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Monday, November 10, 2008

Police brutality don't respect National Anthem

The Malaysian Police showed their brutality and lack of respect for the National Anthem. The first video will show peaceful Malaysians singing Negara Ku before dispersing. The second video will show the FRU charging at peaceful Malaysians while they are still singing Negara Ku.

Video 1: Malaysians commemorating the anniversary of the historical BERSIH rally in front of Amcorp Mall

Peaceful Malaysians gathered at Amcorp Mall after being dispersed from Dataran Petaling Jaya (Padang Timur). Haris Ibrahim led participants in singing Negara Ku before being dispersed.

Peaceful Malaysians singing Negaraku being suddenly charged at by Malaysian Police

This video showed the FRU (Federal Reserve Units) charging at a peaceful crowd singing Negara Ku at Civic Center, MBPJ (Majlis Bandaran Petaling Jaya)

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