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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Najib shamed his father Razak

I cannot write this more eloquently than Hussein Hamid can. Read his article about this shameful attempt by BN to highjack Merdeka Day or Malaysia National Day to try get get a few obscene votes below:


All race, all religion, all ages, all genders…..all Malayisans…I am sure you all will agree with me that our INDEPENDENCE DAY does not belong to Pakatan Rakyat nor does it belong to Barisan Nasional.

It does not belong to Dato Onn Jaafar, to our beloved Tunku, to Tun Razak or to Tun Hussein Onn.

It is an insult to all of us if any politician, any political entity seek to demean the sanctity of our National Day by equating it with the slogan of any political party!

Now why is it that the son of our beloved Tun Razak, this Najib Razak, has got the gall to use UMNO’s slogan “Janji Di Tepati” as the theme for our Inedpendence Day this year?

The same Tun Razak who, together with his Deputy Tun Dr  Ismail kept from us and even their family the fact that both of them had critical health issues because they both did not want what they were trying to do for the development of this country to be in any war derailed just because they were both dying! 

And now we have this Najib Razak soiling the memories of his own Father by taking the pathetic opportunity to have a cheap shot at trying to win some traction in their desperate attempts at winning some electoral support by using this UMNO slogan during the celebration of our Independence Day in the hope that people will equate an UMNO slogan with our Independence Day – with MERDEKA! How dare Najib do this to us?  How low can this lowlife of a political leader go? What will he not do to try and win some votes?

Najib and his cahoots can go to town and use whatever arguments they can think of to try and justify the use of that slogan for our national day theme but you and I know what is the truth. The truth is that this is yet another cheap attempt by Najib to try and give some respectability to UMNO falling fortunes by hitching their tired and meaningless slogan of “Janji Di Tepati” to our Independence Day!

Let me tell you this Najib. Your promises have been many – much to many for anyone to keep track of. But these are the things that I can think of that you will need to do before we even can think of the other promises that you have made to us and are yet to be fulfilled.

First explain Altantuya. Second we want Rosmah out of our life. Third stop your use of gutter politics against DSAI and against Pakatan Rakyat . Fourth stop spending our money to win votes. I will stop at that for now because each and everyone of us will have their list for you to do. This is just my list.

And everyday you add to that list. This week it is this UMNO slogan that you are using as the theme for our Independece day. And do you know what is the further insult that you do to our national day? It is not even a theme that you have even began to give credence to when you use it as the slogan for that BN government that you lead! But you are unable to comprehend that saying you are going to do something is not the same as doing it. You bring shame to the memory of your Father. You are a sad excuse for a Malay leader! You are a sad excuse to be the PM of any country. We deserve better!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Chua Tee Yong wants to teach Tony Pua 2-1=3

Talam so called RM1 billion scandal by Chua Tee Yong, then reduced to RM250 million and now ????

Chua Tee Yong wants to teach Tony Pua 2-1=3, he he he, ha ha ha:

Chua Tee Yong wants to teach Tony Pua 2-1=3

Would Chua Tee Yong dare to turn up for a debate with Tony Pua? I hope so, but ....

Chua Tee Yong runs away from debate with Tony Pua

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Personal experience: Foriegners with Malaysian passports

From an email forward:

So Zul, my bro, what have you got to say about this? Your UMNO is sending foreigners to invade Malaysia so that you people can win the general elections. As a Malay bumi, aren't you concerned about this? I am ashamed that UMNO is allowing this to happen without worrying about the future effects and implications for Malaysia. This article was sent to me by a Malay I have you know.


I appreciate your effort in disseminating information to your close friends. I would like to provide you with my “first hand” experience at KLIA yesterday.
I returned from Hong Kong on flight MH 073 on 17th July 2012 which landed in KLIA at about 6.15pm. Disembarkation and baggage clearance was prompt with no hassles.
When I arrived at the Immigration “autogate” there was a queue. There was no officer in the immigration booth manning the gates.
I noted about seven Pakistani nationals; all in their national costumes, hogging all the autogates. They were struggling to put their passports in the passport reader and get their fingerprints verified.
The Malaysians in the queue started commenting in loud voices:
- “This lane is for Malaysian Passports only”- “Please join the other queue for foreign passports” etc.
Some, thinking that they were foreign workers, got impatient and spoke with raised voices:
- “ Barisan ini untuk Passport Malaysia”- “Tolong pergi ke kaunter international passport” etc.
These gentlemen stood firm; oblivious to the comments, speaking in their native language and giving instructions to each other on how to use the reader. As more Malaysians arrived, the queue got longer.
I broke out of the queue and checked the passports – and they ALL had Malaysian Passports. On enquiring, they responded in broken English that they had just arrived on flight PK 894 from Peshawar. All the Malaysians in the queue were shocked.
Disgusted, I walked to the Priority Counter, (I had a Priority Pass) got clearance and asked the Immigration Officer how these people had obtained their Malaysian passports. He gave me a guilty smile. He also organised for an officer to help clear the line at the “autogate”.
On leaving, I asked the Customs Officer the same question and his response was “Ini Biasa”.
I have heard a lot about foreigners with Malaysian IC’s getting treatment in our Government Hospitals. A discussion with doctors; especially those manning the Emergency Wards, will confirm this fact. However, my experience yesterday confirms that something is drastically wrong in the implementation of policies in our country.
I will leave it to right thinking Malaysians to form an opinion on my experience yesterday.
Adolf Ludge

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Protest Syabas water rationing threat - demonstration at Wisma Rozali

Syabas has threatened to impose water rationing in Selangor but many suspect that it is a ploy to create an artificial water crisis to pressure the Selangor State Government to proceed with what many claimed is an unneccesary Langat 2 water treatment plant plus to cause Selangor voters to be angry with the Pakatan state government and thus vote BN in the coming 13th General Election.

If the so-called water crisis is false, then all Selangor residents should support the Selangor state government to take over the water distribution and water treatment from Syabas and sack its CEO, Rozali Ismail, who is drawing an extravant RM5 million salary.

If there really is a treated water crisis (there is an abundance of raw water), then it means Syabas is inefficient and thus also deserve to be taken over by SSG (Selangor State Government). Either way, the efforts of the SSG to take over Syabas is justified and deserve support.

PKR is organizing a protest and memorandum handover at Wisma Rozali, Section 13 Shah Alam at on July 23 at 12pm. Hope all you Selangor residents will join me. Below is a location map to Wisma Rozali:

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