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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saiful Bukhari made calls to MINDEF

Translation of an article at Suara Keadilan:

A website registered with title reported that Saiful Bukhari Azlan (the former aide of Anwar Ibrahim who accused Anwar of sodomizing him) frequently communicated with a certain party at Kementerian Pertahanan (MINDEF or Ministry of Defence which was then headed by Najib Abdul Razak) before he made a police report regarding his accusation of sodomy (against Anwar).

According to that blog, Saiful made at least 6 calls to MINDEF before the police report was made on June 2008.

Those records of calls exposed Saiful communicated directly with certain party at the Ministry of Defence sence February last year, that is, one month before he worked with Anwar Ibrahim, according to that blog.

That calls record also detected Saiful as communicating with certain party at MINDEF everyday while he worked as Anwar's aide.

This strengthen the argument that there are hidden hands that planed the repeat of the 1988 conspiracy at the highest level to bring down Anwar.

The blog PahangDaily said Saiful should not be too arrogant in the belief that he is protected by that certain party.

"Truth will emerge eventually. Even the swearing that Saiful played with also seen by many to swallow he himself and increase the muddle with regards to this case" ejaculated the blog.

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