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Thursday, April 22, 2010

APCO - UMNO BN corruption power abuse - using public money for party business

UMNO/BN is totally incorrigible and totally corrupt. They used public money for private party business as admitted by Kota Belud MP Rahman Dahlan. Today, he told Parliament today that BN “was forced to appoint” international consultancy firm Apco Worldwide to bridle and contain opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat.

“I want to say that RM77 million is the risk, the amount needed to rectify the damage triggered by Pakatan,” he said.

UMNO/BN's problems has nothing to do with the wellbeing of the nation and to me, this is pure corruption and abuse of power.

Please voters, make sure UMNO/BN is voted out of power the next election so that badly needed reforms can be attempted. UMNO/BN is incapable of reforming itself and must taste the bitter fruits of defeat before they even try.

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