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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why UMNO/BN must be evicted from Putrajaya

With Pakatan Rakyat in power in a few states while UMNO/BN still sits in Putrajaya with Federal power, UMNO/BN is in a position of sabotaging the proper running of the various state if it so wishes. The disclosure that the Federal government not supplying various documents and parts for the smooth operation of the new Penang Hill funicular train smells of sabotage.

That is why Malaysians must vote UMNO/BN out from federal power in the next general election:

Could dogs actually paralyse a RM73mil train?

Susan Loone
May 22, 11

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After insisting that the new Penang Hill train was recently incapacitated by stray dogs, it's operators are now beginning to question if such an 'expensive' vehicle could be so vulnerable.

NONEThey have also slammed the Tourism Ministry for failing to hand over critical documentation needed for the train's operations.

General Manager Lee Kah Choon (left) said today that the Penang Hill Corporation will be seeking clarification from the train maker of 120 years why essential spare parts were not delivered for the train's day to day operations.
He added that the Corporation would like to stress that all employable staff sent for training in Switzerland had been fully absorbed into service from day one.
"(But) the Corporation is puzzled how a RM73 million train supplied by a reputable funicular train manufacturer can be incapacitated by a dog," said Lee in Penang.
"Surely more protection should have been incorporated in the train design, knowing full well that the train will be operating on an open track," he added.
NONELast Wednesday, the Corporation's independent contractor ruled out any kind of sabotage by insisting that a collision with a pack of three dogs rendered the tourist train inactive for about two days.
Earl Kohler (left), who launched a probe into the incident that left Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng fuming, said, "Everything that I have examined at the place where the incident took place confirms that what I have been informed of really did take place".
Lim had vowed to act against those responsible for any sabotage, and responded in disbelief that an accident with the dogs was the source of the train's problems.

Ministry failed to furnish documents

In Kuala Lumpur the next day, Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen (below) told the media that there should not be any finger-pointing over the incident.
NONEShe said that the Ministry wanted to see that the service runs well so that tourists can reach the hill top.
"They should stop pointing fingers at everyone," she told reporters after launching the ministry's Facebook Citrawarna 1Malaysia online dance game contest.
This did not stop Lee from ticking off the Tourism Ministry for failing to deliver important documents for the new hill train and rail, despite repeated requests.
Speaking in Penang yesterday, he said that these documents and contracts are critical to the operation of the new train.
The list of 'essential spares' was never given to the Corporation, in spite of requests made through emails and letters as well as orally, stressed Lee.

He added that the Corporation's primary objective is to ensure the train functions well and operate smoothly without jeopardising public safety.
NONE"However, this is greatly hampered by the lack of information about the train,” said Lee.
"Despite repeated requests and promises the Ministry of Tourism has failed to provide about 10 important documents," said the former Gerakan deputy secretary-general.
These include contract documents for funicular systems, such as built drawings, testing and commissioning reports, independent tester's report, inventory list, Public Work Department (JKR) defects list, special tool's list, tunnel and viaduct strengthening report, and electrical installation manual and fitness certification by the Fire Department (for buildings and coaches).
Also owing from the federal government are the train's spare parts' list or the manufacturer's original list as stated in contract document, that has to be certified by the JKR, as well as ticket rolls for 50,000 momento tickets and the warranty for the installed electronic system.
Lee, who was a former Gerakan MP for Jelutong, said the non-availability of the spare parts, in particular the tow bar, that had to be fabricated, led to the delayed repairs.

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