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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sing a song of freedom for Malaysia

Video with images of the Walk for Justice, the BERSIH rally and HINDRAF, a message to all freedom loving Malaysian accompanied by Sing a song of freedom:

As I look around me
I see the world in a different light
Everything is changing
and it happened overnight
Changing for the better
and it starts with you and me
So we'll sing our song together
and forever we'll be free

Sing a song of freedom
Everyone join in
People come together
everybody sing
Sing a song of freedom
each and everyman
People come together
all across the land

If you're looking for an answer
it's very close at hand
Just take a look around you
and then you'll understand
Clap your hands together
and let me hear the sound
It's the time for liberation
so pass the word around

Lyrics | Cliff Richard - Sing A Song Of Freedom lyrics

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