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Friday, November 6, 2015

Amanah, PAS, Hadi and UMNO BN (and divorcing wives)

The progressive members of PAS left PAS and formed Amanah to continue cooperation with DAP and PKR. Why? Because cooperation of DAP and PKR become very problematic recent months especially with Abdul Hadi Awang leading PAS.

And some PAS members had been screaming for those who left PAS to form Amanah to resign their elected offices plus divorce their wives. But are their demands justified?

My opinions. PAS contested in past elections against UMNO BN in cooperation with DAP and PKR as Pakatan Rakyat plus the Common Policies Platform. This cooperation and Common Policies did not provide for Hudud. And certainly not one component party (PAS) leaving Pakatan Rakyat to form a Selangor State Government with the tainted UMNO BN.

And now Husam Musa, the former PAS Vice President, have come out to confirm what many already have accepted as fact that Hadi had conspired to leave Pakatan Rakyat to form Selangor State Government with UMNO BN with cooperation from a few PKR ADUNs after the 2013 elections (correction, it seemed it was during the Selangor Mentri Besar crisis when PAS was in loggerhead with DAP and PKR about removing Khalid as Mentri Besar).

That is clear cut betrayal of DAP, PKR, Pakatan Rakyat and especially those who voted for the opposition in the 2013 elections. So now with you tell me, with this, who should resign from their elected offices and divorce their wives?

Hadi conspired to form Selangor unity government with Umno, says former PAS veep