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Friday, November 7, 2008

Flags of USM and USA

USA flagMalaysia flag

Look at the 2 flags above. Don't you see a similarity? They are the "flag of USM" and flag of USA.

Now all will know what country is USA. That is the United States of America. That is a country which witnessed a historical event, the election of the first black President to head their country. A country which used to practice blatant racialism and racial discrimination. A country which have left their sordid racial history behind and voted into office a President based on merits, not on the color of the skin.

But what on earth is USM? Is it Universiti Sains Malaysia? No, it is a new country United States of Malaysia (in my dreams anyway - sarcasm), a country which like USA had a blatant racial past but which too had put its sordid racial past behind and elected its first Prime Minister who is not from the Malay Muslim majority but from a minority group and who have renamed Malaysia as the United States of Malaysia (USM) to distinguish the old racial Malaysia with the new progressive Malaysia.

Is that impossible? No, not if you believe Abdullah Badawi, the current lame duck Prime Minister of Malaysia, for after all, Malaysia's Constitution did not specify that the Prime Minister of Malaysia must be a Malay Muslim. Let us keep the dream alive.

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