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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Performance Independent Candidates Malaysian Election 2008

Attempts to persuade Billi Lim not to contest as an Independent Candidate for the Malaysian 12th General Election was not successful (Interview with Billi Lim). In the interview, he boasted that he has a 50-50 chance at winning the election. He managed to only garner 1895 votes, way below 50%.

The election results are as follows:

Barisan Nasional - 5
PAS - 4
DAP - 4
PKR - 9
Independent - 0

Federal Territory:
Barisan Nasional - 3
PAS - 1
DAP - 5
PKR - 4
Independent- 0

None of the Independent Candidates won in the above elections

Result of individual Independent Candidates, votes obtained plus majority:

State Assemblies:

Rawang N14 Y23
Independent - 704 votes (lost)
majority - 4192

Batu Caves N16 Y23
Independent - 379 votes (lost)
majority - 3639

Port Klang N46 Y25
Independent - 580 votes (lost)
majority - 4407

Sungai Pelek N56 Y25
Independent - 816 votes (lost)
Majority - 1572

Parliamentary seats:

Kelana Jaya P104 Y24
Independent (Billi Lim) - 1895 votes (lost)
Majority - 5031

Lembah Pantai P121 Y26
Independent (Periasamy) - 489 votes (lost)
Majority - 2895

Labuan P166 Y27
Independent - 2014 votes (lost)
Majority - 8457

It was fortunate the swing against the Barisan Nasional was so strong that the effect of the Independent Candidates taking away a portion of the protest votes were nullified.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

PAS to have discussions on HUDUD with non-Muslim

According to theStar online, PAS has offerred to have discussions with non-Muslims regarding implementation of Hudud law and I suppose also regarding Malaysia becoming an Islamic state. I will like to offer myself to participate in such a discussions especially if Hudud law is extended to also apply to non-Muslims

"He (PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat) said based on the spirit of democracy in the country, all quarters including Umno and the Chinese and Indians could hold discussions and give their views towards a better understanding of Islam and its laws."