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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Solidarity Walk with Kuantan folks say no to Lynas

Stop Lynas Rare Earth Processing Plant Kuantan
There will be a solidarity walk from KLCC to the Australian Embassy on May 20th @ 2.30pm to hand in a memorandum to stop Lynas from exporting hazardous materials to Malaysia.

Solidarity Walk
Theme color: Black (wear black)
May 20, 2011
Friday 2.30pm

Meet at KLCC

Walk to the Australian Embassy

The Save Malaysia Stop Lynas Group will hand in a memorandum to stop Lynas from exporting hazardous materials to Malaysia

Please come to support the people of Pahang to safeguard their health from pollution and radioactive waste!

Background Information

An Australian rare earth company Lynas Corporation is constructing a refinery in an area closed to densely populated fishing communities and the city of Kuantan.
Local residents and environmentalists in Malaysia have since got together to stage a series of protest actions against the project which will leave behind a huge amount of radioactive wastes containing a cocktail of other hazardous substances.

Watch the videos on You Tube to understand the issue:

ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Malaysian Backlash:

Al-Jazeera 101 East- Toxic Waste
Includes a debate between two Malaysian MPs:

Mother's Day At Kuantan 2011
will give us a feel of the participation of the Pahang folks:

Please also visit the main Facebook page with 28,000 members for the latest information and discussion:
Pahang Don't Need Hazardous Project

Pahang folks have collected 45,000 signatures on site to oppose the project.
For supporters outside Pahang, please sign the online petition:

On behalf of the People's Green Coalition
Contact Persons:
Dr. Jayabalan : 012-402 7445
Dr. Khim Pa : 012-477 7706

Bus trips will be arranged on the 20th of May from Kuantan to KL and returning that very same day (to Kuantan). For more information about the Solidarity Walk & bus arrangements,


(For Malay speaking participants):
En. Mahmud 012-9571497

(For Chinese speaking participants):
Mr. Loo Foo San 016-9862308

(For English speaking participants):
Mr. Clement Chin 012-9883210

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