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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Response to Hussein Abdul Hamid "politicians all same"

Hussein Abdul Hamid's blog SteadyAku47 contains lots of wisdom and deserve more than a mention here. His latest post cakap cakap...bloggers steady lah!!! tells of why we should continue to support Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat which you should not only read, but also helps to pass the message around. However, I feel his statement

maybe it is better that we stick to the devil that we know then the devil that we don’t. After all these Politicians are all-alike!

can do with some elaboration, as it is very common to hear this response when one talks about Malaysian politics. I myself have heard this a few times and I will like to tell of how I responded to such remarks.

Insurance sales manager and schoolmate: Ah, all the politicians are the same lah. When they get into power, they will also become corrupt.

Me: Tell me, do all insurance people use unethical methods to sell insurance? Does everyone have the same motivation (money, power) for doing something?

She had to agree with me that not everyone is the same. I then asked, so is it not possible that not all the politicians are the same, in the game only for money and power? This again she had to agree with me.

This technique of responding to statements or questions with more questions can be quite effective. Let me tell of another situation who complained that (Pakatan Rakyat politicians) don't bother to serve the people after they get elected. He was referring to things like dirty drains and meeting the voters, and wonder of wonder, visit him.

I asked: If I elect you ADUN, would you visit me in my house?

The obvious response - no.


wong said...

dont call me dont visit adun hassan ali.just dont talk stupid u insulted my trust.

Anonymous said...

You need help in your command of the English language.