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Monday, December 22, 2008

Abdullah Badawi sleepy disease is contagious

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had slept on his job as Prime Minister for over 4 years. He promised much but delivered little. Here are photos of current Malaysian Prime Minister sleeping on the job:

Abdullah Badawi yawning

sleepy Abdullah Badawi rubbing his eyes

sleepy Abdullah Badawi Resting his sleepy headsleepy Abdullah Badawi Resting his sleepy head

sleepy Abdullah Badawi getting ready to sleep

sleepy Abdullah Badawi fast asleep

Abdullah Badawi dreaded sleepy head syndrom is contagious. See, it has spread to his deputy Najib, UMNO Youth Chief and Education Minister Hishammudin, botak Home Minister Syed Albar and an unknown:

sleeping Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak

sleeping Hishamuddin and Syed Albar

unknown sleeping Minister

1 comment:

Haji Malboro said...

All those sleepy heads should have resigned from the posts as cabinet ministers.They are cheating themselves and the rakyat,just because of power craziness.They are all liers and not living in world of reality.
Rakyat should not give them anymore chance in future.Tell them to go home and sleep.Don't sleep while you're doing jobs....embarassing!