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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Police brutality BERSIH Remembrance rally cum anti-ISA candlelight vigil

Will rearrange, edit and update later. Going to Police Station Section 8 Petaling Jaya to check how those who were arrested are faring.

Tonight is a night that Malaysians should not forget. It is a night when police acted brutally against peaceful Malaysians. Malaysians had gathered peacefully at Dataran Petaling Jaya (Padang Timur) but were driven to Amcorp Mall. At 9.30pm Haris Ibrahim dispersed the crowd so as not to clash with the FRU gathered there. However, a group marched separately to Civic Center (MBPJ) where they gathered to sign the National Anthem Negara Ku and to release balloons. Before they could finished, the FRU charged and dispersed the crowd. The police has no respect for our national anthem. They charged at the crowd while they were still singing Negara Ku. They arrested a number of the peaceful Malaysians gathered there. I read at Malaysiakini Tony Pua was not only arrested, he was man handled and thrown into the FRU truck.

For heaven sake, these are peaceful Malaysian gathered for a good cause. Shouldn't they be better deployed to catch Mat Rempits, robbers, rapers, swindlers?

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chuchueey said...

The CPO is a blatant liar. I was there, singing away our national anthem when the FRU police charged into the crowd. The ones that were right in the middle of the crowd got it worst as they tried to avoid the onslaught of the FRU, and in the process tripped and probably fell, making themselves easy meat for the plain-clothes officers to grab and belasah them.