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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Malaysiakini free: Umno division leader calls for Azeez's head

Malaysiakini's article Umno division leader calls for Azeez's head is free to read.

Azeez (real name Kalimuthu a/l Panddiyappa" is the apple polishing Chairman of Lembaga Tabung Haji whom some claimed that his appointment was a result of Rosmah Mansur's insistence. He was so grateful that he was photographed kissing the hand of Rosmah Mansur.

Because of the anger of many Muslims that he and his board had used the Tabung Haji fund to pay in cash for a piece of the toxic 1MDB, he was forced to announce that on the advice of Najib, the land will be sold to other third parties.

Apparently that wasn't enough to appease the anger that Cheras Umno Secretary Syed Mehdhar Syed Abdullah was quoted to say Abdul Azeez was a liability to the party and he should resign or be sacked as Chairman of Tabung Haji.

Hop over to Malaysiakini to read the article in full.

Malaysiakini free: Ahmad Maslan's May 13 tweet misfires

Many free to read Malaysiakini articles today, and here is one more: Ahmad Maslan's May 13 tweet misfires.

Ahmad Maslan tweeted "Today is May 13. In 1969, I was three-years-old. We hope and pray that the bloody episode (peristiwa berdarah) never happens again," and got brickbats in return. Some of them:

Nazri_fahmi tweeted "Incident could recur if the current leadership continues to turn its back on the people."

@bullet_gov tweeted "May 13 would not happen again if there are excellent ministers, but if we get those (ministers) who are 'bangang (stupid)', there would be chaos in the country".

Hop over to Malaysiakini and read the rest for yourself.

Malaysiakini free: Najib's 'ask why' goes awry

Here is another ethical opportunity to read the subscription based Malaysiakini without being a subscriber. Malaysiakini has published another free to read for all article: Najib's 'ask why' goes awry.

In the article, Najib was reported as telling the students " is not just about learning specific facts and figures. It is about thinking widely around a subject, and questioning. "Asking: 'why?' Being able to see both sides of an argument. Allowing your minds to open and develop, and for learning to be a voyage of discovery," but was then bombarded by the students turning the table on him with quotes like:

"When we, the young generation ask why, you slapped us with sedition law. Walk the talk, don't la walk then hide. Still support AI (Anwar Ibrahim)."

"That's what we are asking. Why money missing in 1mdb? Why misuse GLC to bailout 1MDB? Why practice racist politics? Why the Malaysian ringgit going down so much? Why cost of living went up drastically? Why government debts piles up?"

Pop over to Malaysiakini to read the rest for yourself.