is not being anti-national. Most important of all, voting against a bad government is not being anti-national.
A bad government does not deserve loyalty. Disloyalty to the government is not disloyalty to the country; in fact, voting out a bad government is being loyal to the country.

Today, Malaysia woke up and many hearts were broken.

We mourn our nation not because we lost, but because we were cheated.

We lost not to a better party, but we lost to injustice.

We lost not to a better system, but we lost to the lack of integrity.

We lost not to a better count, but we lost to the failure in upholding civil rights
We lost not to a better leader, but we lost to corruption.

We lost not to a better policy, but we lost to deceit.

But we will, and must not, lose heart.

We may feel sad, but we must not give way to despair.

We may feel angry, but we must not lose our righteous ways.

We may feel cheated, but we must fight on.

We may feel like leaving, but we must stay together.

We may feel like giving up, but we must now let the dream carry us.

We may feel like nothing will change, but we must now become that change.

Bersih spirit lives on!
We will rally.
We will fight on.
We will not give up.
We will become a Better Malaysia.

Clean elections
Clean government
Right to dissent
Save our economy
Strengthen parliamentary democracy.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

PAS now offers prosperous Sabah without Hudud? Not believable

The Malaysia Today reported that PAS would aim for a prosperous Sabah without Hudud. But can we trust PAS? I would say an emphatic NO!

Remember that earlier had talked about PAS for all when they contested against UMNO/BN together with the now defunct Pakatan Rakyat, but on winning the 13th General Election under Hadi leadership, they submitted a bill to the Parliament that is equivalent to introducing Hudud despite objections from other Pakatan Rakyat component parties.

Not only that, PAS wants to enforce Hudud in Peninsular Malaysia, but now offers "no Hudud" in Sabah for expediency reason merely because they want to win power in Sabah and since they have gone back on their promises (remember PAS for all? plus going against the agreement to decide on consensus basis in PR) there is no guarantee they will not go back on their promises to Sabah.

Remember decisions in Pakatan Rakyat are made subject to consensus and clearly that step to introduce the "Hudud" bill did not receive consensus of of PR component parties leading to breakup of Pakatan Rakyat.

And what did PAS do after that? PAS started overtures to get close to UMNO/BN despite knowing of all the scandals that had been committed by UMNO/BN. Not only that, they did not raise their voice against all the wrong doings of UMNO/BN including the heinous 1MDB scandal

How a party professing religion can ignore such wrong doings I do not know.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

NFC tangled of weeds but Rafizi sentenced to jail

AS those who exposed the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal are marched off to jail, the site of the ambitious cattle rearing project lies in a tangle of weeds.

No cows and no workers were spotted at the 600-ha NFC site in Gemas, Negri Sembilan, where RM250 million in public funds were sunk into a project that has since been left to rot.

No one has been found guilty for the failures of the project. But on February 7, Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli, who exposed NFC’s failures, was sentenced to 30 months in jail for revealing bank documents related to the project.

Hannah Yeoh: "Malaysia on fire. Don's spoil vote. No time for 'sunscreen'

Hannah Yeoh, AUUN for Subang Jaya, has a piece of advice for those intending to spoil their votes this coming 14th General Election prompted by her daughter coming home looking very tanned.

"Why didn't you put on sunscreen I gave you?" asked Hannah

Daughter: The fire alarm went off – supposedly a fire drill – and they had to gather in the school field under the hot sun.

Hannah's daughter, clearly frustrated with my logic, exclaimed "It's a fire mommy! How can I find time to put my lotion?”

Malaysia is on fire (dire straits). Eating out is expensive. Cooking at home is not cheap either. Schools have become political tools for BN. Teachers are held to ransom for their votes. They are not free to educate what is right. The quality of education had dropped. Bullies. Drug addicts. Children are abused, sexually and physically. The entire vicious cycle goes on repeat.

How do you reset a nation without securing federal power?

No one will willingly surrender power without giving it a good fight. How far will Umno go to give it a good fight? Najib once said "to win at all costs." Scary.

The political scene remains an non-level playing field. Look at the redelineation exercise by Elections Commission. Look at the excessive prison sentence given to Rafizi.

In 2008, it was a call for stronger opposition. Despite having a stronger opposition, BN can still cook up a scandal as big as 1MDB. 2018 must see the dismantling of federal power for BN. A stronger opposition is no longer enough to un-do a nation "on fire."

Please don't spoil your vote. Vote Pakatan Harapan to enable them to rule Malaysia for the next 5 year term to "put out the fire".


Friday, February 9, 2018

Does this sounds familiar? Is Malaysia doomed?

Ayn Rand quote

When you see that trading is done,
not by consent, buy by compulsion -
when you see that in order to produce,
you need to obtain permission from
men who produce nothing - when you
see that money is flowing to those
who deal, not in goods, but in favors -
when you see that men gets richer by
graft and by pull than by work, and
your laws don't protect you against
them, but protect them against you -
when you see corruption being
rewarded and honesty become a
self-sacrifice - you may know that your
society is doomed."


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Unjust Malaysia, culprits go free but whistleblowers jailed

Malaysia is becoming more and more unjust. Rafizi Ramly and a bank clerk blew the whistle on Sharizat Jalil's family members

Rafizi ramli and johari jailed while thieves become datuk seri and tan seri

In the notorious cows and condos scandal where much of the RM250 million money meant to help poor farmers were used to buy expensive condos were exposed by Rafizi Ramly. Then Rafizi Ramli and ex bank clerk Johari were sentenced for disclosing confidential banking information on Shahrizat Jalil’s family members and a few companies owned by them. So the guilty party goes scoot free while whistleblowers were sentenced to jail time. Is that just?

This morning, the Attorney-General's Chambers asked for an RM500,000 fine and a prison sentence.

Luckily, the judge passed only a prison sentence because otherwise, I wouldn’t have the money to pay and would have to be taken to prison straight away.

So the fight must go on and I will see you soon. In the meantime, let’s work together to put an end to this, once and for all.


Act on your conscience now:

You can contribute by making an online contribution here.


You can contribute directly to INVOKE’s Maybank account:

Account name: INVOKE Solutions Sdn Bhd

Account number: 5622 0964 0698


If you want to contribute from overseas, please wire directly using the banking code:



You can buy our books, merchandise (T-shirts, caps, umbrellas etc) and counting agents (PACA) books here.

Most importantly, please register today to become a volunteer to help defeat Najib Abdul Razak and his government in the coming general election.

Register here now.


Monday, February 5, 2018

Car prices reduction? UMNO/BN lied again

UM/BN 2013 election promised a gradual car price reduction up to 30% and "proudly" declared that its manifesto promises had been kept. But blew the whistle and revealed that their calculations were based on unfair comparison - like comparing a Proton with a BMW, comparing models in 2013 with lower models now.

(Bahasa Malaysia)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hussein Abdul Hamid, the Malays and culture

Hussein Abdul Hamid is a Malay staying in Melbourne. Not sure if he had retain his Malaysian citizenship, but that is not the matter of this post. Hussein writes and expresses himself very well and his blog is at

He wrote of the Malay culture and how Malays I know are polite to a fault. The Malays I remember have manners and grace. and I fully agree with him. I had taught Malay students for well over 3 decades and I know Malays are very hospitable and generous.

Plus, since I retired I had volunteered to teach English to disadvantaged children and was assigned to teach young Malay boys and girls. Just yesterday I was very surprised when 2 very young girls took my hands and kissed it, I assumed for teaching them English. They must have been taught by their parents to express gratitude.

That is another matter. What I wanted to write about today is not my experience but what Hussein Hamid wrote:

But..... he wrote further:

Today there are Malays who are thieves. Malays who rob, pillage and plunder everything in front of them and more often then not, anything and everything that they can get their hands on. Anything that belongs to others. Anything to satisfy their greed. And no Malay in living memory can hold a candle to the pillaging and plundering now being done by the Alpha Malay couple now living in Seri Perdana...Mr and Mrs Idiot. These is the latest video aired on BBC London last night. That would be MO1 or Najib Razak and his wife.

Hussein Hamid wrote further: To those that read what I write can I ask you to do this. If, by any chance you are in agreement with what I write about the Malays, Malaysians and our beloved me this favour. Copy and paste what I write onto your FB, your blog...anywhere that others too can read what I write....

So here it is:

Selamat Pagi Malaysia...I have partaken of my first sip of tea this morning...not Nescafe but tea this morning. Mango infused mandarin flavoured tea because this morning I do not need a coffee to put me in the right frame of mind to write. I know what I want to write about this morning. I want to write about the Malays. Not the Bugis, not the Jawas, not the Northern or Southern Malays....not even about the people from the East Coast or West Coast.

I do not want to talk about the Malay race, not about the Malay nation or about the fact that the Malays dominate politics in Malaysia. I want to write about what all those people I have just mentioned have become....we have all become Malays. An ethnic group that I know have got respect for others and in return beget respect from others. The Malays I know are polite to a fault. The Malays I remember have manners and grace that made them the envy of others. And that is why in all my life I have always been proud to identify myself not as a Bugis but always as a Malay.

My parents, my uncles and aunties and, dare I say it, myself and my cousins, are the product of Malay parents who instinctively knew what is important in life. When we meet our elders...we give them respect. When we talk to our elders...we defer to what they have to say, listen and learn...and when asked, only when asked,we answer. We wait for our elders to eat before we do...and they in turn, insists that we eat before they do. I do not sit if my father was standing and if I sit, never will I sit higher then him. And always when we meet our elders...we kiss their hand reverently with love and respect and even as we do, they will pull back their hands and smile as they ask how our parents were, how we are and if all is well with us. I know all this because I lived that life for as long as I can remember until my parents, all these uncles and aunties are no for a few of them who are revered by us as the last of the Mohicans.

If you are tired of listening to what I am saying about my past life...bear with me a little more. The life that I led as I grew up was no different to the life of many many other Malays that I know. In the kampongs and in the growing middle class of Malays in the urban areas ...respect for the leaders, being a good individual and being content with our lot was what guided us in our lives. That life is now a distant memory.

Today there are Malays who are thieves. Malays who rob, pillage and plunder everything in front of them and more often then not, anything and everything that they can get their hands on. Anything that belongs to others. Anything to satisfy their greed. And no Malay in living memory can hold a candle to the pillaging and plundering now being done by the Alpha Malay couple now living in Seri Perdana...Mr and Mrs Idiot. These is the latest video aired on BBC London last night

It is now 10.22 am and I need to write about other things that trouble the Malays ....and Malaysians. To those that read what I write can I ask you to do this. If, by any chance you are in agreement with what I write about the Malays, Malaysians and our beloved me this favour. Copy and paste what I write onto your FB, your blog...anywhere that others too can read what I this and I will continue to do what I do now....write about the pain in my heart and in many other Malaysian hearts about what is now happening in our beloved Malaysia....the pillaging, plundering of our nation by this ...this ...Idiot and his wife with the complicity of a Barisan Nasional beyond redemption, beyond saving. Out with this Mr and Mrs Idiot, out with BN.

Hussein ABDUL HAMID at Thursday, January 18, 2018

Admission UMNO/BN practices money politics, corruption and cronyism

Here is clear admission that UMNO/BN practices corruption, money politics and cronyism as probably all the people already knows by now. Note that Mahathir was mentioned as one of the prime mover. However, that is Mahathir 1.0. Mahathir is now Mahathir 2.0 and it is the hope of every Malaysian that that is a sincere change for the better.

A note to fence sitters and perhaps not so committed UMNO supporters: Corruption, money politics and cronyism is costing the nation dearly, badly needs to be stopped or everyone (except perhaps those who directly benefit from them. This can be seen by especially the lower income classes who are now hurting badly from increased prices and costs of living of which much can be attributed to GST plus corruption, money politics and cronyism.

Below are Ibrahim Ali quotes and admitting he was taking 'dedak' from Mahathir

Perkasa chairperson Ibrahim Ali today admitted that he took "dedak" (animal feed) from then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he was still in government.

"It is not just a little that Mahathir had contributed to me. When I joined Umno... I was made a supreme council member in less than a month.

"He loved me and also helped me with my life. I got two or three projects which he approved because I asked for them.

"So, actually, I had taken 'dedak' long before any others,"

(Dedak, literally animal feed in the Malay language, is often used to refer to bribes or other benefits given in exchange for loyalty.)

"In 1992, I was sent to a summit in Rio De Janeiro despite not having any political position apart from being an MP."

"I could travel all over the world... including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay," he said.


Pray for Malaysia - why?

The web address (URL) of the website "Blog for Change" is
Just why was such a long web address plus with the word PRAY in the URL for this blog?

This blog was started way back in early 2017. That was before the historical 2018 12th General Election Election which saw Selangor, Penang and Perak falling into the hands of the opposition (plus Kelantan which stayed with PAS. That was after realizing how the ruling UMNO/BN government were lying to us about the true state of affairs of our nation. All we were reading were the mass media printed newspaper and TV!, TV2 and TV3. We didn't realize yet the bad shape Malaysia was in then. It was bad then. It is much much worse now.

After glimpses of the true state of affairs of the nation via online means, I decided to get involved by joining talks, protests, BERSIH, a political party and assisting our likely candidates for the state and parliamentary contests.

But we were also realistic and realized how difficult it would be to dislodge the ruling UMNO/BN government via elections that perhaps only prayers can change things. Pehaps it did.

I distinctly remembered how pessimistic we were about the chances of our then Parliamentary and State seats contestants Tony Pua and Lau Weng San when we were gathered to support the candidates nominations at SRJK Puay Chai in SS2. The cheer leader had to find ways and means to overcome our pessimistic mood.

So why PRAY in the web address? Well, I am not a great payer warrior plus I had then been of the opinion that chances for change the only way for reforms for the better for Malaysia was then so difficult that perhaps prayers would help. Since I am not a great prayer warrior, why not put the word PRAY FOR MALAYSIA in the URL?

Did that help? I don't know but I think the 12th General Election was a game changer and we were so surprised that our candidates Tony Pua (Pua Kiam Wee) and Lau Weng San won. So perhaps that powerful word in the web address did contribute. Thank you God.

BTW below is Tony Pua's autographed election poster for the 12th General Election. How did I get it? When the election result was announced, everyone was so surprised that many people were asking Tony Pua to sign on the election posters. When I saw it, I figured I too wanted one. And I treasure my humble role so much in my small contribution to the historical 12th General Election that I kept that autographed election poster till now.

Tony Pua 12th general election poster

Friday, January 26, 2018

Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki (PAS) again propose join BN. His excuse.

Remember PAS research centre director Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki? Remember that news about a leaked WhatsApp conversation about PAS joining while PAS was still a component party of Pakatan Rakyat?

PAS research centre operations director Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki, whose WhatsApp message about the party working with Umno went public, claimed that the message was about "analysing scenarios" of the party breaking away from Pakatan Rakyat.

Dr Zuhdi said on his Facebook page that the options of the party leaving the coalition was a request made by a PAS leader of the central committee WhatsApp group.


"PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli also hit out at the PAS member, Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki, for the racial and religious tone in the leaked message.

In a sign of escalating tension between both parties as a result of the current Selangor menteri besar crisis, Rafizi also demanded that PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang state the number of PAS leaders who held such views."

Zuhdi is now again reported for PAS to join BN (Barisan Nasional). His excuse?
Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's "arrogance" and belittling of PAS' plan to form or be part of the next government has left the party with only two choices, a PAS strategist says.

PAS research centre director Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki said the choices are either for PAS to remain in the opposition, or to join BN in forming the next government.

What kind of morals/excuses can PAS offers to join in or support a corrupt and power abusing government just escape me.
(PAS still considering joining government with BN after general election)


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Penang, the next (hardware) Silicon Valley?

Every 2 years since 2011, I have had the good fortune to go on an all expense paid (by Google) trip to Silicon Valley and the search giant Mountain View headquater (Googleplex). Perhaps in future, I don't have to fly that far to the next Silicon Valley?

Penang has now been touted as the next (hardware) Silicon Valley as reported in BBC News: The Malaysian region that became a hardware hub

The Malaysian region that became a hardware hub
The small Malaysian state of Penang is punching well above its weight in the tech world through hardware manufacturing.

Similar to the way Silicon Valley developed, local engineers from big tech manufacturers are leaving to strike out on their own, creating a growing ecosystem. So could Penang be Asia's next Silicon Valley?

That BBC video quoted two Malaysian local startup - Vitrox (specialize in machine vision) and Cytron, and Cytron (specialize in (Raspberry Pi and Arduino compatible hardware and robotic kits) as such startups.

Please voters, turn up in huge numbers to overcome election cheating

Malaysian voters, please please please turn up in huge numbers to vote in the coming 14th General Elections to overcome electoral cheating which is expected due to the weak position of UMNO/BN and the redelination of the electoral boundaries by biased EC (Electoral Commission).

It had been reported in the Malaysian Insight that "Big BN win always follows redelineation, says analyst"

Not only you come out to vote, please also persuade your family, relatives, friends to come out to vote in huge numbers. Malaysia is in dire straits and urgently needs reform, so please do not ignore this urgent call.

But ignore this call if you intend to vote UMNO/BN (ex EC chief asked BN supporters to boycott election).

Really? Japan has more FDI than China?

Najib Abdul Razak has been reported by Malaysiakini to ask why China FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is a big issue when Japan's FDI is bigger than China's FDI.\

Really? Japan's FDI is greater than China's FDI? I don't have direct information but I do clearly remember that China's FDI are not really Foreign Direct Investments but loans from China. And not only loans, it had been reported that these so called FDI are loans for unsustainable projects such as the ECRL (East Coast Rail Link) which is financed by China but creating huge debts for Malaysia, and it is reported that Malaysia will have problems servicing the loan from only the earnings from the ECRL.

PAS still considering joining government with BN after general election

PAS had frequently been accused of supporting/intention to join UMNO/BN and denied by PAS. But here it is loud and clear that PAS do have intention of doing what it had been accused of doing:

PAS masih pertimbang sertai BN selepas PRU

Here it is clearly been reported that Azman Ibrahim, a PAS leader and committee member of the PAS Central Working Committee (Ahli Jawatankuasa Kerja PAS Pusat) stated that PAS would consider cooperating with BN coalition after the 14th General Elections.

Why would PAS, a claimed religious/political party, cooperate with UMNO/BN, a coalition that practices crony capitalism and political culture runs on money. All religions eschew bribery, corruptions and stealing.