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Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Malaysia MUST CHANGE

Malaysia MUST CHANGE, not only for my first grandson and the generations after us (descendants of all citizens of this country, not only me), but also for those who are milking the country. Why?

Malaysia currently have oil money, so irrespective of the squandering of funds, Malaysia can continue as usual. But it is predicted that Malaysia will become a net importer of by 2010. That is a very short time frame, and when that happens, and the squandering continues, what will happen to our country?

Further, other emerging economies are becoming more competitive and will likely overtake us. What will happen to our economy then minus the oil money plus having to face stiffer competitions? Previously, we can afford to squander but with such a new scenario and a globalised world, can the situation continue without problem minus the cushion and luxury of oil money? The influential and the powerful may continue to amass wealth for themselves while the poor gets poorer. But when too many find it impossible to survive, what do you think they will do? Study history and you will find what happened to countries in such a situation.

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