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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gerakan more extravagant than DAP

Gerakan demanded that DAP (Democratic Action Party) which now ruled the state of Penang account for the expenses for their business trip to South Korea. Thanks to Jeff Ooi, they got more than they bargained for. Jeff Ooi provide a comparison between what Gerakan under Koh Tsu Koon spent for a business trip to India in 2007 and what DAP under Lim Guan Eng spent on the trip to South Korea recently:

comparison between Gerakan business trip expenses with DAP business trip expenses

From the comparison table above, the number of delegates were almost the same at 55 for Gerakan and 53 for DAP while Gerakan went for only 3 days while DAP's trip was 5 days. Note that India is a lower cost of living country as compared with South Korea. The cost of accommodation for the Gerakan trip should be lower. Yet the comparison table showed that Gerakan's accommodation were 4.4 times more expensive.

The flight mileage from Malaysia to Chennai India is 1610 miles or 2591 km. while the flight distance from Malaysia to South Korea is 2565.80 miles or 4130 kilometers. Since India is nearer to Malaysia, the airfares for the business trip by Gerakan should be lower than for the airfares for the business trip by DAP. The comparison showed that Gerakan spent 1.8 times more on airfares than DAP.

Overall, Gerakan spent 2.6 times more for a business trip to a lower cost and nearer country for fewer days. This showed that Gerakan is more than 2 times more extravagant than DAP for a business trip that should have cost less.

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