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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can UMNO reform itself? I think no

I like a comment made by Walla in Sakmongkol's "The Future of UMNO-2

A: 'Interesting essay, no?'

B: 'Generic value, too. And as interesting as wenger's regression analysis!

But i have a problem with it, A.'

A: 'And that be?'

B: 'It's like Umno now trying to do what Pakatan had already done.

Look back. When Pakatan first started, it was just a motley lot cutting their teeth on the grindstone of modus vivendi. If anything, that's political coopetition. But Pakatan worked whereas BN didn't during GE12 because Umno and its cohorts chose not to see the seismic change in the fundamental sentiment of the voters which caused them to vote across racial and religious lines. Now Pakatan has moved ahead with things that reinforce even more the original sentiment, for example, malays running DAP branches, that reflect a refreshingly plural approach to politics.

Meanwhile BN has created its own contradictions. It is race-based but it wants to create a 1malaysia. Its individuals can be friendly but its governmental policies have damned entire communities. And it can talk about people first while scheming to take their rights at all costs using all the institutions of state under its control.'

A: 'Hey, i take exception to the last statement. Umno is not like that.'

B: 'Really? Then please explain to me why it is not alright for the rakyat to know as a matter of their basic right that the cabinet already knew about PKFZ's cost escalations. Instead of admitting guilt and cover-up, what you have is a feeble attempt at deflection. Please, the rakyat know all about double-standards, namely when caught, pin fault on the messengers. That sort of low IQ thing is almost blase these days.'

A: 'Do you see it getting worse, B?'

B: 'Of course. Especially when incumbents can define what is national security to their own political whims. Especially when there are at least five sets of standards in everything - take your time to think out the levels. Especially when a government can gerrymander constituencies and move entire army camps for persuaded postal voting.'

A: 'But BN didn't win in all postal votings before, B.'

B: 'Maybe it wants to use them selectively for strategic objectives. It's like Churchill hiding the fact that the british had cracked the german enigma code by deliberating not sounding the alarm to one of his cities which was targeted for luftwaffe bombing.'

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