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Friday, May 27, 2011

UMNO/BN government still mismanaging public’s money

Since Mahathir took over the rein of Malaysia, we have seen numerous cases of mismanagement of public money such as privatizing profits and socializing losses essentially they make the mistakes and we the public bear the losses. It still is happening and if they remain in power, it will continue to happen again in the future. Witness the recent buying purchasing of  Syabas’s devalued bonds from bond holders at a hefty 75% over its current value and essentially dashing the hope of Pakatan Rakyat’s Selangor hope of taking over Selangor water assets and making water less expensive.

Article below,: Water debt: Putrajaya overpaying by 73%

Water debt: 'Putrajaya overpaying by 73%'

May 27, 11 2:15pm

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The DAP has condemned the federal government's decision to acquire the downgraded bonds issued by Selangor water concessionaires at a price 73.2 percent higher than the market value, calling it “outrageous and an abuse of taxpayers' monies”.
“It is inexplicable that the government has decided to settle the outstanding bonds of these privatised water companies when the shareholders of these companies themselves should be responsible for their own debt,” said DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua.
It was reported earlier that the federal government-owned Pengurusan Aset Air Bhd (PAAB) had set up Acqua SPV Bhd to buy over the bonds which have been heavily downgraded by the rating agencies.
This is because all four Selangor water concessionaires - Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas), Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd (PNSB), Syarikat Pengeluaran Air Sungai Selangor Sdn Bhd (Splash) and Konsortium ABASS - are unable to pay their bondholders.
Media had reported that Acqua SPV will offer to take over the bonds for RM6.5 billion, against the issued value of RM9.02 billion.
However, according to a report published by The Edge Financial Daily on Wednesday, the offer price is at RM94.49 against the market value of only RM54.54 at the end of last month, which Pua claimed is 73.2 percent higher than the market value.
He pointed out that the water concessionaires had declared handsome dividends for their shareholders when they raked in profits.
Among the concessionaires, Splash, whose parent company is Gamuda Bhd, declared dividends of RM578.6 million in 2007 while PNSB had declared dividends amounting to RM214 million between 2006 and 2010.
'Privatising profits and socialising losses'
“The above certainly makes true the dictum of the BN government privatising profits and socialising losses by taking over the debt burden of these companies,” he said in a statement released today.
NONEMaintaining the takeover as a'bailout', Pua (left) said it is reminiscent of the Malaysian Airlines System (MAS) bailout when the federal government paid RM8.00 per share, or 121 percent higher than the market price of RM3.62 per share, to Naluri Bhd, owned by Tajuddin Ramli in December 2000.
“In fact, the government has yet to see any returns on its 'investment' for the stock price has slumped to RM1.59 (as at yesterday) or an 80.1 percent decline for its investment after 10 years,” he said.
Pua also urged Energy, Water and Green Technology Minister Peter Chin to be transparent in handling the takeover.
“To date, we still do not know how the federal government plans to restructure the water industry in Selangor based on the Water Services Industry Act 2006 after taking over these debts, and whether these private concessionaires would be required to repay the government for the bailout.”
Yesterday Chin had denied that the takeover is a bailout and said that there has been no cabinet decision on the matter earlier this week.
“The minister must no longer pretend to be clueless about the entire exercise and disclose the full terms of the bailout exercise as this affects the basic right to water of all residents in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya as well as billions of ringgit of tax-payer's monies.
“Unless of course, he is completely powerless in his own ministry, with key decisions made without his knowledge; in which case, he should then just resign honourably to protect his personal reputation and integrity,” Pua added.
According to Chin, the bid for the bonds was a mitigation attempt to stabilise Selangor's water services industry and avoid negatively affecting the capital market.
“I wish to stress that the takeover does not mean Selangor water companies who issued the bonds are released from their obligations to pay back their liabilities prior to the takeover by Acqua SPV.
“Thus if the Acqua SPV's bid is successful, the takeover should be looked at as a change in investors from current bondholders to only Acqua SPV,” Chin said.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SPR Form 14 Statement of the polls after counting

Why is this important?
For each counting station, Form 14 is the official statement of counting in that station and cannot be changed. If a PR candidate or his Counting Agent is unable to get a copy of Form 14 signed by the KTM, it is possible for the results to be changed and this has happened in the past, resulting in a loss for the opposition candidates.
3 samples of Form 14 are attached - English, Malay and a copy of an official count.

What if the KTM refuses to issue Form 14 to a Counting Agent?
There are rules and regulations governing the issue of this very important Form.
1. SPR Guide Book for Polling Agent, Counting Agent and Barung Observers: Buku Panduan Ejen Tempat Mengundi, Ejen Mengira Undi dan Pemerhati Barung.
Page 9, Clause 8.2: Satu Salinan Penyata Pengundian Selepas Pengiraan Undi (Borang 14) akan diberi kepada Ejen Mengira Undi. (A copy of Form 14 shall be issued to the Counting Agent).

What laws govern the KTM's conduct?

Refer to Election Laws published by International Law Book Servicesas at 1st Apr 2009 :
page 27, Election Offences Act 1954 (Act 5), Paragraph 4(g):

"is without reasonable cause guilty of any act or omission in breach of his official duty,"
"shall be liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for a tem not exceeding two years or a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to both such imprisonment and fine and,....."

It means that the KTM is required by law to issue Form 14 to the Counting Agent.
There are other procedures binding the action of the KTM.
Election Law Book referred to above.
Elections (Conduct of Elections) Regulations 1981, page 138 Clause 25. Counting of votes by Presiding Officer, paragraph 12:

"12. Subject to paragraph (13), the presiding officer shall, immediately after the completion of the counting of the votes -
[Am. PU (A) 67/04] (a) announce to every candidate or his election agent or counting agent who is present the number of votes given to each candidate;
[Am. PU (A) 67/04] (b) prepare a sufficient number of copies of the statement of the poll in Form 14 in the First Schedule, which shall be certified by the presiding officer and signed by each candidate or his election agent or counting agent who is present and who desires to sign the statement of the poll, as follows -
[Am. PU (A) 67/04] (i) one copy, for the returning officer, shall be enclosed in a special enverope supplied for the purpose, affixed with a security tape which shall be signed by the presiding officer; and
(ii) one copy shall be delivered to each of the candidate or his election agent or counting agent as attend;

The Counting Agent must sign on Form 14 at the bottom of the form, below the presiding officer's signature, to prevent any unauthorised changes to Form 14 to favour any party!
It is also important to remember that the Counting Agent depends on the Polling Agent ensuring that the presiding officer fills up Form 13 properly, that it is signed by both the presiding officer and the Polling Agent, and that a copy of Form 13 (copied manually by the Polling Agent from the presiding officer's copy) be given to the Counting Agent for reference.
The number of ballot papers recorded in Form 13 will dictate how many ballot papers should appear in the ballot box during counting.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why UMNO/BN must be evicted from Putrajaya

With Pakatan Rakyat in power in a few states while UMNO/BN still sits in Putrajaya with Federal power, UMNO/BN is in a position of sabotaging the proper running of the various state if it so wishes. The disclosure that the Federal government not supplying various documents and parts for the smooth operation of the new Penang Hill funicular train smells of sabotage.

That is why Malaysians must vote UMNO/BN out from federal power in the next general election:

Could dogs actually paralyse a RM73mil train?

Susan Loone
May 22, 11

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After insisting that the new Penang Hill train was recently incapacitated by stray dogs, it's operators are now beginning to question if such an 'expensive' vehicle could be so vulnerable.

NONEThey have also slammed the Tourism Ministry for failing to hand over critical documentation needed for the train's operations.

General Manager Lee Kah Choon (left) said today that the Penang Hill Corporation will be seeking clarification from the train maker of 120 years why essential spare parts were not delivered for the train's day to day operations.
He added that the Corporation would like to stress that all employable staff sent for training in Switzerland had been fully absorbed into service from day one.
"(But) the Corporation is puzzled how a RM73 million train supplied by a reputable funicular train manufacturer can be incapacitated by a dog," said Lee in Penang.
"Surely more protection should have been incorporated in the train design, knowing full well that the train will be operating on an open track," he added.
NONELast Wednesday, the Corporation's independent contractor ruled out any kind of sabotage by insisting that a collision with a pack of three dogs rendered the tourist train inactive for about two days.
Earl Kohler (left), who launched a probe into the incident that left Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng fuming, said, "Everything that I have examined at the place where the incident took place confirms that what I have been informed of really did take place".
Lim had vowed to act against those responsible for any sabotage, and responded in disbelief that an accident with the dogs was the source of the train's problems.

Ministry failed to furnish documents

In Kuala Lumpur the next day, Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen (below) told the media that there should not be any finger-pointing over the incident.
NONEShe said that the Ministry wanted to see that the service runs well so that tourists can reach the hill top.
"They should stop pointing fingers at everyone," she told reporters after launching the ministry's Facebook Citrawarna 1Malaysia online dance game contest.
This did not stop Lee from ticking off the Tourism Ministry for failing to deliver important documents for the new hill train and rail, despite repeated requests.
Speaking in Penang yesterday, he said that these documents and contracts are critical to the operation of the new train.
The list of 'essential spares' was never given to the Corporation, in spite of requests made through emails and letters as well as orally, stressed Lee.

He added that the Corporation's primary objective is to ensure the train functions well and operate smoothly without jeopardising public safety.
NONE"However, this is greatly hampered by the lack of information about the train,” said Lee.
"Despite repeated requests and promises the Ministry of Tourism has failed to provide about 10 important documents," said the former Gerakan deputy secretary-general.
These include contract documents for funicular systems, such as built drawings, testing and commissioning reports, independent tester's report, inventory list, Public Work Department (JKR) defects list, special tool's list, tunnel and viaduct strengthening report, and electrical installation manual and fitness certification by the Fire Department (for buildings and coaches).
Also owing from the federal government are the train's spare parts' list or the manufacturer's original list as stated in contract document, that has to be certified by the JKR, as well as ticket rolls for 50,000 momento tickets and the warranty for the installed electronic system.
Lee, who was a former Gerakan MP for Jelutong, said the non-availability of the spare parts, in particular the tow bar, that had to be fabricated, led to the delayed repairs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Call to loyal Malaysians – do your part

Sabah’s population was greatly altered by the so called Projek M where foreign residents were given citizenship plus the right to vote. Ever since March 08, I had expected something similar to happen in the rest of Malaysia as UMNO/BN is clearly desperate to cling on to power.

Now that a whistle blower has come forth plus the revelation of the attempt to add foreign residents as citizens and voters in Hulu Selangor, we would like to call upon patriotic Malaysians who have the interest of Malaysia and its residents to expose any such occurance or Malaysia will be destroyed:

'Project IC' whistleblower: Pakatan states at risk

Hafiz Yatim
May 18, 11

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A key figure in the 'Project IC' exposé warns that attempts to register illegal immigrants as citizens to pad up the electoral roll, a practice allegedly rampant in Sabah, will likely spread to peninsular Malaysia.

NONEDr Chong Eng Leong (right in photo), a former Parti Bersatu Sabah leader, said that his 15 years of research chronicled in his book 'Lest We Forget', estimates that about 600,000 illegal immigrants were given citizenship under the 'Project IC' scheme.

Chong, now a PKR member, warned that likely targets for an expansion of this scheme are the states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat - Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan.
"This problem does not only affect national security but also land issues in Sabah... I would not be surprised if they used this modus operandi in Selangor or other Pakatan-held states," he told a press conference at the party's headquarters today.

In his book, published in 2009, Chong claimed that in 1986, Deputy Home Minister Megat Junid Megat Ayob and chief secretary of the government Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid had spearheaded 'Project IC'.
"In 1991, when Umno came to Sabah, there was a Sabah Umno task force where its directors were Musa Aman (current chief minister), Yahya Hussin and secretary Jabar Khan.
"The job of this task force was to look for foreigners in Sabah and issue them Malaysian ICs and then register them as Umno members (to) be included into the Sabah electoral rolls," he said.

All out defence of Putrajaya?

Chong pointed out that some Sabah Umno members including Jabar had been held under the Internal Security Act for their role in the issuance of Project IC to foreigners, which has also been dubbed 'Project M'.

NONEPKR central committee member Khalid Jaafar(centre in photo)said that, if the matter was left uncurbed, it would become another obstacle to Pakatan's bid to take Putrajaya.
"(Prime Minister) Najib Abdul Razak has said he would defend Putrajaya at all costs. Is this one of the ways to be used?

"This method of retaining the government by registering illegal immigrants as citizens and registering them as voters in order to maintain their political control not only affects the security of the country but is also treason.”

azlanLast week, PKR had alleged that adocument, purportedly written by Hulu Selangor Umno division, shows proof that attempts to register a scheme similar to 'Project IC' is under way in Selangor. This has been denied.

Khalid said the Project IC may not be widely known in peninsular Malaysia but it is a hot political issue in Sabah.
“Various parties from Pakatan Rakyat and those within BN component parties have asked for the formation of a royal commission of inquiry into the matter to resolve the situation. Until today BN does not want to seriously resolve the situation.
“We know why because the Project IC is by Sabah Umno which is directed to control the political demography of the state and ensure Umno remains in power there. It is time that people in the peninsular understand this project as there is a possibility that it is being implemented here,” he said.
NONEKhalid said that is why as part of theOrange Book orBuku Jingga, Pakatan Rakyat has pledged for the formation of the royal commission of inquiry to resolve the illegal immigrants and the Sabah citizenship issue.
“While we promise this (the formation of RCI) to resolve the problem, we also must be prepared that such syndicates may expand to peninsular Malaysia,” he said.
This was concurred by Chong, who said that is why he is supporting PKR as he does not want the alleged foreigners to usurp the political power and rights of natural born citizens in Sabah.
“I have said the amount now could be 600,000 but this is based on my estimate in 2005. Now those living there and given ICs have their children become naturalised citizens and they are given similar rights as citizens, including voting.
“I believe the second generation of project IC descendents are there in Sabah. Who knows some of them have come to migrate to peninsular Malaysia and transferred to various sensitive constituencies,” he said.
'BN has no intention of solving issue'
Chong said in 1994, PBS won 25 out of 48 seats in the state elections but lost the government through defections to BN.
He said the issuance of ICs to illegal immigrants continued and PBS was convincingly beaten in 1999.
“The federal BN government has no intention at all of solving this issue (of illegal immigrants being given citizenship). What is the point of Sabah being wealthy but our sovereign land is overwhelmed by illegals. The foreigners give rise to tremendous socio-economic effects in Sabah and very much upset its demography and political scenario,” he said.
“The BN federal government must realise that losing the sovereignty of Sabah means the collapse of Malaysia and I believe that was not the intention of the founding fathers of Sabah becoming independent through the formation of Malaysia,” he said.
For this reason, Chong said he wanted Pakatan Rakyat to win the next general election to resolve the mess which Umno and BN has created in Sabah, as pledged in the Orange Book.
“If Pakatan comes to power in Sabah, I hope they will resolve the issue as it is affecting the locals deeply, involving economic opportunities which should have been the right of the real citizens,” he said.
But he warned that what had happened to Sabah could happen in other states in peninsular Malaysia as what had been highlighted by Khalid, with alleged attempts in Selangor.
Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin, who is also PKR Wanita chief, said based on Chong's experience, PKR may appoint Chong to supervise research over an operation by the NRD allegedly to give ICs to illegals here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toward a more ethical media

Forum: Ke arah media yang lebih beretika (Toward a more ethical media)

Ahli ketiga panel ialah Abdul Jalil Ali, Penasihat Eksekutif Editorial
Kumpulan Media Karangkraf.

Terima kasih,
Siew Eng
Pegawai program CIJ

------------ --------- --------- --

Bulan Mei ialah bulan kebebasan akhbar.

Kebebasan akhbar bermaksud keupayaan suratkhabar dan wartawan untuk melapor
secara bebas mengenai sebarang peristiwa atau isu, berlandaskan etika dan
prinsip kewartawanan.

Tetapi bagaimana pula jika etika dan prinsip tidak diikut? Bagaimankah kita
menangani media yang tidak beretika?

Untuk mengetahui pelbagai pandangan mengenai penyelesaian kepada masalah
ini, di samping menyentuh isu berkait - yakni had kebebasan media di
Malaysia - Pusat Kewartawanan Bebas dan Majlis Peguam Malaysia akan
menganjurkan satu forum awam dwibahasa bertajuk, *"Ke arah media yang lebih
beretika - bagaimana mencapainya? "*

*Masa: 18 Mei (Rabu); 6 petang*
*Tempat: Auditorium, Bangunan Majlis Peguam, Kuala Lumpur*
13, 15 & 17 Leboh Pasar Besar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-20313003

- *Abdul Jalil Ali, Penasihat Eksekutif Editorial, Kumpulan Media
- *Sharaad Kuttan, pensyarah kewartawanan, kolumnis, Felo Asian Public
- *Wong Chin Huat, pensyarah kewartawanan, kolumnis*

*Moderator: Andrew Khoo, Ketua Jawatankuasa Hak Asasi Manusia Majlis Peguam

Orang ramai dialu-alukan datang untuk mendengar pembentangan ahli panel dan
memberi pandangan sendiri mengenai isu ini.

*Maklumat lanjut: Siew Eng, pegawai program Pusat Kewartawanan Bebas, 016
379 5901*

************ ***

May is the month for press freedom.

Press freedom is the ability of newspapers and journalists to freely report
any event or issue, in accordance with the ethics and principles of

But what happens when the ethics and principles are not adhered to? How
should we deal with unethical media?

To find out the different views on how to approach this problem as well as
explore the attendant issue of the limits of media freedom in
Malaysia, theCentre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) and
the Bar Council of Malaysia will be organising a bilingual Malay-English
public forum titled, *"Toward a more ethical media". *
Date/Time: 18 May (Wednesday); 6pm
Place: Auditorium, Bar Council
- *Abdul Jalil Ali, Editorial Executive Adviser, Kumpulan Media
- *Sharaad Kuttan, journalism lecturer, columnist, Asian Public
Intellectual Fellow*
- *Wong Chin Huat, journalism lecturer, columnist *

Come hear what our panellists think, and have your say, too.

*Details: Siew Eng, CIJ programme officer, 016 379 5901*

Centre for Independent Journalism Malaysia
Web: cijmalaysia. org
Tel: +603-4023 0772
Twitter: CIJ_Malaysia
Facebook: Centre for Independent Journalism
Blogs: http://worldpressfr eedomday. blogspot. com/;
http://right2info. wordpress. com/

The Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia (CIJ) is a non-profit
organisation that aspires for a society that is democratic, just and free,
where all peoples will enjoy free media and the freedom to express, seek and
impart information.

If you cannot express yourself you are already behind bars - Mbana Kaitako

Location map & GPS Coords

Bar Council Malaysia
13, 15 & 17 Leboh Pasar Besar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-20313003
GPS Coords: (3.1466866143456196, 101.69546127319336)
Location map:

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Solidarity Walk with Kuantan folks say no to Lynas

Stop Lynas Rare Earth Processing Plant Kuantan
There will be a solidarity walk from KLCC to the Australian Embassy on May 20th @ 2.30pm to hand in a memorandum to stop Lynas from exporting hazardous materials to Malaysia.

Solidarity Walk
Theme color: Black (wear black)
May 20, 2011
Friday 2.30pm

Meet at KLCC

Walk to the Australian Embassy

The Save Malaysia Stop Lynas Group will hand in a memorandum to stop Lynas from exporting hazardous materials to Malaysia

Please come to support the people of Pahang to safeguard their health from pollution and radioactive waste!

Background Information

An Australian rare earth company Lynas Corporation is constructing a refinery in an area closed to densely populated fishing communities and the city of Kuantan.
Local residents and environmentalists in Malaysia have since got together to stage a series of protest actions against the project which will leave behind a huge amount of radioactive wastes containing a cocktail of other hazardous substances.

Watch the videos on You Tube to understand the issue:

ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Malaysian Backlash:

Al-Jazeera 101 East- Toxic Waste
Includes a debate between two Malaysian MPs:

Mother's Day At Kuantan 2011
will give us a feel of the participation of the Pahang folks:

Please also visit the main Facebook page with 28,000 members for the latest information and discussion:
Pahang Don't Need Hazardous Project

Pahang folks have collected 45,000 signatures on site to oppose the project.
For supporters outside Pahang, please sign the online petition:

On behalf of the People's Green Coalition
Contact Persons:
Dr. Jayabalan : 012-402 7445
Dr. Khim Pa : 012-477 7706

Bus trips will be arranged on the 20th of May from Kuantan to KL and returning that very same day (to Kuantan). For more information about the Solidarity Walk & bus arrangements,


(For Malay speaking participants):
En. Mahmud 012-9571497

(For Chinese speaking participants):
Mr. Loo Foo San 016-9862308

(For English speaking participants):
Mr. Clement Chin 012-9883210

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mariam Mokhtar: BN condones violence?

Based on the reactions of BN politicians and the PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia or just police) Mariam Mokhtar sounds like she is saying yes. Based on what? Based on the reactions of BN politicians, the PM Najib and the police from the complaint that Nurul Anwar made regarding a threat to kidnap her daughter.  Hey that is very serious, but what did they do? Issued frivolous statements

Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi :  “…just an opposition ploy to gain sympathy”.

Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali who allegedly said at a rally in Kg Changkat, Gombak: Nurul “was seeking sympathy through political gimmicks like the kidnap threat”. If that wasn't sufficiently vile, he then allegedly said that “he wouldn't be surprised if 'kereta Izzah meletup'  (car explode) to gain sympathy”.

Puteri Umno’s Rosnah Abdul Rashid tweeted on 13 May, saying “I think YB is a lucky mother indeed becoz she received an early warning of the kidnapping plot from the kidnapper himself”

And the response to Nurul’s request for the identity of the SMS sender – privacy issue. But where is the privacy issue when police can reveal the contacts of opposition politicians’ contacts?

Source: Malaysiakini: BN condones violence?

BN condones violence?

Mariam Mokhtar
May 16, 11

10 friends can read this story for free

Does Umno consider the life of a three-year-old fair-game in the war for political power? When will Umno take seriously the threat to kidnap MP Nurul Izzah Anwar's three-year-old daughter?
Are Umno politicians so politically immature and morally corrupt? Perhaps Umno's propaganda machine considers a defenceless child is just a pawn to use to gain political advantage.
Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was sceptical of the threat to kidnap Nurul's child. He believed it was “just an opposition ploy to gain sympathy”.
Perhaps, if his child were to face similar threats, Zahid, who is also Defence Minister, would not mind if we were to tell him that he should 'grin and bear it.'
Few will forget Zahid's embarrassing back-tracking over his statements which alluded to the loyalties of the non-Malays in the armed forces. He wasn't such a brave man when he faced the nation's wrath.
ibrahim ali perkasa ceramah in gombak 1Then we have Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali (left) who allegedly said at a rally in Kg Changkat, Gombak over the weekend, that Nurul “was seeking sympathy through political gimmicks like the kidnap threat”.
If that wasn't sufficiently vile, he then allegedly said that “he wouldn't be surprised if 'kereta Izzah meletup' to gain sympathy”.
Is he mad to think that politicians should stage acts of simulated violence to gain votes?
Ibrahim Ali, the so-called champion of Malay rights who also claims to uphold the tenets of Islam, is a disgrace to his race and his religion.
Perhaps, in the eyes of his supporters, he can do no wrong, just like those extremists who blow up cars in other parts of the world and think that they will have brought awareness to their cause, by killing and maiming other people.
'Lucky' to get an 'early warning'
The women of Puteri Umno are just as vile. Rosnah Abdul Rashid tweeted on 13 May, saying “I think YB is a lucky mother indeed becoz she received an early warning of the kidnapping plot from the kidnapper himself”.
The Puteri Umno representative is a complete fool to think that Nurul was "lucky" to have received an “early warning”.
Ketua Puteri Umno, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid ShirlinIf the boot had been on the other foot, and it was Rosnah (left) who had received a kidnap threat, this contemptuous woman would probably be the first to demand 24-hour armed police protection, a fortress to protect her and safe houses galore.
The policemen investigating Nurul's case, although helpful, told Nurul that the police “cannot compel service providers to act with urgency”, to reveal the identities of the person or persons who sent her the sms, because of privacy issues.
How is it possible that the Special Branch have ready access to the phone contacts of opposition politicians?
Why are there two sets of laws - one for the political elite and one for the rest of society?
How is it that the threat of a kidnap, especially when it was compared with the tragic disappearance of Sharlinie Mohd Nashar, is not considered serious?
Will our police only be compelled to act with urgency, when there is a death or there is the receipt of body parts, as in the Getty kidnap case, where the ears of the child were delivered by post?
azlanNurul Izzah is a mother and a rising politician. It is widely known that the ruling party feels threatened by the actions of her father. These threats were politically motivated and come soon after similar threats were made by the 'Datuk T' trio.
Only cowards would think that the way to stop Anwar in his political tracks, is to threaten his daughter and granddaughter.
Although malicious calls are part and parcel of the life of an opposition politician, kidnap and sabotage, are very serious crimes. If you recall, the brakes on Anwar's car were damaged.
Before Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak flew to London, did he condemn the various Umno and extremist Malay groups who claimed Nurul was 'pretending'?
Did Najib use the mainstream media to say that Malaysia had no place for such cowardly acts of violence?
Did he warn those responsible, that these crimes have serious consequences? Did he instruct the police to act swiftly, in case other copy-cat kidnappers were to emerge?
No. He did not!
Both he and the Home Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein are as guilty as the person who sent out the kidnap threat and as guilty as the person who tampered with the brakes on Anwar's car.
The authorities have to take this sort of threat seriously. The media should too, as there are many cranks amongst the public who might be motivated by the perverse comments of Zahid, Rosnah and Ibrahim Ali.
In the west, threats against the opposition parties are taken seriously and investigations are conducted with expediency. It appears that in Malaysia, that only happens if threats were to be made against Umno-BN politicians.
In the west, police protection would have been offered or increased patrols made, at least until the risk of the threat has passed. In Malaysia, the public might be forgiven for thinking that justice might only be served it they decided to take matters into their own hands.
Immediate risk assessment
In the west, the police intelligence unit would have different approaches when dealing with threats to kill and threats to life. An immediate risk assessment based on intelligence available would categorise the threat into low, medium or high risk, with medium and high normally given the same priority. Is the same done in Malaysia?
Nurul Izzah is not asking for extra special treatment. In her line of work, she has met many mothers whose children have been killed but the investigations of the death have reached a dead end.
Nurul Izzah only wants fair treatment by the police. No more, no less.
After all, don't the police have a “duty to protect” its civilians, including the opposition politicians?
Incredibly, no members of BN, not just Umno, have made any attempt to condemn such despicable acts of violence. Their silence speaks volumes about their guilt. They must bear the blame.
Perhaps, they know who engineered the threats and they dare not condemn him, or her.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lagu: Taib jangan bebankan rakyat Sarawak

Lyrics for the song "Taib jangan bebankan rakyat Sarawak" (Taib don't burden the people of Sarawak)

Engkau rampas semua kekayaan
Tinggal hanya tulang untuk rakyat
Tanah adat orang asal diambil
Hutan dara habis ditebang

Kami dikongkong perintah
Di tipu oleh Borneo Post
Apabila terkejut dari mimpi ngeri
Baru sedar 30 tahun
Dan limpas!

Taib jangan bebankan rakyat Sarawak
Semua orang tahu segala akan habis
Taib jangan bebankan bumi kenyalang
Kalau tak sedar lagi
Takan berubah

Tanah rakyat kau dah rampas
Hutan rakyat kau dah rogol
Harta rakyat kau mencuri
Sumber rakyat kau dah sapu

Tanah rakyat kau dah rampas
Hutan rakyat kau dah rogol
Harta rakyat kau mencuri
Sumber rakyat kau dah sapu

Tanah rakyat kau dah rampas
Hutan rakyat kau dah rogol
Harta rakyat kau mencuri
Sumber rakyat kau dah sapu

Taib jangan bebankan rakyat Sarawak
Semua orang tahu segala akan habis
Taib jangan bebankan bumi kenyalang
Kalau tak sedar lagi
Takan berubah

Taib jangan bebankan rakyat Sarawak

Translantion to English:

You have grabbed all the wealth
Left just the bones to the people
Indigenous lands you have taken
Virgin forest you have logged till nothing left

We strictly command
Lied to by the Borneo Post
When the shock of the nightmare
Only Realized after 30 years
Have passed!

Do not burden the people of Sarawak Taib
Everyone knows everything will be exhausted
Taib don't burden the land of the hornbill
If you are still not aware
Nothing will change

Land of the people you already seized
Forest you raped
You steal people's property
Resources of the people you sweep

Land of the people you already seized
Forest you raped
You steal people's property
Resources of the people you sweep

Land of the people you already seized
Forest you raped
You steal people's property
Resources of the people you sweep

Do not burden the people of Sarawak, Taib
Everyone knows everything will be exhausted
Taib do not burden the land of the hornbill
If you still do not realize it
Nothing will change

Do not burden the people of Sarawak, Taib

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Double standards galore – church attendees summoned

That the authorities used double standards for those aligned with the UMNO/BN Complex and Malay and/or Muslims are very clear from the happenings in the past and looks not not likely to stop anytime in the future. Consider the case of a newspaper reporter writing a true report of a racist UMNO politician and got ISA’ed for her own “protection” and the recent case of BIG DOG am Utusan Malaysia publishing unverified and unbelievable DAP and Christian Pastors praying for a Christian State cum Christian PM which can be viewed further as seditious as well as inciting hate and violence. And what happened to them for that? Utusan Malaysia (which should be renamed Utusan Melayu as they do not represent the views of real Malaysians) got a gentle reprimand. BIG DOG? Publish “May God bless us all” and no apology no explanation and no action on him writing that seditious and highly likely false report.

Now one more case. Every Friday lunch hour you will see thousands of cars illegally parked around mosques and have the traffic police ever summon any of them? According to Malaysiakini, vehicles of church goers to the St. John Cathedraa Jalan Bukit Nanas all got summoned for illegal parking on a Sunday despite getting clearance from City Hall.

GPS Coords & Location map, St. John Cathedral, Jalan Bukit Nenas

Summons shock for church-goers, one arrested

Hafiz Yatim
May 12, 11

10 friends can read this story for free

It was a normal Sunday for church-goers attending mass at the 130-year-old St John's Cathedral along Jalan Bukit Nanas in Kuala Lumpur. However, last Sunday turned out to be out of the ordinary as police started to issue traffic summonses to cars parked along the road.
On other days, there would be enforcement by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and police officers, but not on a Sunday.
To make matters worse, the church had obtained a letter from City Hall allowing some leeway to this. The church has also written a letter dated April 7 to the city traffic police, informing them of the City Hall's relaxation of its rules.
According to Christian Lawyers Association president Joy W Appukuttan, the police in turn responded positively on April 25, this year.
“However, on Sunday May 8, the police started issuing traffic summonses to vehicles parked there despite knowing we have Sunday mass. All of us attending mass were caught by surprise by the police action as we have the letters from the City Hall and the traffic police on providing such leeway to church-goers,” he said.
“It is like Muslims going for Friday prayers, you do not find the traffic police issuing summonses for vehicles on such occasions. We are puzzled by the police action.”
Joy said he was not aware if any complaints had been lodged by anyone, resulting in the police action.
He said he could understand the authorities taking action on other days to reduce congestion but questioned such an action on Sunday when mass is held and after agreeing to a relaxation in rules, which has certainly created some dissatisfaction.
A member arrested
Joy said after some of the church-goers became aware of the operation, they approached the policemen who issued the summonses.
“We got to know one of the congregants who approached the police was arrested for alleged obstruction and was remanded. I have yet to get full details over what has happened. However, he has been released today on police bail,” he said.
“We do not know whether the person will face legal action.”
He hopes the police and City Hall officers could resolve the matter so as it would not upset church-goers and cause problems to them.
“This had never happened before in the past as we had managed to obtain an understanding with the authorities. Why now,” he asked.
The Christian community had been reeling in the past week following a row brought by Utusan Malaysia claiming they were plotting to turn the country into a Christian state.
Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur Murphy Nicholas Pakiam has slammed the daily's reports alleging a conspiracy to turn the country into a Christian state as “irresponsible, baseless and provocative”.
The Christian community is also hurt over another on-going row over the usage of Allah in their holy books. The Home Ministry had seized their religious books which use the word.
This was despite a Kuala Lumpur High Court landmark ruling on Dec 31, 2009, that Allah is not exclusively for Muslims. However, an appeal by the Home Ministry is pending.

GPS coords an Location map, St. John Cathedral, Jalan Bukit Nenas

GPS Coords: (3.14991111998846, 101.6994309425354)

View Larger Map

Message from Chairman and President of MCLM

Dear Friends,

There have been rumors and misinformation circulating on the Internet and mainstream media about the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement. These may have caused some doubt or confusion. Rest assured that MCLM remains committed to bringing about a just and equitable society for all Malaysians.

Ultimately, the MCLM is all about People Power - the Barisan Rakyat Independent Candidates (BRICs) and the Third Force are clear examples of this. There is no room for personality cults in the movement. As Chairman and President, we are here to serve the cause for as long as we are needed. But your contribution and support are no less important because we are all Malaysians and we are all in this together.

We will be writing to you periodically to keep you up to date about what's been happening not just on the MCLM front but also important issues that are at the forefront of our national consciousness as well as actions you can take.

With the 13th General Elections imminent, we have entered a critical phase. There is so much we can do to raise awareness of the key issues to ensure that every voter is armed with the key information so that he or she can make an informed choice at the ballot box.

In the meantime, we would urge you to stay in communication via our Facebook page or Twitter. We want to know what your concerns are for Malaysia and, more importantly, what you can do to forward the cause of the Rakyat.

Thank you for being a part of the MCLM. These are uncertain yet challenging times for all of us. Malaysia needs to change in order to become the nation envisioned by our founding fathers. It is up to us - the Rakyat - to make these changes happen.

Warmest regards,

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Haris M. Ibrahim

Saudara-saudari sekalian,

Desas-desus dan informasi yang salah sedang berlegar di ruang siber serta media arus perdana mengenai Pergerakan Kebebasan Sivil Malaysia atau Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM). Ini mungkin telah menimbulkan beberapa keraguan atau kekeliruan. Yakinilah bahawa MCLM kekal komited membawa keadilan dan kesaksamaan untuk semua lapisan masyarakat di Malaysia.

Pada akhirnya, MCLM adalah mengenai Kuasa Rakyat – Calon Bebas Barisan Rakyat atau Barisan Rakyat Independent Candidates (BRICs) dan Kuasa Ketiga atau Third Force adalah contoh yang jelas mengenai hal ini. Tidak ada ruang untuk pemujaan keperibadian dalam gerakan ini. Sebagai Pengerusi dan Presiden, kami di sini untuk berkhidmat pada perjuangan selama mana kami diperlukan. Tapi sumbangan dan sokongan anda tidak kurang pentingnya kerana kita semua adalah Rakyat Malaysia dan kita bersama dalam misi ini.

Kami akan berterusan menghubungi anda untuk memberi informasi terkini bukan hanya mengenai perjalanan MCLM tetapi juga isu-isu nasional yang lebih utama serta tindakan yang boleh anda ambil.

Setelah hampirnya Pilihanraya Umum ke-13, kini kita telah memasuki fasa yang kritikal. Ada begitu banyak perkara yang dapat kita lakukan untuk meningkatkan kesedaran terhadap isu-isu penting supaya setiap pengundi dibekalkan dengan maklumat yang diperlukan dan seterusnya membuat suatu pilihan yang tepat di peti undi.

Buat sementara waktu, anda boleh terus berkomunikasi melalui laman Facebook serta Twitter kami. Kami ingin tahu apakah kebimbangan anda mengenai Negara kita Malaysia dan yang paling penting apakah yang boleh anda lakukan demi perjuangan Rakyat.

Salam sejahtera,

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Haris M. Ibrahim

Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UMNO/BN boosting election hope by giving citizenship to Indon permanent residents?

Way back post March 08 political tsunami when UMNO/BN lost its two third majority, this blog already suspect the UMNO/BN complex will likely resort to giving citizenship to Indon illegal immigrants and/or permanent residents. It would be their easiest and most effective way to get more votes for citizenship for Indons are highly valued as it will enable them to live and work here in Malaysia permanently so which of them would reject such offer?

So the recent expose of Malaysikini is highly believeable:

'Umno soliciting citizenship to boost vote bank'

Aidila Razak
May 10, 11

Selangor PKR today produced a document to back a claim that Umno is trying to get citizenship for some 2,000 permanent residents in Hulu Selangor, to bolster its vote bank for the next general election.
NONESelangor deputy chairperson Zuraida Kamaruddin (left in photo) showed reporters a letter to 'prove' her claim, and called the move Umno's abuse of government process.
The letter, dated March 23, and signed by Hulu Selangor Umno division chief Mohamed Idris Abu Bakar, was addressed to Home Minister and Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein.
"It is with pleasure that we inform you that we have identified and verified a list of individuals who are potential voters who can help the BN win in Hulu Selangor in the 13th general election,” reads the letter.
NONE"They are students, entrepreneurs and the gainfully employed, all of whom are expected to contribute to the development of the country while also assisting the BN to win in the election, especially the 13th general election.
"As such, we hope that (you) can grant early approval so we can process the applications smoothly," Idris said in the letter (right).
The letter was printed with an Umno letterhead purportedly belonging to the party's Hulu Selangor division and was sent to the Home Ministry in Putrajaya.

Civil servants 'no longer compliant'

According to Zuraida, a concerned civil servant passed her the letter last Friday.
"We will lodge police reports about this tomorrow in Hulu Selangor, one against Idris as the Hulu Selangor Umno division chief and another against Hishammuddin," she said.
"It appears that there is a syndicate doing this, and it is no longer a secret. He has even gone to an employment agency."
Zuraida, who is PKR Wanita head, claimed that most of those listed in Idris' request are Indonesians. The list of applicants, however, was not shown to the media.
She said the fact that it was a civil servant who had raised the matter serves as a message to the BN government.
"We want to send the message that civil servants no longer support them. They (the civil servants) no longer succumb to the politics of intimidation and fear.
"The rakyat knows not to protect things that are not proper and this information was given to us on that basis."

Mohamed Idris could not be reached for comments despite several attempts by Malaysiakini.

When contacted, Hulu Selangor parliamentarian P Kamalanathan could not issue a response on the matter as he was occupied in another engagement.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The ugly Utusan Malaysia, Perkasa & Pembela



The previous article of Mariam Mokhtar, the Ugly Chinamen was published in the blog with some negative comments, mainly because Mariam was perceived to have painted all Chinamen with the same broad paintbrush. However, her latest opinion piece, The Ugly Muslim did not make the assumption that all Muslims are the same and while hoping to escape her tongue lashing that we frown when our kins are commented negatively upon and applause when the Malay-Muslims are similarly commentated negatively upon, we have changed the title of her opinion piece to the Ugly Utusan Malaysia, Perkasa and Pembela because these bodies bore the majority of her tongue lashing:

The Ugly Muslim

Mariam Mokhtar
May 9, 11

The Muslim NGO Pembela is wrong to blame Christianity for the alleged decline of Islam in Malaysia because the worst enemies of Islam, in Malaysia, are from within the ranks of the Muslims.
Islam may be a beautiful religion, but some of the Muslims in Umno, Utusan Malaysia, and the extremist groups like Perkasa and Pembela are ugly. Islam may preach love and tolerance, but Muslims in Umno, Utusan, Perkasa and Pembela are bigots who are consumed with hate.
utusan malaysia kritsian agama rasmiPerhaps the so-called Muslims in these organisations, who profess to be true Muslims, are Muslim in name only. They lust after power and are aware that without the Malay vote, the activities of their party, their newspaper, their institution or their way of life (the Ketuanan Melayu lording it over other communities) will be curtailed or cease to exist altogether.
Umno has been stung by the successes of the Opposition in Sarawak. They then suffered further humiliation with PAS rejecting their overtures. So, their only recourse to remain in power, come the general election, has been to provoke and manipulate Malay/Muslim minds, especially the rural Malays.
Umno has capitalised on the power of distraction. The trick is to divert Malaysians from BN's failure to stabilise the economy, to reinvigorate the private sector and investment, and to manage the public finances.
Instill fear in Malays, blame the others
They do this by instilling fear in the Malays and by shifting the blame onto others. This time, the hapless recipient of Umno's degeneracy, are the Christians of Malaysia. On previous occasions, it has been the 'ungrateful' Chinese.
Last Saturday, Utusan Malaysia defiantly provoked Malaysians with a front-page headline claiming the DAP was in league with a group of Christian pastors to instal Christianity as the country's official religion. The insinuation was that the act would pave the way for a Christian prime minister.
Had this been a non-BN sanctioned newspaper, the editors would have been sacked and jailed, their licence to print revoked and the paper shut down. As Utusan is owned by Umno, it was business as usual at this Malay daily.
Time and time again, Utusan has got away with seditious publications when others, like Raja Petra Kamaruddin, face arrest for publishing revealing documents. It is the same treatment meted to Clare Rewcastle-Brown, the non-Muslim founder of the online website, Sarawak Report (SR).
SR prints original documents alleging Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud's corruption and illegally obtained wealth. Clare is trying to make Malaysians aware of Taib's corruption, but very few of the Muslims in Umno have taken heed.
It is without doubt that weak leadership of the country has given rise to this dangerous state of affairs.
Najib's pledge may prove to be just hot air
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak finally broke his silence on the Utusan article; however, his announcement that the government would 'investigate the matter before it was blown out of proportion' and lead to 'serious polarisation in society', may prove to be just more hot air.
Perhaps he should ask himself how many times Utusan has been guilty of sedition and escaped censure? Most will say far too often.
How soon, and how severely, will he clamp down on the extremist Muslim elements in Malaysia, who have fanned anger and suspicion in the community?
Perkasa has already lodged a series of police reports in every state, saying that the 'Christian state issue' was a threat to national security.
Pembela finds fault with the Christians, by claiming that the Christians were on a mission to convert Muslims in the country, starting with "confusing" Muslims by the use of Islamic terms, presumably like the word 'Allah'.
Those who have lived in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s will recall that Christmas was a time when all the races and religions would mix and mingle in open houses. There was no issue with the food or drink, no issue with the religious symbols like crosses or that there was a Christmas tree and hymns and carols were sung. Those times are but a distant memory.
If it is any consolation, all these machinations by the media are an indication that the general election is near. There is nothing like a dose of fear to manipulate people to do the wrong thing.
Perhaps the best way to reason the perceived threat to Islam, in Malaysia, is in the Muslim populace. If Islam here is under siege, it is because the enemy is the 'Ugly Muslim'.
They are the ones who crave power. They are the ones who maintain that the term 'Allah' cannot be used by non-Muslims in Peninsular Malaysia, but is permissible in Borneo. They are the ones who confiscated the Bible in the Malay language and held the Christians to ransom.
So, why do they keep silent on the serious issues?
If we dig deeper, who are the ones who force children to convert to Islam, if one of the parents becomes a Muslim? How about body snatching or grave robbing? What about the child in Sarawak who was whipped for eating food that had been prepared for his school break?
What about the women who are treated like cattle? Or those who are abandoned by their husbands who yearn for a younger model? What about the Muslims who are flogged for drinking beer when this should be a personal choice?
What about the moral policing which has caused several deaths? What about the endemic corruption or the public screening of sex videos? What about child marriages?
Why do the Muslims keep silent on these serious issues but harp on about a fictitious demand by the Christians for Christianity to be the official state religion?
The biggest threats to Malaysia and Islam in Malaysia are the thieving, power-grabbing Muslims in political parties, the media and the NGOs, who know the truth but prefer to manipulate it for their own selfish means. They have failed their fellow Malaysian and others of their religion. That is the profile of the Ugly Muslim.

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a non-conformist traditionalist from Perak, a bucket chemist and an armchair eco-warrior. In 'real-speak', this translates into that she comes from Ipoh, values change but respects culture, is a petroleum chemist and also an environmental pollution-control scientist.

Source: Malaysiakini: The Ugly Muslim

Sunday, May 8, 2011

PAS reaffirms ties with Pakatan Rakyat despite sex video

They say there is a silver lining in every dark cloud and Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim’s sex video controversies has not dampened PAS partnership with PKR and DAP in Pakatan Rakyat as they see the latest sex video episode as a set up. Article PAS SEES OPPORTUNITY IN SEX VIDEO by Aidila Razak below courtesy of <a href=””>Malaysiakini</a> below:

PAS sees opportunity in sex video

Aidila Razak
May 7, 11

While PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has been facing a barrage of attacks since the leak of a sex video purportedly involving him, Pakatan Rakyat partner PAS sees an unlikely silver lining as the opposition gears up for a snap general election.
According to PAS leaders, the attack on Anwar has allowed them not only to solidify their image as an Islamic party, but also as a steadfast and loyal partner of Pakatan.
pas muktamar 130610 tuan ibrahim tuan manSpeaking to Malaysiakini, vice-president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said there has been a spike in turnouts at rallies held by the party, particularly in the rural Malay heartland where information is less forthcoming.
"We believe that this is the target of the sex video allegations, and the rural Malays are affected because they only get information from (BN-linked) media," he said.
Tuan Ibrahim added that having Anwar speaking at these events in the rural areas, including several in Pahang where he is also state PAS commissioner, has helped draw in people who want to hear the other side of the story.
According to PAS information chief Idris Ahmad, PAS's stance on the matter - that the sex video is slander and qazaf (an unsubstantiated allegation of adultery) - was unanimously agreed by party leaders.
"We are solid on this, at all levels, from the leadership to the grassroots... we are using our religious scholars to explain to people, especially the Malays, the Islamic principles on this issue," Idris said when contacted.
NONETuan Ibrahim also said the sex tape issue was unlikely to make any waves at its muktamar(general assembly), to be held in June.
Similarly, he said, there were not likely to be much undercurrents over PAS' position in Pakatan following the sex tape circulation, despite claims that the party is undermining its Islamic image by aligning itself with Anwar.
Party initially troubled by sex tape
Fellow vice-president Salahuddin Ayub agreed, adding that it was just as crucial for PAS to prove itself as a steadfast coalition member.
"Even when facing a general election, it will not affect our stand in Pakatan... the people are looking at us to see if we are loyal partners.
"We are together in Pakatan for the good, and we will face adversities together," Salahuddin said when contacted.
anwar ibrahim hadi awang nik aziz meeting 230908PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has been seen at recent press conferences strongly defending Anwar, while party spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat too has raised doubts on the sex tape allegations.
However, this consistent voice of support for Anwar had been less obvious soon after the sex video was exposed on March 21, when PAS ulama council head Harun Taib said the party would need to re-evaluate its relationship with Anwar if he was proven to be the man in the video.
NONEAnd while Salahuddin (left) was more guarded, preferring not to "jump the gun" in commenting on PAS' stance in such an event, fellow vice-president Mahfuz Omar was more forthcoming.
"Anwar was already convicted (of sodomy) before and still we are in the coalition. It's clear that even if he is (found to be the man in the video), we will stand by him because we believe this is a set-up," Mahfuz said.
Issue could backfire on Umno
While the crowds have thus far been receptive to Anwar, Tuan Ibrahim admitted that it was uncertain whether the large turnouts would translate to votes in an election.
"We are hoping that the rural Malays will hold on to Islamic principles on this matter. This kind of 'abnormal expose' involving heavy media play, and seeming police protection (provided to the accusers), just does not sit well with the Malays.
"It's not part of Malay culture to embarrass someone like that, and the people are growing tired of this," Tuan Ibrahim said.
Political scientist Shaharudin Badarudin said sentiments on the ground show that the issue could backfire on Umno, as in 1999 when the Malays protested through the ballot box against the harsh persecution of Anwar.
"The sex video will hardly leave a scratch on Pakatan, but instead it will hurt Umno the most," said the Universiti Teknologi Mara lecturer.
After all, Shaharudin added, PAS and Umno were really fighting to win over just the five to seven percent of fence-sitters, and there was only so much of gutter politics that the electorate could endure.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Training Workshop on “Dealing with Urgent Arrests”

Invitation to a Training Workshop on “Dealing with Urgent Arrests”

(jointly organized and supported by ALIRAN)

Over the years, we have witnessed various situations where members of the public, including civil society activists, have been arrested and detained for taking part in peaceful assemblies – BERSIH, HINDRAF, JERIT, GMI. Those arrested are often vulnerable and do not have access to legal counsel. They may not be fully aware of their rights and their various options. In almost all such incidents, the Malaysian Bar through its volunteer lawyers has consistently played its part by rendering legal advice and assistance to those affected.

In line with this effort, and in the light of increasing protests by the rakyat in the form of peaceful assemblies, candlelight vigils and other actions, the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre (Penang) together with ALIRAN feels it is both necessary and timely to conduct a training workshop for volunteer lawyers, human rights activists and other interested individuals in the northern region (Penang, Perlis, Kedah and Perak) on “Dealing with Urgent Arrest”.

This is an opportunity for lawyers to make a real difference and get involved in an issue that affects all Malaysians, and to build networks with activists in ensuring the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Objectives of training include the following:

● To introduce participants to laws and procedures pertaining to arrest and detention

● To provide participants with a human rights-based perspective and understanding of peaceful assemblies and other protests

● To highlight specific roles of volunteer lawyers and rights of arrested persons in urgent arrest situations

● To increase the pool of lawyers who are able to deal with urgent arrest

Details of the training are as follows:

Date : Saturday, 28th May 2011

Time : 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Venue : ALIRAN office, No. 103 Medan Penaga, 11600 Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia

Fees : RM 20 per person (inclusive of lunch & refreshments)

To register, please complete the attached reply slip and submit the same to ALIRAN by fax (Fax No. 04- 6585197) or by e-mail at NOT LATER THAN 21st May 2011.

GPS Coords & Location map

GPS Coords: (5.389283765768421, 100.30844807624817)
6 decimal places: (5.389283, 100.308448)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UMNO/BN Complex gamble with public welfare?

The UMNO/BN complex has somehow help initiate another rare earth project in Kuantan without consulting the public or the stakeholders and after knowing the sorrows reaped by innocent residents near or in the Asian Rare Earth (ARE) factory in Bukit Merah, Perak. Read for yourself the article below Bukit Merah: Our tears have run dry reproduced here with kind permission of Malaysiakini if indeed the UMNO/BN complex is again gambling with the rakyat’s future and welbeing:

Bukit Merah: Our tears have run dry

Joseph Sipalan and Lee Long Hui
May 4, 11

10 friends can read this story for free

It has been nearly 30 years to the day that Lai Kwan first set foot on the grounds of the Asian Rare Earth (ARE) factory in Bukit Merah, Perak.
She had just found out that she was pregnant with her sixth and youngest child, but poverty left her little choice as she had to take up a job as a labourer with a local contractor, hired to build an additional structure at the facility.
NONEUnbeknownst to her, that decision to earn her family's daily bread would ultimately break her heart.
Several months after her stint at the ARE, her son, whom she asked only to be identified as Kok Leong, was born disabled.
The boy had severe problems with his eyes, eventually losing sight in his left eye when he was five. He also suffers from a hole in his heart.
But what pains Lai Kwan the most is that her precious son is mentally handicapped.
NONEKok Leong (left) is now a fully-grown adult of 29 years, but his mind is no more developed than a toddler's. He has little or no capacity for speech, and he has never been out of diapers.
To keep him from wandering out of the safety of their home, he stays at the back of their modest home - separated from the rest of the world by a makeshift wire mesh door that stands up to his chest.
And that is where Lai Kwan, now 69, has spent the past three decades, caring for her boy all these years in much the same way that she had from the first day she brought him home.
One of Lai Kwan's daughters had to quit school even before she finished remove class to help support the family, since her husband had abandoned them and she could not leave her son's side.
“When you see me and my son, can you feel how I feel?” she said in Hakka, the only dialect she is fluent in due to her limited education.
No clue on radiation exposure
The ARE, run by Japanese company Mitsubishi Chemicals from the 1980s to the early 1990s, was blamed for allegedly spreading radiation poisoning in Bukit Merah due to what is claimed to be their poor management of radioactive waste generated from processing tin tailings to extract rare earth.
NONEThe aftermath of the factory's operations is arguably one of the largest radioactive waste clean-ups in Asia, with a permanent site set up at the foot of nearby Kledang hill.
Ghosts of the alleged health hazards leaking out of the ARE resurfaced recently when plans by Australian mining firm Lynas tobuild another rare earth processing facility, this time in Gebeng, Pahang, were made public.
Recounting her time working on the ARE premises, Lai Kwan said it was a bit odd that every staff member was required to wear a thermometer-like pin over their chests whenever they were on site, which she found out later was used to measure radioactivity exposure.
“Every time at work, I would smell something really awful. It made me thirsty but otherwise I didn't feel anything strange.
“I only found out (about radioactive waste) when the residents of Kg Papan started protesting against the factory, because they were planning to bury their waste at the village. The villagers told me about it,” she said.
kampung baru bukit merahAnother senior citizen, whose family was also allegedly afflicted by radiation poisoning from the ARE, said it has been hard for her youngest daughter, having been constantly going in and out of the hospital since she was a baby.
Panchavarnam Shanmugam, 55, was working as a labourer clearing forest cover on a plot of land right next to the ARE factory in 1987 when she noticed a lot of water being flushed out from the factory.
“Our work took us about seven months to finish. Many times, there would be a lot of water coming from the factory and it rise up almost as high as our knees. The water was very smelly,” she said at her home.
'My child suffers'
A year later, Panchavarnam's youngest child, Kasturi, was born and almost immediately the complications arose.
She recounted how as a baby, Kasturi suddenly suffered inflammation all over her body to the point that she had to be treated in a sterile environment at the hospital.
Her daughter also had constant splitting headaches, which came with heavy nose bleeds and on some occasions, fainting.
It was only when Kasturi was around 10 or 11 years old that doctors discovered that she was suffering from leukaemia. Neither of her two elder siblings has the disease, nor could Panchavarnam recall anyone in her family having the condition.
NONEShe could not run like her friends, and she just found it hard to concentrate on anything. She can speak English, but it's difficult for her to focus... she could not finish her Form Five,” Panchavarnam (right) said of her daughter.
Kasturi, now 23, is now working at a nearby textiles store, but Panchavarnam noted that her daughter still goes in and out of the hospital regularly.
“It has been hard for her,” said the doting mother.
And as described by Lai Kwan's daughter, who asked not to be named, it is hard not only on those made sick by the radiation but also on their families, who are helpless to change the fortunes of their loved ones.
“I had a hard time in school before I stopped, because my classmates would make fun of my brother because of how he is. My mother couldn't go for wedding dinners, or celebrate Mother's Day because there wouldn't be anyone to take care of my brother.
“We have cried so much that our tears have run dry,” she said.

History will repeat itself, says Bukit Merah activist