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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Malaysians, please don't be blinded by money and freebies

Malaysiakini reported that the mysterious 1Malaysia "NGO" (doubtful) has now become more open in organizing activities and free meals in Sarawak (1M'sia NGO now in Kuching, sponsored by billionaire/

I hope Malaysians will not be blinded by freebies and free meals offered by this 1Malaysia NGO or money offered for their votes but vote according to what is in the best interest of Malaysia and that from what has transpired so far is definitely not putting the UMNO/BN complex back into power for they have really wrecked havoc upon Malaysia.

What is a couple of ringgit or freebies or free meals compared with the future of Malaysia? These will last only a short time and then will be gone but the future of Malaysia will be with you throughout your living span and will not only affect you but also your loved ones. Please Sarawakians, vote wisely.

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