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Sunday, November 16, 2008

PJ Anti-ISA candlelight vigil as usual - even a little boy was not afraid

This Sunday Anti-ISA candlelight vigil is the first candlelight vigil with a Police Permit. The Police permit came with ridiculous conditions however. Among the conditions were participants cannot hold lighted candles, cannot wear Anti-ISA T-shirts, no banners, no leaflets, etc. The authorities must have thought that by arresting a few last Sunday, the others would be afraid. However the people were not afraid. You can see a good crowd in the photo below. The vast majority of the demonstrators did not know about the issuance of a Police permit and they came despite knowing that previous demonstrators had been arrested. They refused to be cowed by the authorities. They wore NO TO ISA T-shirts and lighted candles. You can see some No to ISA T-shirts and lighted candles in the photo below:

crowd at Sunday Anti-ISA candlelight vigil at Civic Center

Bernard Khoo with KJ John. This was the first time I saw KJ John at the candlelight vigil. Not only KJ John joined the protesters, he also gave a great speech where he spoke about Rosa Park, a black women refusing to give up a bus seat to a white. And because Rosa Park refused to give in to unjust laws and regulations, others like Martin Luther King followed and Obama was elected to become the first black President of the mighty
United States of America
. Our small actions of bravely attending peaceful candlelight vigil will eventually lead to the abolishment of the hated ISA (Internal Security Act).

KJ John with Bernard Khoo

We hope that more Malaysians will come forward to be counted. There is nothing to be afraid of. Even this little boy with a lighted candle is not afraid:

brave little boy with lighted candle to protest the grossly unjust ISA

This round everyone, young and old, were given encouraged to speak. Below are photos of some who bravely stood up to give a speech. Here is a photo of Pastor giving his speech:

Pastor giving speech

Here is a man giving his speech. If I did not mix him up with another, he said he is all the way from UK:

a man from UK?

A young Edward Ling also gave a stirring speech. I don't have a photo, but I have a video of Edward Ling giving his speech together with other videos which will be embedded in this blog later.

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