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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Protest Syabas water rationing threat - demonstration at Wisma Rozali

Syabas has threatened to impose water rationing in Selangor but many suspect that it is a ploy to create an artificial water crisis to pressure the Selangor State Government to proceed with what many claimed is an unneccesary Langat 2 water treatment plant plus to cause Selangor voters to be angry with the Pakatan state government and thus vote BN in the coming 13th General Election.

If the so-called water crisis is false, then all Selangor residents should support the Selangor state government to take over the water distribution and water treatment from Syabas and sack its CEO, Rozali Ismail, who is drawing an extravant RM5 million salary.

If there really is a treated water crisis (there is an abundance of raw water), then it means Syabas is inefficient and thus also deserve to be taken over by SSG (Selangor State Government). Either way, the efforts of the SSG to take over Syabas is justified and deserve support.

PKR is organizing a protest and memorandum handover at Wisma Rozali, Section 13 Shah Alam at on July 23 at 12pm. Hope all you Selangor residents will join me. Below is a location map to Wisma Rozali:

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