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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Police brutality boiling water victim B Prabakar

Police poured boiling water on police detainee B Prabakar at the Brickfields Police Station:

police brutality victim B Prabarkar
B Prabakar boiling water victim
Photo courtesy of Malaysiakini

Look at the poor fellow's peeling skins. The authorities must really do something. Atrocities like that cannot be allowed in Malaysia. The authorities must charge those police who are responsible for this.

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Malaysian said...

The authorities are never good in taking actions, but they are best in covering-up this issues. B Prabakar should get a good lawyer, & file a case in the courts, sue PDRM. That's the only way to get the policeman involved to justice. This is not the 1st time happening. "" police had hung a long piece of cloth from the interrogation room ceiling and tied it around his neck while he stood on a chair "". This is what possibly happened to Francis Udayappan.