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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Malays under threat? Is that possible?

UMNO and NGOs like Perkasa and Isma etc., keep talking about the Malays in Malaysia under threat from non-Malays. Malys form the majority of the population in Malaysia. Almost all if not all positions of authority like Prime Ministership, Deputy Prime Minister, Chief Police Officer, Attorney General, Chief Justice, Registra of Society, Registra of Companies, Finance Minister, Home Minister, etc. etc, are all Malays. Nearly all if not all banks and financial institutions, Petronas, and many other corporations are now in Malay hands. So in what way can non-Malays be of threat to the Malays?

Well, here is an email forward purportedly from a Malay, genuine or not I am not in a position to judge but you judge for yourself:

Ahmad Said asked,
UMNO had ruled Msia for 57 years n still crying to safeguard Malay special right,Malay under threat,Malay living under poverty etc etc.
He asked:-
For 57 years, UMNO ruled the country,
Islam is National religion,what had UMNO bn doing if Malaysia n Islam is under threat?
He said the facts are:-
1) Msia has 9 Sultans n a king n they r Malays.
2) PM & DPM,holding Msia top most powerful post r Malay.
3) Since 1974,Minister of Finance r Malays.
4) Other than Penang, all CM & MB r Malays.
5) Majority of Federal Ministers r Malays n influential n Impt
Ministries r Malays.
6) Out of 222 MP,more than 50% r Malays.
7) More than 93% of Gov't Dept, fr low to Top post, r Malays
8) NEP r designed for Malays.
9) 80% of Uni quota r reserved for Malays.
10) Special discount for hse purchased n stocks r for Malays.
11) Top post of Police & Army r Malays.
12) GLC r controlled by

He said how cud Malays in absolute control r in threat n danger fr minority races. It is UMNO & cronies who with never ending greeds continued to bully & lie to Malays by blaming Chinese n Indians as scape goat.
Ahmad Said urged Malays to wake up n see the evil intentions of UMNO Warlords.

God bless beautiful Malaysia n its peace loving Rakyat.
I love u,Malaysia