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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Malacca Roadshow

The Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia roadshow now moves to Malacca.

Date: March 27, 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm sharp-6.30pm (Registration begins at 1pm)
Venue: Pay Fong High School
No. 40, Jalan Tan Chay Yan,
75300 Melaka
(Sekolah Menengah Pay Fong)

Location map, Pay Fong High School, Jalan Tan Chay Yan, Malacca

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Registration is required to attend this event.

To register:
Tel: +603-2095 0435;
Wed-Sun, 12 noon-7pm

Founding of the Nation. The Truth, by Fahmi Reza
Human Beings; Born Free and Equal, by Jahaberdeen Mohd Yoonus & Azmi Sharom
Nation in Distress? - Did We Let It Happen?, by Haris Ibrahim
This is My Home, I Care; I want to Make It Better, by Rakyat Voices

The poster - a multi-coloured quilt of words - explains the gist of the Melaka theme, Kita Semua Pendatang.

saya anak bangsa malaysia malacca road show

It's to be read like a song, Lyrics below:

Lyrics for the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Malacca Roadshow Song


My name cukup terrer,
My hikayat - u know lah - bestseller
Pelbagai nama, but panggil I Parameswara,
Kira once the Fresh Prince of Sri Vijaya
In Sanskrit, it means Supreme Lord
But worry not, I takkan won't goreng till you're bored

My story started very sad;
Fled from Tumasik cos some people mad
Went to Muar, Biawak Busuk plak kacau,
But then at another tebing, Wah! This place syiok kaw-kaw
Cos a kancil kicked a dog's a** and got me all inspired,
Hence born Melaka, my pendatang story, and all that transpired

Melaka Melaka
Learn lah lessons from Melaka
Come on kawan, why u all fight?
Semua pun pendatang; and that's our might!

I offered rice, sago, banana and spice;
Everything also make nice-nice
People came when told something's happening
Tengok sekali, they all said 'Fuiyo, gua pening'
From Myanmar, Pasai, Acheh, Parsi they sailed
When Ayudhya and Majapahit heard, they went quite pale

Harumnya Melaka once upon a time
Smelled of kunyit, pandan and some lime
The streets had jade, jaspers, cloves, and silk,
And plump cows from Ceylon filling pitchers of milk
Ah my big family from Flores, Champa 'n Marakkar
And my bro Cheng Ho from China who loved ikan bakar

Melaka Melaka
Learn lah lessons from Melaka
Come on kawan, what for fight
Semua pun pendatang; and that's our might!

It's no secret really how we grew;
Macam kat Athens, Turki and Venice too
Dasar buka pintu, we declared with our hearts
'Selamat datang, Pendatang', jom play a part
Brown skin, sepet eyes, Maggi hair - wild as it seems
We were many, many colours, but breathed one dream

1511 Portuguese datang mari,
My descendents, again, had to cabut lari.
But they came back - Baba, Nyonya, Chitty, Marican,
Variety in muka, culture and also benda makan.
From mere house, they made it home,
So with diverse ideas, body and spirit, they said Jom!

Melaka Melaka
Learn lah lessons from Melaka
Come on kawan, what for fight
Semua pun pendatang; and that's our might!

600 years sudah berlalu,
Masing-masing, hati dah macam batu.
Sikit-sikit cannot sit still,
Warna kulit pun want to make such a big deal.
Oi! Cukup! Grow up lah,
Don't lah tell people 'Pergi Blah!'

Timah, sawit, rubber and tea,
Macha, community is not built merely on commodity.
Perhati laksa, cendol, pasembor masa kini
Semua campur-rojak kaw-kaw, baru lah best macamni
You guys have something that stood time's test,
Now let's give racism a rest

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