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Monday, March 28, 2011

MACC: Can investigative reports be amended for consistencies?

In the Teoh Beng Hock RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry), MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) senior assistant superintendent Mohd Nazri Ibrahim admited rewriting a report to match his fellow colleague so that the 2 reports matches.

The big question is the credibility of an investigative report which is altered. It causes people to question if what is in the report.

All this shenanigans confirm that the high expectations that MACC will be able to live up to the reputation of Hong Kong's ICAC. MACC certainly does not deserve that.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Malaysians, please don't be blinded by money and freebies

Malaysiakini reported that the mysterious 1Malaysia "NGO" (doubtful) has now become more open in organizing activities and free meals in Sarawak (1M'sia NGO now in Kuching, sponsored by billionaire/

I hope Malaysians will not be blinded by freebies and free meals offered by this 1Malaysia NGO or money offered for their votes but vote according to what is in the best interest of Malaysia and that from what has transpired so far is definitely not putting the UMNO/BN complex back into power for they have really wrecked havoc upon Malaysia.

What is a couple of ringgit or freebies or free meals compared with the future of Malaysia? These will last only a short time and then will be gone but the future of Malaysia will be with you throughout your living span and will not only affect you but also your loved ones. Please Sarawakians, vote wisely.

Anwar sex tape - real or doctored? His Facebook posting

Kim Quek's detective work to investigate whether "Anwar" sex tape is a genuine portrayal of Anwar's extra-marital activity or not at Malaysiakini: Datuk T's sex video - Anwar was on Facebook

That "Anwar Ibrahim" sex tape was supposed to be recorded from 10.23pm to a0.45pm. So in order to find out whether it really was Anwar in that tape, we just need to look at his Facebook posting activities around that period.

According to Kim Kuek's investigation, Anwar had made Facebook posting at 10.40pm, 10.49pm, 10.50pm, and further another 7 more postings up till 11.28pm. So this indicates Anwar could not have been in that hotel room having sex with that female prostitute with a man watching.

Further that love-making part lasted 17 minutes while the tape duration was 22 minutes leaving only 5 minutes for the other activities featured in the tape:

1. "Anwar look-alike" (now called Mr X because of doubts created) walked into room with a male who gave instructions to a prostitute.
2. couple undressed
3. female walked into bathroom to take a bath
4. Mr. X wiped his lower body parts
5. Mr. X came out from bathroom, dressed himself and walked out of the room

Could all those above activities be completed withing 5 minutes?

RCI: Difference VK Lingam & “Anwar” cases

Kee Thuan Chye explained why a RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry for the notorious VK Lingham’s “Correct Correct Correct” video exposure and the “Anwar Ibrahim” (inverted comma because a tape implicating “judge fixing” is involved and this is of upmost national importance demanding inquiry to know of its truth or otherwise as the nation cannot afford a judiciary which may not be independent but can be influenced. Would anyone desiring true justice wants to be judged by a judge who may have loyalty to some individual or party? No it is of upmost importance to have an independent judiciary for true justice.

However in this latest “Anwar’s” case it involved an individual only. Read Kee Thuan Chye’s article below courtesy of Malaysiakini: Why sex video trio not charged?


Why sex video trio not charged? by Kee Thuan Chye

COMMENT So, those who surmised that the sex video revealed by 'Datuk T' was a political ploy have been proven right. The people behind it - three of them - have confessed to it.

They were forced to reveal themselves because PKR's MP Johari Abdul had earlier spilled the beans on them. It all unravelled like a cheap soap opera.
Former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Shuib Lazim, treasurer-general of Perkasa, have come out to say they are 'Datuk T'. And they have the cheek to call for a royal commission of inquiry into the sex video.
azlanIn the first place, they have transgressed Section 292 of the Penal Code for possessing and distributing pornographic material. Regardless of who the person in the video is, the trio are culpable. Exposing a politician's sexual activity does not protect them from the law.
After their intended target, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, had lodged a police report, the inspector-general of police, Ismail Omar, announced that the case would be investigated under Section 292.
That being so, the police should now logically arrest all three for possession and distribution of pornographic material and have them charged in court. They should have moved in right after the trio gave their press conference to reveal themselves.
If the trio were the authors of the statement given out to the media calling on the politician (said to be in the video) and his wife to quit politics, they should also be charged for blackmail.
NONESo what's holding the police back? Are they awaiting further instructions from Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein?

If so, Hishammuddin should observe the rule of law. He should not protect these people because they are Umno members or pro-Umno. This is where the public can judge how sincere the government really is.
If the trio go scot-free, it will be a sure sign that the government practises double standards.
The trio's call for a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into the sex video is unwarrantable. Why should there be one? In the case of VK Lingam in 2007, there was ample cause for an RCI - the issue of the fixing of judges was of immense public concern as it affected one of our country's institutions.

Where is the public concern for a case involving a man, even though he may be a public figure, visiting a prostitute? How does that affect the public? It's his own private concern, and the public is no worse for it.
In calling for an RCI, the trio appear to be trying to distract us from the offence they have actually committed. In fact, if they were also the ones who masterminded the videotaping, it would mean they are far more immoral than anyone who merely visits a prostitute. They would have no moral right to cast stones at others.
Their actions would have to be seen to be nothing less than repulsive. Even inhuman. For what kind of human being would do something as despicable as this to destroy another human being?
A larger force at work?
But for now, they have not said they were behind the videotaping. They maintain that Shazryl discovered the four cameras and recorder in the hotel room where the sexual liaison took place when he was asked by the politician to go back there and retrieve his Omega watch.
If that is so, who set up the cameras and recorder? Who wanted to catch the politician in the act? And why? There might be a larger force at work here. Finding out who or what it is would be finding the key to the mystery that surrounds the whole drama.
NONEAnother key question is why, after discovering the video, Shazryl hooked up with Rahim and Shuib to expose the politician. Why did Shazryl not ascertain the source of the videotaping before deciding to go public with the video?
He admits he was also in the tape but refuses to say why he was at the hotel where the sexual liaison took place. Does this mean he was caught on tape unknowingly or was he in on the taping as well? From his saying that he had felt "used by Anwar for far too long", could it imply that he wanted to get back at the man by setting the whole thing up?
The association with Rahim is most intriguing. He was the Malacca chief minister who had to resign in 1994 over allegations of his sexual relations with an underaged girl.
At yesterday's press conference, he indicated he had a score to settle with Anwar by accusing the latter of lying to him. He urged Anwar to take responsibility for his actions by stepping down, like he himself did in 1994.
Did Shazryl go to Rahim after discovering the video, or was Rahim also in it from the beginning? Is all this part of a plot to exact revenge?
Onus now is on the police
NONEIs the sex video also aimed at luring PKR MPs to defect? As PKR's Johari Abdul (far right in photo) has revealed to the media, he was invited to privately view the sex video on Monday by the trio, after which they made him offers of financial incentives, suggesting that he defect.
He says they also offered to take him to meet Prime Minister and Umno president Najib Razak, and asked him to bring more Pakatan Rakyat MPs to see the video. He inferred that the trio wanted to also turn them against Anwar.
If all this is true, we are seeing yet another instance of gutter politics being practised. The sort that is as dirty as that perpetrated in the Perak coup of 2008.
As it has turned out, the soap opera has apparently not unfolded as it was scripted, and this whole ugly and sordid drama could actually hurt Umno and BN. Even if Rahim and gang were acting on their own, we have now managed to see further evidence of what Umno (and Perkasa) people can resort to.
Besides, we still don't know who actually masterminded the videotaping. There could be deeper and more sinister implications. There could even be a larger conspiracy. This is a mystery the police must solve.
But first, the police must also do what's right. Already, the public has lost much faith in them. If they don't act against the trio in accordance with the law now, they will be seen to be mere puppets of the BN.

Monday, March 21, 2011

1 Malaysia but 2 Malays or how UMNO uses Malay issues to stay in power

1Malaysia but 2Malays

Mariam Mokhtar
Mar 21, 11

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It is impossible to know what the hundreds of thousands of Malays truly want in the way of political reform. Most are reticent about presenting their real views. Others cannot articulate what they want without being emotional or illogical.

After being brainwashed by the likes of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad (right) and other extremists, most Malays have no clue what constitutes a real democracy.

All they know is that they do not want to lose their exalted position.

Malays do not have the luxury of their own Tahrir Square and all that the Egyptian revolution represents.

When Mahathir warned the Malays that they would "lose their power" if Pakatan Rakyat were to come to power, he also labeled Pakatan leaders a bunch of self-serving, racist politicians.

The Malays were the target of Umno brainwashing. For the past 53 years, Umno frightened these Malays and then demoralised them.

They told the Malays that to vote Pakatan meant Malaysia would be "sold to the highest bidder". In the opinion of the Ketuanan Melayu brigade, Malaysia would be sold to the Chinese.

Mahathir told the Malays that the nation should be rightfully called Tanah Melayu, that the Malay is "tuan" and that the constitution accords Malays "special rights and privileges".

It is all about power. By exercising control over the Malay mind, the power is Umno's.

It doesn't matter if the message is from Mahathir, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, the Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein or Ibrahim Ali (left) of Perkasa.

Blinkered minds

Malays are kept in a hopeless and continually pessimistic state. The ministers give the Malay populace a low quality education but they send their own children overseas to be educated.

The policy of placing the Malay language at the forefront of education in the 1970s was ostensibly designed to unite the peoples of Malaysia, but also to control the access to thought and information of the Malay.

By placing limits to learning another language well, the government effectively blinkered the mind of the Malay so that it would become insular and regressive. How many Malay books or publications challenge the intellect or expand the mind?

Local Malays are told about the evils of Western democracy. They are not taught to be critical or think creatively. They are kept in the Felda settlements or rural areas as vote banks. Government and blue-collar jobs are easily theirs.

The only reason Umno wants to perpetuate the NEP is to benefit themselves. Najib (left) may claim there is 1Malaysia, but in reality, there are 2Malays - the Umnoputra Malay and the ordinary Malay who make up the rakyat.

How convenient then to attack the non-Malay as the root cause of the poverty and problems inflicting the majority of Malays.

Children of the Umno warlords may have access to superb education, but many of these children turned feral because this is what easy money from their parents corrupt lifestyle, does to them. Malay kids grow up to treat mat rempits as heroes or bully non-Malay children. This is the mindset moulded by Mahathir

The Umnoputra adult goes drinking either in the KL clubs or abroad. He plays poker in his home with members of the judiciary or the police. He frequents casinos, for all night gambling sessions, when he is overseas.

At home, in Malaysia, he is the typical, hypocritical sanctimonious Malay/Muslim.

He toys around with women without getting into trouble whilst his lowly cousin, the ordinary Malay, is an easy target for the moral police. The ordinary Malay risks his life hiding from the khalwat squads by clinging onto ledges on high-rise buildings. If he is caught, he is fined, jailed and flogged.

In addition, can the ordinary Malay obtain licenses for big business? Can he buy expensive homes with big discounts? Will he have money to buy the shares that are allocated to Malays?

The answer to all the above is probably "no".

No real chance

How realistic is it for the ordinary Malay member of the rakyat to attempt to secure big projects worth several million ringgits?

Most of the small tenders (RM 500K-1 million or below) are transparent enough. However, there is no point in even trying for the "big ones", without political clout.

Last week, the advertising agency behind the award-winning "Malaysia, Truly Asia" tourism campaign charged that it withdrew a bid to renew its contract with the Tourism Ministry after being asked for bribes in exchange for the deal.

That is a serious allegation and sadly it is a true reflection of what happens in government tenders.

Malay friends of mine have found so many abuses in the tender system that they too, shun government contracts. Bribes are openly sought especially for the tenders worth millions of ringgits.

There is no point trying for tenders up to RM1 million as the people who will get them have already been selected. The ministry goes through the pretence of calling a meeting to 'discuss' tender requirements. It is all just a sham.

For tenders worth under RM10,000, a donation of a few thousand ringgits, to the ministry's "sports" body is often a requirement.

Recently, a friend who successfully won a bid to supply goods (worth up to RM80,000) to a ministry, was asked to discuss the finer details over lunch and was instructed to meet at a restaurant in KL. My colleague and his assistant ordered the set lunch at RM20 each.

The three people from the ministry ordered the most expensive items on the menu which cost RM250 each. The bill for a "supposed" work-lunch was RM800. And there was no discussion.

Perhaps this is where the junior officials cut their corrupt teeth before they progress to the bigger contracts where they fleece unsuspecting companies for bigger and more expensive items, and not just a lobster thermidor lunch.

Is this what Najib and Mahathir are proud of - a corruption of the Malay race where there are no morals, no pride and even less self-respect?

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a non-conformist traditionalist from Perak, a bucket chemist and an armchair eco-warrior. In 'real-speak', this translates into that she comes from Ipoh, values change but respects culture, is a petroleum chemist and also an environmental pollution-control scientist.

Article courtesy of Malaysiakini: 1 Malaysia but 2 Malay

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Real situation re Penang free Wifi

Malaysian MSM (main stream mass media) are not reporting factually on the real situation regarding the provision of free Wifi to Pakatan Rakyat ruled areas and BN ( better described as Barisan Neraka) ruled area. Here is the true story by Malaysiakini:

Penang CM: Free WiFi even for BN constituencies

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng hit out at national news agency Bernama and local English daily New Straits Times for saying that the state government was excluding BN constituencies from free WiFi initiatives.

NONELim (left), who is DAP national secretary general, also castigated BN leaders for their 'dishonest tactic' of using their control over the media to perpetuate lies.

Lim said the state was not surprised that a paper such as New Straits Times continued to attack the state government for something it had not done but was in fact trying to correct.

"But for a national news agency like Bernama not to print the state's clarification that the free WiFi initiative is for all including those in BN parliamentary constituencies shows that general election is near and that Bernama should be known and BNnama," said Lim, in a statement today.

"The Pakatan Rakyat Penang government is for all Penangites including BN supporters," clarified Lim.

He was responding to news reports quoting Penang Telecommunications Task Force chairperson Jeff Ooi allegedly saying there was no point investing money in Kepala Batas, Tasik Gelugor and Nibong Tebal for now.

The report had whipped up a storm with several BN leaders condemning it as being "unfair", even "dangerous and childish".
Ooi, who is DAP's Jelutong MP, had reportedly said that if the state had the resources, it will provide the free service, however, the initiative is currently focussed on Pakatan-held constituencies.

"If the local people in the constituencies want WiFi, then they should vote for Pakatan, "Ooi was quoted as saying in The Star.

Good intentions twisted

Lim went on to lament that the state's good intentions to ensure free WiFi coverage for all has now been "distorted and twisted to an act of discrimination" by the Pakatan government against BN supporters.

He then clarified that the state wanted coverage throughout Penang, including BN constituencies like Kepala Batas and Tasik Gelugor when it launched its free WiFi initiative in 2009.

This initiative is an effort by the state to increase broadband penetration and digital intelligence both in the urban and rural areas to propel Penang forward as a knowledge-based economy, he said.

He added that the state managed to secure a private company Redtone, to provide free WiFi services without paying a single cent, where the latter promised to provide 750 free WiFi hotspots without charge by relying on advertising revenues to get back their investment and capital outlay.

He explained that the state had also facilitated Redtone by exempting them from certain rules in installing their WiFi devices, where 750 free hotspots were recently fully installed this year on both Penang and the mainland.

"However the state was concerned that there were certain areas not covered by the free WiFi initiative such as the Bukit Gelugor, Nibong Tebal, Kepala Batas and Tasik Glugor parliamentary constituencies; both Bukit Gelugor and Nibong Tebal are Pakatan parliamentary seats," he said.

NONEVeteran lawyer Karpal Singh (right) is the MP for Bukit Gelugor, while the MP for Nibong Tebal, Tan Tee Beng, has since quit PKR and joined Kita, or the People's Welfare Party.

"How can the Pakatan state government be accused of discriminating against BN supporters when even Karpal Singh's parliamentary seat is not covered by Redtone's first free WiFi initiative?" he asked.

Lim further explained that commercial considerations compelled Redtone to place the 750 WiFi hotspots only in areas where there is commercial viability.

"As this is a private enterprise offered free by the company, the state government cannot compel Redtone to cover all areas in Penang," he said.

To correct the imbalance and ensure WiFi coverage for all, the state has carried out discussions to have a joint-venture with Redtone to install an additional 750 hotspots that will cover all areas in Penang, including those areas left out earlier.

"In other words the additional 750 WiFi hotspots will result in a total of 1,500 free WiFi hotspots in Penang when fully completed," disclosed Lim.

Call to action: report Sarawak Report clone for ethical issues

Dear all,

This is a call to action! Sarawak Report, a website critical of Sarawak
chief minister Taib Mahmud has been cloned: http://www.sarawakr (the
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votes, browsers such as Mozilla and IE will blacklist them and come up with
warning. This is linked to which is also a reputation provider
for Mozilla. So both Google and Mozilla will block the clone page if enough
people report it.

I left a comment about the website: This is a cloned website of another that
is seeking to expose government wrongdoing. It is rubbishing legitimate
criticism of the state that has been in power for 30 years and attempting to
blacken vocal critics.

Help stop the malicious cybertroopers from misleading people. Forward this
call to action that's easily .

by CIJ programme officer

An email from WOT after installing WOT as an add-on for the Firefox browser:

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Safe surfing,

From Deborah
Web of Trust

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Voter Registration - Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Election is coming soon and if you are 21 years and older but still not registered as a voter, you can do so this coming weekend at the Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Petaling Jaya:

Date: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March
Time: from 12 noon to 10 pm.

Location map: Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

View Larger Map

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't be fooled by the UMNO/BN Marketing Team this time

Someone by the name of Shanker used a parable to vividly illustrate the choices facing us Malaysians the next General Election by comparing our choices to that of a man who died and was met with an angel with a special offer - a day in heaven and hell before making a choice of how he wants to spend his eternity. See Parable of the man who chose hell – Shanker

His day in Hell was spent with old friends in a country club playing golf followed by an excellent steak and lobster dinner.

His day in Heaven in contrast was spent lounging around on clouds, playing the harp and singing and it was a nice time but nothing as compared with his day in Hell.

Thus when it comes to choosing, Hell was his choice without hesitation. But this time when he arrived in Hell, he found it this time to be a desolate and dark wasteland covered in garbage and filth, a far cry from that wonderful first day.

When he complained about the difference to the Devil, the Devil smiled and explained that on that first day, he had met with Hell's marketing team.

We Malaysians were fooled by UMNO/BN marketing team numerous times. Dr. Mahathir promised us "Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah" (Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy) but what we got was a languid civil service mired in corruption and wastage. They promised us "Bangsa Malaysia" (Malaysia Race) but what we got was PERKASA and more racialism plus divide and rule.

Abdullah Badawi offered to "work with him" and not "work for him" but what we got was a sleepy head Prime Minister.

They promised a MACC modeled after the world famous ICAC of Hong Kong but we got a dead witness while under MACC custody and no clear explanation of how that happened.

Read more about all those unfulfilled promises over at Parable of the man who chose hell – Shanker