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Monday, January 25, 2010

We are the revolution - so apt for current situation in Malaysia

Found this video at Raja Petra's "Malaysia Today" blog - No man is an island; we are the revolution and the lyrics at Youtube: We are the revolution and found it so apt for Malaysia with it's deteriorating political situation and the apathy of many eligible to vote and yet not even bother to register to vote:

The time has come, for you and I,
To walk along, together for a while,
Connecting dreams, and visions of a time,
All nations healed, and purposes combine

Separate paths, are now as one,
The course is clear, and barred from none,
All who join, have a part to play,
We welcome you, were on our way

We are the revolution,
We stand for the right to be free,
We are the revolution,
The rule of wealth, is nearing an end,
People power, is the coming trend,
We see a world, of new equality,
Right human relations, is what there should be

We know, we see...

We are the revolution,
United, we defend our liberty In the brighter world that soon will be known,
Admired men wont have to kill to own,
A time of peace, and true prosperity,
End of times, will be gone to history

We face a time, of mounting pain,
The final days, of tyranny reign,
The weakened system, is breaking down,
Were all familiar, with the sound

Extreme greed, and inequality,
Little truth or accountablility,
Our common debt, is beyond all scope,
Rebellion now, is our way of hope.

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