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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Police brutality boiling water victim B Prabakar

Police poured boiling water on police detainee B Prabakar at the Brickfields Police Station:

police brutality victim B Prabarkar
B Prabakar boiling water victim
Photo courtesy of Malaysiakini

Look at the poor fellow's peeling skins. The authorities must really do something. Atrocities like that cannot be allowed in Malaysia. The authorities must charge those police who are responsible for this.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plea to fair minded Muslim - please don't impose Hudud on us non-Muslim

This is a plea to all fair-minded Muslim. Please do not impose Hudud on us non-Muslim. You can live by your law if you want but please do not impose Hudud on us.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Islamic State: Can PAS speak for PR?

PAS is at it again. PAS spiritual leader, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and state exco member Datuk Husam Musa has said PAS will implement HUDUD (Islamic laws) if PR (Pakatan Rakyat) gains federal power. PAS has shown its ugly face again on this issue. Before the March general elections, PAS has toned down and campaigned on the basis of a welfare state. Now that PAS is strong, it has again unilaterally brought up the Islamic State issue again. Does PAS deserve our support for the Kuala Trengganu election? I say no. Let us work for the downfall of PAS in this case. Let PAS fail. Show PAS that they cannot unilaterally make decisions on behalf of others without consultations.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Abdullah Badawi sleepy disease is contagious

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had slept on his job as Prime Minister for over 4 years. He promised much but delivered little. Here are photos of current Malaysian Prime Minister sleeping on the job:

Abdullah Badawi yawning

sleepy Abdullah Badawi rubbing his eyes

sleepy Abdullah Badawi Resting his sleepy headsleepy Abdullah Badawi Resting his sleepy head

sleepy Abdullah Badawi getting ready to sleep

sleepy Abdullah Badawi fast asleep

Abdullah Badawi dreaded sleepy head syndrom is contagious. See, it has spread to his deputy Najib, UMNO Youth Chief and Education Minister Hishammudin, botak Home Minister Syed Albar and an unknown:

sleeping Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak

sleeping Hishamuddin and Syed Albar

unknown sleeping Minister

Lying CPO Khalid Abu Bakar

The Selangor CPO (Chief Police Officer, not crude palm oil) Khalid Abu Bakar is a habitual lier.

Chief Police Officer Khalid Abu Bakar

Khalid lied when he claimed that the police did not charge at the candlelight vigilers whilst they were peacefully singing the National Anthem Negara Ku. See proof Khalid Abu Bakar lied. Khalid lied when he claimed that the police "acted to save underaged cyclists" when the police arrested some JERIT cyclists.

Liar liar pants on fire

Remember how Pinnochio's nose grew longer when he told lies. Well, that will be exactly the fate of lying CPO Khalid Abu Bakar:

liar CPO Khalid abu bakar grew a long nose

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lim Guan Eng "black or white CAT"

Lim Guan Eng at the DAP PJ Utara fund raising dinner at the banquet hall of the Civic Center: "It doesn't matter if it is a black CAT or a white CAT as long as it can catch mice."

CAT stands for Competency, Accountability and Transparency which the Penang state government has adopt as it motto. "It doesn't matter if it is a black CAT or a white CAT" refers to it non-racial stance. The mice represent corruption, lack of competency and accountability. Hip hip hurray for Lim Guan Eng and the Penang state government. May the Malaysian federal government eventually follows Penang state government's example.

Poor report card for UMNO landslide Bukit Antarabangsa

From a message forwarded by email (note that the doctor concerned is a Malay):

Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan Abdul Rahman


Just a simple, ordinary kampong doctor - the 6th Generation Malaysian.

Today is D5 of the Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy. During the highland tower incident, I was part of the medical team assisting in the rescue and support effort but today I am a victim of a similar tragedy. Something that I never thought that would have an impact on me. Relatively in comparison, what happen to those families who loss their love ones is nothing compared to what me and probably 2000 other residents had to endure past 4 days. Many tragedies took place this time around. I am not going to be diplomatic about it. I will say it the way I see it.

Within 2 hour after being made aware of landslide, I and several resident of Taman Bukit Utama activated an Ops Centre (known as TBU Ops Centre). We look at importance issues that we need to tackle mainly water supply, waste disposal, security, food distribution and medical evacuation. What was supposed to be our Taman Ops centre became the Ops Centre to eight "Taman" surrounding ours who were cut off from the outside world. We had no electricity, water, fixed telephone line internet. Most people had limited food in their house as they had already plan to travel for Raya and did not stock up any food.

Within an hour after meeting, we setup and completed a temporary water supply by laying pipes to get mountain water for the resident. Ops centre was up in the next hour and we started communication channel with the outside channel via SMS and arranging food and drinking water supply. We took preventive measures to manage disease outbreak by managing waste. All this was done by a handful of people from Taman Bukit Utama Resident Association (PPTBU). We setup the helipad for the rescue team to come in.

With the help of a friend DSP Kumar, we manage to evacuate by air (Medivac) a total of 39 patients which consist of stroke patients, elderly people, kidney failure patients etc. The patients were evacuated by police air wing which was arranged by DSP Kumar from the UTK through his personal contacts. We did all this independently without the support of any help from the Base station at Ground zero.

Within the first 48 hours, while in darkness several homes was reported to be broken into by unknown people in residential areas adjacent to TBU where there was no or minimal residential coordination among the residents. Food was shortage and cooked food from PBSM (Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah) did not arrive in timely manner. The longest time was dinner that only reaches us in the morning which was not consumable.

While we are stuck, we had VVIP visitors that come to our area. I would say out of many people that came only a handful was actually helpful. YB Elizabeth Wong, a state Exco came with a working group and arrange generators, fuel, candles, garbage bags and others. She came by foot with very few people and carried the relevant information without empty promises. The IGP came and given me his personal commitment and blessing that, I continue to handle all air evacuation with the support of Police Udara. I was told that the Minister of Information visited only the UMNO relief center at a Condo nearby. He did not come to our place.

The NGO that is worth mentioning is Mercy who gave me some drugs, INSAF who open a small medical clinic for 2 days and MAVFCL (Kapt Bala and his crew) which open a temporary access between Athenaeum condo and a generator set to charge hand phones and Bukit Utama which allows people to leave by foot. It is a regret to note that NO government agency deserves any mention in the first 36 hours of tragedy except for Polis Udara and Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. I think they forgot about us.

While 2000 people were surviving in the darkness and the absence of proper food, Concord Hotel, Ali Maju restaurant, Burger King and many others donated tons of food. Unfortunately, no one attempted to send the food to us. Residents that were not affected by the tragedy and the rescue workers were enjoying them. The kind of food they get down there was lavish. There was fresh roti chanai, tosai mee goreng etc. The best word to describe the situation down there is "food fiesta". Someone commented that there is so much "Teh Tarik" that you can wash your shoes with it.

The landslide is a major tragedy. The bigger tragedy is that the failure of the government to act fast enough. While multiple agencies went into action fast, most of them work independently. On the 3rd day, we had 10 soldiers from RAMD with two officers with the rank of Major that came to our centre. I ask them a basic question on their role and the officers could not give me a straight answer. He was very blur. To me his presence was a liability to the ops center as we had to feed an additional 10 mouth with our limited stocks.

This is not the first time a tragedy takes place. The disaster relief operation was not well coordinated. The command and control was lacking. Information dissemination to the media was scattered and causes panic among the people. Many friends and relatives outside calls us and we could not entertain them, as our battery power was limited.

In terms of political publicity, I would say UMNO was a clear winner. This is because they control the media. Unfortunately, I would say that in the hearts of the people UMNO loss big time. The high-level conduct of their people on the ground and their selective helps that was given out was too much to bear. In fact, the Putri Umno head that I had known past few months was behaving in such a highhanded manner that really shows her true colours. They were hoarding food and distributing them to "their people". Their action has only reinforced my idea that the Federal and the State Government must be from different parties. This is needed for check and balance.

Malaysian must realize that for the sake of our own lives and our own children lives, we have to have balance of power. It was because of lack of balance of power; the water catchment area that is a state land was given to MBF and is now known as "Bukit Antarabangsa". In my assessment, the government is liable. In this case, the government was led by BN in the state of Selangor and at National level past 50 odd years that is liable for the suffering of the people of Bukit Antarabangsa. They are liable because they alienated unsuitable land for development. They are liable for giving the people the false sense of security by approving development plans and projects. They are liable for hiding information from the people that shows that the area that we are buying is not safe for living.

I will only vote for balance of power in the future and UMNO will not be part of that balance.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Improved Malaysian Parliament?

I have previously blogged about the Barisan Nasional whip which is nonsensical in the sense that BN Members of Parliament have to vote for any bill or proposal coming from the BN and against any proposal originating from the Opposition. Now at least PKR and DAP have signaled conditional approval of the proposed MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) bill which originated from the BN. Will the BN follow the good examples of PKR and DAP and lift the whip for this bill?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Selangor State Anthem at Candle Light Vigil MBPJ with lyrics

The Selangor State Anthem is sung every Sunday at the Civic Center (MBPJ). Got to admit it was the first time I have heard it sung. Below is a video of the Selangor State Anthem with the lyrics below the video:

Duli Yang Maha Mulia
Selamat di atas takhta
Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku
Rakyat mohon restu
Bawah Duli Tuanku
Bahagia selama-lamanya
Aman dan sentosa
Duli Yang Maha Mulia

Friday, December 12, 2008

Scam alert: fake Yahoo message

Below is an email I just received. Its a FAKE from YAHOO and they are trying to get your details. A friend of mind received it last week and just replied it and was then locked out of his account. Furthermore, emails went out to everyone in his address book saying he lost all his money whilst in London and asking ppl to send him 1,500 pounds as emergency assistance. Total scam. Best thing is I have no yahoo account!!!
Take note.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: mailalertservice
Date: Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 12:16 AM
Subject: Yahoo Warning!!!(Verify Your Account Now To Aviod It Suspended)!.

Dear Valued Member,

Dear Yahoo Member,
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Yahoo! ID : ..............................

Password : .....................

Date of Birth : .........................

Country or Territory : ....................

Enter the letter from the Security Image :
........ a Warning!!! Account
owner that refuses to update his or her account within
Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or
her account permanently. Thank you for using Yahoo!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reforms my foot - never shall be under BN

Lame duck Prime Minister Abdullah Bodohwi presented two Bills to the Parliament - proposed Malaysian Commission on Anti-Corruption (MCAC) and proposed Judicial Appointments Council (JAC). Both are useless.

The MCAC will not have any prosecution power which will remain with the public prosecutor, who is also the attorney-general which report to the Prime Minister’s Department. So where are the teeth? and where is this "independence"?

Malaysiakini also reported that the JAC will be fully under the thumb of the Prime Minister.

So folks, forget about reforms, not as long as federal power is with the BN (Barisan Nasional). They have no will power for any reform. One can only hope that eventually, Pakatan Rakyat will eventually gain federal power and introduce the greatly needed reforms.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Town councils accountable to residents for money

Good news. From henceforth, town councils will be accountable to the residents for how they spent their money!!!

Darn, unfortunately too good to be true! That statement above was a statement by National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan reported in the Straits Times. Sure Malaysia have a Straits Times, but it is called the New Straits Times after that fateful kicking out of Singapore from Malaysia. True, Malaysia too have Ministers, but unfortunately we do not have a National Development Minister by the name of Mah Bow Tan. I always thought that Singapore was a City State. I alway thought that Singapore was one large City on an island. Never knew Singapore had towns.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

DNA Identification Bill flawed - sent to selection committee

The forum on the proposed DNA Identification Bill organized by DAP had 4 speakers - Lim Kit Siang, Sonya Liew of the Bar Council, Gobind Singh of DAP and MP for Puchong and Dr. Koh Chong Lek, Head DNA Center @ NIE Singapore. Followings are the video tape of their speech:

Dr Koh Chong Lek expert on DNA Identification Bill Part 1

Lim Kit Siang on DNA Identification Bill Part 1

Lim Kit Siang on DNA Identification Bill Part 2

Gobind Singh on the DNA Identification Bill Part 1

Gobind Singh on the DNA Identification Bill Part 2

Gobind Singh on DNA Identification Bill Part 3

Sonia Liew on the DNA Identification Bill Part 1

Sonia Liew on the DNA Identification Bill Part 2

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chief Justice Zaki Azmi lied? bribe?

Chief Justice of Malaysia Zaki Azmi
Did Chief Justice Zaki Ahmad lied? Did the Chief Justice of Malaysia commit corruption by bribing court officials? According to New Straits Times November 8, Chief Justice Zaki Azmi at a conference in Kuching was quoted as saying:

"What I am telling you is not fiction but based on my own experience in private practice," he said at an integrity convention here.

Recalling an incident in 1987, Zaki said he was "blacklisted" when he complained to the chief registrar of two missing files belonging to his clients.

"It took me six months to be nice, to bribe each and every individual to get back into their good books before our files were being attended to.

"That was my personal experience, and I am telling this to all the clerks and all the registries to stop this nonsense and I know this is happening, even as late as last week... a lawyer came to see me."

He added that the clerk asked the lawyer to come the next day to collect the file after saying "tapi jangan lupa, ya", signalling him to come with cash.

Source: New Straits Times, Nov 8 2008: Stop it now, corrupt court staff warned

Zaki Azmi denied he made that statement. However, Karpal Singh claimed he have a recording of what Zaki Azmi said at the convention. If that is true, then the Chief Justice of Malaysia has committed 2 wrongs - bribery and lying.

Karpal Singh Lion of Gelugor

Karpal Singh has given Zaki Azmi one week to resign as the Chief Justice of Malaysia, failing which he would move a motion in Parliament against him under Article 127 of the federal constitution "for having misled the country with his so-called clarification". What will come out of this development? Let us wait one week.

Photos courtesy of Malaysiakini

Scam alert - mobile credit card reader

Below is a scam alert I received from an email forward:

Hi everyone,

I want to let you all know that (name deleted for privacy) and I have been the victims of credit card fraud this week and felt I should warn you all about the clever scam. It works like this:

Last Wednesday I had a phone call late morning from Express Couriers to ask if I was going to be home as he had a delivery for me. He said he would there in roughly an hour. He turned up with a beautiful basket of flowers and wine. I expressed my surprise as I wasn't expecting anything like this and said I was intrigued to know who was sending me such a lovely gift. He said he was only delivering the gift and the card was being sent separately (the card has never arrived). There was a consignment note with the gift.

He went on to explain that because the gift contained alcohol he has to charge the recipient $3.50 as proof that he has actually delivered to an adult, and not left it on a door step if the recipient is out, to be stolen or taken by children. This seemed logical and I offered to get the cash. He then said that the company required the payment to be by Eftpos so he's not handling cash and everything is properly accounted for. Frank was there and got his credit card and "John" swiped the
card on this small mobile machine that also had a small screen upon which Frank entered in his pin number. A receipt was printed out and given to us.

Between last Thursday and Monday $4,000 was withdrawn from our credit account at ATM machines in the north shore area. It appears a dummy credit card was made using the details in the machine and of course, they had Frank's pin number.

The Bank has stopped our cards and I've been to the Police this morning, where they confirmed that it is a definite scam and many households were hit during the first 3 days of October.

So PLEASE be wary of accepting a gift you're not expecting especially if the card is not with it. We've all received gifts like this and would never dream that it could be such a despicable act. Please also let other female friends and relatives know. Hopefully, these fraudsters have ceased this activity by now but you never know. I wanted to warn all my friends.

(Name deleted for privacy)

P.S. I don't think I'll ever drink the wine - I'd probably choke
on it!

Speeches Civic Center Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigil

Video of the First Civic Center Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigil 16th November 2008 for those unable to attend:

25 year old Edward Ling talk about how everything ranging from petrol prices to road toll is related to politics and how impossible it is not to have political speeches, one of the conditions attached to the first Police Permit for the PJ Civic Center Anti-ISA candlelight vigil 16th November 2008:

KJ John speaking about Rosa Park, Martin Luther King, Obama, about how because Rosa Park resisted an unjust law, a chain reaction was started that eventually led to Obama being elected as the first black President of the United States:

Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament describing what one should do the Police order to disperse and what one should do if under arrest:

Richard Yeoh, PJ City Councilor, describing the ridiculous conditions attached to the first Police Permit for the PJ Civic Center Anti-ISA candlelight vigil:

Pretty Hannah Yeoh speaking at the Civic Center Anti-ISA candlelight vigil:

Teresa Kok, Seputeh Member of Parliament, speaking at the Civic Center Anti-ISA candlelight vigil:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sing a song of freedom for Malaysia

Video with images of the Walk for Justice, the BERSIH rally and HINDRAF, a message to all freedom loving Malaysian accompanied by Sing a song of freedom:

As I look around me
I see the world in a different light
Everything is changing
and it happened overnight
Changing for the better
and it starts with you and me
So we'll sing our song together
and forever we'll be free

Sing a song of freedom
Everyone join in
People come together
everybody sing
Sing a song of freedom
each and everyman
People come together
all across the land

If you're looking for an answer
it's very close at hand
Just take a look around you
and then you'll understand
Clap your hands together
and let me hear the sound
It's the time for liberation
so pass the word around

Lyrics | Cliff Richard - Sing A Song Of Freedom lyrics

Sunday, November 16, 2008

PJ Anti-ISA candlelight vigil as usual - even a little boy was not afraid

This Sunday Anti-ISA candlelight vigil is the first candlelight vigil with a Police Permit. The Police permit came with ridiculous conditions however. Among the conditions were participants cannot hold lighted candles, cannot wear Anti-ISA T-shirts, no banners, no leaflets, etc. The authorities must have thought that by arresting a few last Sunday, the others would be afraid. However the people were not afraid. You can see a good crowd in the photo below. The vast majority of the demonstrators did not know about the issuance of a Police permit and they came despite knowing that previous demonstrators had been arrested. They refused to be cowed by the authorities. They wore NO TO ISA T-shirts and lighted candles. You can see some No to ISA T-shirts and lighted candles in the photo below:

crowd at Sunday Anti-ISA candlelight vigil at Civic Center

Bernard Khoo with KJ John. This was the first time I saw KJ John at the candlelight vigil. Not only KJ John joined the protesters, he also gave a great speech where he spoke about Rosa Park, a black women refusing to give up a bus seat to a white. And because Rosa Park refused to give in to unjust laws and regulations, others like Martin Luther King followed and Obama was elected to become the first black President of the mighty
United States of America
. Our small actions of bravely attending peaceful candlelight vigil will eventually lead to the abolishment of the hated ISA (Internal Security Act).

KJ John with Bernard Khoo

We hope that more Malaysians will come forward to be counted. There is nothing to be afraid of. Even this little boy with a lighted candle is not afraid:

brave little boy with lighted candle to protest the grossly unjust ISA

This round everyone, young and old, were given encouraged to speak. Below are photos of some who bravely stood up to give a speech. Here is a photo of Pastor giving his speech:

Pastor giving speech

Here is a man giving his speech. If I did not mix him up with another, he said he is all the way from UK:

a man from UK?

A young Edward Ling also gave a stirring speech. I don't have a photo, but I have a video of Edward Ling giving his speech together with other videos which will be embedded in this blog later.

Richard Yeoh announced speaker corner for PJ

PJ City Councilor Richard Yeoh
Petaling Jaya will soon have a speaker corner where city dwellers can express their views without fear of getting arrested, and that speaker corner will probably be in or somewhere near Civic Center or PJ City Hall. This was announced by PJ City Councilor Richard Yeoh. However, I think this thing about not getting arrested may have been mis-stated. What Richard Yeoh probably meant was I think that one can give speeches and city dwellers are probably free to assemble to listen to the speeches without having to worry about whether the assembly is an illegal assembly.

If you have more information about what exactly Richard Yeoh meant, please let us know by leaving a comment. In the meantime I will try to get some information from another city councilor I know.

Dian Abdullah described how she was brutalized by police

They say it is better late than never. I had this video taping the press interviewing Dian Abdullah at the Section 8 Police Station after that infamous event police brutality at Civic Center uploaded to Youtube but for various reasons took my own sweet time to embed it into this blog.

Anyway here is Dian Abdullah describing how on that fateful night she was singing Negara Ku with her son and others when the police arrested her son, pulled her from behind causing her to fall and injured her head causing a cut that needed 4 stitches:

Winds of Change - Let us pray

Things are not getting better for Malaysia. The authorities seem to be getting more ruthless with Police detaining an innocent singer-guitarist Paula after the peaceful end of a candlelight vigil in the Esplanade, Penang. Will there be further arrests tonight at the Petaling Jaya candlelight vigil at the new venue Civic Center?

Let's hope not. What can we do? All we can do is to pray for changes. Positive changes. In the meantime, let's listen to the song Winds of Change by the Scorpions:

And with positive changes, let's hope there will be freedom to assemble peacefully in this land of ours. Let's sing a song of freedom"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gerakan more extravagant than DAP

Gerakan demanded that DAP (Democratic Action Party) which now ruled the state of Penang account for the expenses for their business trip to South Korea. Thanks to Jeff Ooi, they got more than they bargained for. Jeff Ooi provide a comparison between what Gerakan under Koh Tsu Koon spent for a business trip to India in 2007 and what DAP under Lim Guan Eng spent on the trip to South Korea recently:

comparison between Gerakan business trip expenses with DAP business trip expenses

From the comparison table above, the number of delegates were almost the same at 55 for Gerakan and 53 for DAP while Gerakan went for only 3 days while DAP's trip was 5 days. Note that India is a lower cost of living country as compared with South Korea. The cost of accommodation for the Gerakan trip should be lower. Yet the comparison table showed that Gerakan's accommodation were 4.4 times more expensive.

The flight mileage from Malaysia to Chennai India is 1610 miles or 2591 km. while the flight distance from Malaysia to South Korea is 2565.80 miles or 4130 kilometers. Since India is nearer to Malaysia, the airfares for the business trip by Gerakan should be lower than for the airfares for the business trip by DAP. The comparison showed that Gerakan spent 1.8 times more on airfares than DAP.

Overall, Gerakan spent 2.6 times more for a business trip to a lower cost and nearer country for fewer days. This showed that Gerakan is more than 2 times more extravagant than DAP for a business trip that should have cost less.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Malaysia country of law breakers because of Police Act 1967

Article 10 of the Police Act 1967 make assembly of 3 or more people in a public place without a police permit a "criminal?" act. Just look around you. Every second of the day, there are lots and lots of people gathered together in a group of 3 or more in public places. All these people are committing an offence under the Police Act. Can you name any able body Malaysian citizens or residents who have never assembled in groups of 3 or more in a public place?

This ridiculous act not only make law breaking a daily affair in Malaysia. It has made lots of events an illegal affair. Not only that, the Police are selective in their enforcement of that ridiculous act. Assembly of people sympathetic to the ruling government are allowed without hindrance. Assembly of people to voice dissent are nearly alway disrupted and not infrequently, participants arrested.

Is Malaysia a Police State. I think it is almost one.

Police Chief lying regarding BERSIH candlelight vigil at Civic Center

This is not the first time and definitely will not be the last time. Police lied through their teeth that they charged at peaceful Malaysians singing Negara Ku. Read what the Selangor Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar has to say as reported by Malaysiakini:

Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar has denied that the police moved in on participants at a candle-light vigil last night while they were singing the national anthem.

“That is what they (participants) are claiming,” Khalid told reporters at the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters about midnight.

When told that there was a video recording of the police action, Khalid replied: “I am denying it.”

Compare it with a video shot during the melee:

Police brutality don't respect National Anthem

The Malaysian Police showed their brutality and lack of respect for the National Anthem. The first video will show peaceful Malaysians singing Negara Ku before dispersing. The second video will show the FRU charging at peaceful Malaysians while they are still singing Negara Ku.

Video 1: Malaysians commemorating the anniversary of the historical BERSIH rally in front of Amcorp Mall

Peaceful Malaysians gathered at Amcorp Mall after being dispersed from Dataran Petaling Jaya (Padang Timur). Haris Ibrahim led participants in singing Negara Ku before being dispersed.

Peaceful Malaysians singing Negaraku being suddenly charged at by Malaysian Police

This video showed the FRU (Federal Reserve Units) charging at a peaceful crowd singing Negara Ku at Civic Center, MBPJ (Majlis Bandaran Petaling Jaya)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Police brutality BERSIH Remembrance rally cum anti-ISA candlelight vigil

Will rearrange, edit and update later. Going to Police Station Section 8 Petaling Jaya to check how those who were arrested are faring.

Tonight is a night that Malaysians should not forget. It is a night when police acted brutally against peaceful Malaysians. Malaysians had gathered peacefully at Dataran Petaling Jaya (Padang Timur) but were driven to Amcorp Mall. At 9.30pm Haris Ibrahim dispersed the crowd so as not to clash with the FRU gathered there. However, a group marched separately to Civic Center (MBPJ) where they gathered to sign the National Anthem Negara Ku and to release balloons. Before they could finished, the FRU charged and dispersed the crowd. The police has no respect for our national anthem. They charged at the crowd while they were still singing Negara Ku. They arrested a number of the peaceful Malaysians gathered there. I read at Malaysiakini Tony Pua was not only arrested, he was man handled and thrown into the FRU truck.

For heaven sake, these are peaceful Malaysian gathered for a good cause. Shouldn't they be better deployed to catch Mat Rempits, robbers, rapers, swindlers?

Forum: DNA Identification Bill - Are we ready?

DNA Identification Bill Forum Announcement

There will be a public forum on the proposed DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) Identification Bill organized by DAP next week. All are invited and welcomed. Details below:

Date : 12 November 2008, Wednesday
Time : 8.00 pm
Venue : KL-SCAH (Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall),
Jalan Maharajalela,
Kuala Lumpur

Speakers :
1. Sonya Liew, Bar Council Human Rights Committee
2. Dr Koh Chong Lek,(Head, DNA Centre @ NIE, Singapore)
3. Lim Kit Siang
4. Gobind Singh

Location map of KLSCAH (click to enlarge):

map KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Corrupt Judges should be tried

What we had suspected all along is now fact. Chief Justice Zaki Azmi admitted that 2 judges were corrupt. Now the big question is, how come corrupt judges are not charged for corruption and tried in court?


Candlelight vigil at Dataran PJ

Below are my album of photos taken at the candlelight vigil at Dataran Petaling Jaya. You can view the whole album at Candlelight vigil album:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Flags of USM and USA

USA flagMalaysia flag

Look at the 2 flags above. Don't you see a similarity? They are the "flag of USM" and flag of USA.

Now all will know what country is USA. That is the United States of America. That is a country which witnessed a historical event, the election of the first black President to head their country. A country which used to practice blatant racialism and racial discrimination. A country which have left their sordid racial history behind and voted into office a President based on merits, not on the color of the skin.

But what on earth is USM? Is it Universiti Sains Malaysia? No, it is a new country United States of Malaysia (in my dreams anyway - sarcasm), a country which like USA had a blatant racial past but which too had put its sordid racial past behind and elected its first Prime Minister who is not from the Malay Muslim majority but from a minority group and who have renamed Malaysia as the United States of Malaysia (USM) to distinguish the old racial Malaysia with the new progressive Malaysia.

Is that impossible? No, not if you believe Abdullah Badawi, the current lame duck Prime Minister of Malaysia, for after all, Malaysia's Constitution did not specify that the Prime Minister of Malaysia must be a Malay Muslim. Let us keep the dream alive.

Celebration RPK freedom cum BERSIH anniversary

This is jumping the gun as we do not know yet if the Police will rearrest RPK (Raja Petra Kamarudin) but let us be optimistic. We have reported that the Shah Alam High Court have ordered the release of RPK from ISA detention and we also have announced the BERSIH anniversary celebration cum Anti-ISA candlelight vigil. Let us make a a celebration of RPK release from ISA detention cum BERSIH anniversary celebration. No, let us go 1 step further since there are still many, especially the HINDRAF 5, still under ISA detention. Let us make it a 3 in 1 event - Celebration of RPK freedom cum BERSIH anniversary cum Anti-ISA candlelight vigil. Make sure you come to Dataran Petaling Jaya this Sunday 9 November 2008 at 8.00pm

RPK to be freed at 4pm: court order

Raja Petra Kamarudin or RPKRPK (Raja Petra Kamarudin) will be freed this evening at 4.00pm. This is ordered by High Court Justice Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad at the Shah Alam High Court. The judge ruled that the detention of RPK under the ISA (Internal Security Act) was illegal and ordered that he be immediately released. The judge ordered that RPK be produced at the Shah Alam session court at 4.00pm today and thereafter be immediately released.

Source: Malaysiakini

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Indonesia Bill Against Racial Discrimination

Indonesia on Wednesday 5 November 2008 passed a Bill Against Racial Discrimination, classifying racial discrimination as serious crime punishable by imprisonment. Leaders of public institutions which adopt discriminatory policies would face jail sentences. With a single bold step, Indonesia has now spurted ahead of poor Malaysia whose government practices racial discrimination.

Source: Jakarta Post

Bersih Anniversary cum Candlelight Vigil at Dataran Petaling Jaya

Puzzled where on earth is this Dataran Petaling Jaya? It is what others called the Jalan Timur Padang. It is the open field beside the A&W Drive-in and opposite Amcorp Mall and very near to the Taman Jaya LRT Station. I spotted the signage that gave this not widely known name for Jalan Timur Padang. There will be a very special event there this Sunday 9 November 2008. Monday 10 November 2008 is the first anniversary of the historical BERSIH Rally. This will be celebrated one day before this coming Sunday 9 November 2008 at Dataran Petaling Jaya jointly as an Anti-ISA candlelight vigil. The BERSIH anniversary will probably be at 8.00pm while the candlelight vigil will probably commence at 9.30pm. I will be there with my BERSIH T-shirt. Hope to see you there. Location map below:

Location map Dataran Petaling Jaya or better known as Padang Jalan Timur
Click to enlarge

Candlelight Vigil Abolish ISA Ipoh

There will be a candlelight vigil in Ipoh this Sunday 9 November. Candles will be provided but bring your own umbrellas in case it rain.

Abolish ISA, Free all Detainees

Date: 9 Nov 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Taman D.R. Seenivasagam, Ipoh

Jong: 017-5781153
Sugu: 017-5677276
for more information.

Location map of Taman D.R. Seenivasagam, Ipoh

location map Taman D.R. Seenivasagam Ipoh Perak
Click location map to enlarge

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Goodbye most world unfriendly President ever

Great news. Barrack Obama is now the President-elect of the United States of America. Say goodbye and good riddance to the most world unfriendly President ever and also the world's most environmentally unfriendly President.

Obama sense full citizenship

Will we anak-anak bangsa Malaysia ever experience a sense of full citizenship like the like the previously disenfranchised citizens of the United States of America are feeling right now after the historical victory of the first black President elect of USA?

"The first thing Obama's presidency means for black people is, at least momentarily, a sense of full citizenship,' said Dr Melissa Harris-Lacewell, a political science professor at Princeton University"

Source: Straits Times Singapore

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Amy statement is relevant to issue: Najib next Prime Minister of Malaysia?

The statement by Ms Burmaa Oyunchimeg (Amy) that she has seen a photo of Najib together with Abdul Razak Baginda and the late Altantuya is relevant to the issue of whether Najib is fit to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia or not. This statement had never been disputed and if it had never been disputed, one must assume that what Amy said is true, that Najib had a dinner with Abdul Razak Baginda and the late Altantuya.

Video regarding Private Inspector Bala Statutory Declaration:

Video regarding Private Inspector Bala Statutory Declaration:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proposal: expand cake increase Malay quantum

I am sick of hearing all the quarrels over the 30% in public listed company for Malays. I propose that we just concentrate on increasing the cake and this will allow the Malays to get richer and not worry about the percentage. I did not state it properly. Maybe I will give it further thoughts and rephrase it later.

Najib buys billion ringgit helicopters sight unseen

Abu Saman Yusop Defence Deputy MinisterWell, almost. The Malaysian government and the Defense Ministry (Najib was the Defense Minister) had wanted to purchase 12 helicopters from Eurocopter at RM1.6 million (that is RM1.6 x 12 = RM19.2 million) without even bothering to inspect them. It probably would have happened if not for the hue and cry raised by the public and the oppositions. And the price. Is it RM1.2million per helicopter or RM1.6million. Apparently, they are not even sure of the price
Would you buy a RM50,000, or maybe RM60,000 (not sure) car sight unseen? Well, the Malaysian government, would going by what is revealed by the probe by PAC. Abu Seman Yusop, the Deputy Defense Minister admitted it during a his Budget 2009 winding-up speech in the Malaysian Parliament.

The news was reported in Malaysiakini. Would it be reported in theStar? I doubt it. This piece of news is still missing from theStar online. Let us see if it gets reported tomorrow,

MCA: Ali Rustam UMNO dictates. MCA don't count

To all MCA officials and members. Ali Rustam said UMNO must dictate government policies. That means MCA doesn't count. MCA is in Barisan Nasional as wall paper for decorations. You can make all the noise you want it wouldn't make any difference because UMNO will tell you what to do. Where is your dignity?

Source: Malaysiakini