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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anwar sex tape - real or doctored? His Facebook posting

Kim Quek's detective work to investigate whether "Anwar" sex tape is a genuine portrayal of Anwar's extra-marital activity or not at Malaysiakini: Datuk T's sex video - Anwar was on Facebook

That "Anwar Ibrahim" sex tape was supposed to be recorded from 10.23pm to a0.45pm. So in order to find out whether it really was Anwar in that tape, we just need to look at his Facebook posting activities around that period.

According to Kim Kuek's investigation, Anwar had made Facebook posting at 10.40pm, 10.49pm, 10.50pm, and further another 7 more postings up till 11.28pm. So this indicates Anwar could not have been in that hotel room having sex with that female prostitute with a man watching.

Further that love-making part lasted 17 minutes while the tape duration was 22 minutes leaving only 5 minutes for the other activities featured in the tape:

1. "Anwar look-alike" (now called Mr X because of doubts created) walked into room with a male who gave instructions to a prostitute.
2. couple undressed
3. female walked into bathroom to take a bath
4. Mr. X wiped his lower body parts
5. Mr. X came out from bathroom, dressed himself and walked out of the room

Could all those above activities be completed withing 5 minutes?

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