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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moles and turncoats: Will PR lose out at next General Elections?

From an email forward:

Subject: Will PR lose out at next General Elections?

Interview with a former UMNO Supreme Council member, did not want his name posted here and says he has no political affiliations but that he is "sincerely anti-UMNO.:

Will Pakatan Rakyat lose out at the next general Elections?

Well it certainly looks like they will, so much of negative publicity and bashing they receive from UMNO including the latest episodes from the likes of UMNO moles like Zaid, Gobla and many more working in
their midst seem to point in that direction.

The question is are we aware of this great UMNO sabotage that is under way to discredit the party and is there anything we can do to turn the tables?

To answer this question we must first understand that this UMNO attack is well planned and very precise, there are still many surprises to come, they are desperate to get PKR and the coalition out of the way.

To get at PAS and the DAP is the difficult part, mainly because these two parties have been long established and infiltrating them is difficult. They have done it in the past, they will do it again but the damage met out seems to b e minimal. The treat is Anwar, so go for the PR first and wipe Anwar out that is their strategy, then everything else will be like before.

What do you mean "like before?"

UMNO can go ahead with its great agenda of corrupt practices. There is the present Najib/UMNO dream of another tallest building in the world, that is an obsession, they feel by doing that they will prove to the
world at large that this is a great country, to their supporters this will be the propganda machine for another Ketuanan Melayu campaign.

The benefits (corruption based) derived out of such a project will boost UMNO again that is what they believe.

Muhyuddin needs to build his grass root base, he can only do so with a strong financing, and this project will give him that opportunity.

Najib with the ghost of Altantuya, hanging over his head and the immense control of Plastic Rose, which he can't shake off and who has literally taken control of his office as PM. He needs a something big to put a halo around his head and he believes this is it.

To do all this they have to get Anwar out of the picture. Then there is the Mahathir factor, this arch crook saw it much ahead of his time, he could well be the architect. Sleeping Dollah was not the type to handle a marauding Anwar, so he used all his influence and brought
Najib in. In fact it is rumored that Mahathir spent a personal fortune plus he got others in his circle to contribute to the down fall of Dollah, because he saw Anwar as a personal threat to him and his
family's ill gotten wealth.

The Saiful saga and what is called Sodomy 2 was the first part, they are terribly embarrassed by it that is Najib and some of his cabinet members. Never before in the history of the country not even in Sodomy 1 with the judge who suddenly turned rich and bought flashy luxury cars has justice been so tampered with.

In sodomy 2 the way judges have behaved has rendered the word "justice" in this country vulgar. Such is the desperation of UMNO.

They have that feeling that they can let Sodomy 2 go, to showcase to the world that our justice system that is so corrupt and lop sided is clean and fair, they need that 'show case' to work to get maximum mileage, right now they can't and it is affecting the FDI and creating
an outflow of capital from this country.

FDI will remain low in fact it will get lower by the years, they know it and that too is one of the reasons they require another tall building. Tall buildings have almost always been the answer of UMNO since Mahathir.

They are buying people and people you least expect will turn coat.

Turn Coats? Who?

Well we all know the case of the Perak UMNO state assemblyman who crossed over to PKR, the Trojan horse so to speak, and later people from the then PR coalition crossed over and he too crossed back to
give the BN the majority they needed.

I think PKR has to be very careful, I have serious doubts about the sincerity of Zaid, to me he seems to be committed to destrying the PKR, in fact I do not think I am the only one who feels that way, many others too feel very strongly the same.

Zaid is not a novice, he is a seasoned politician, he knew "how to spoke the wheel", he knew how to "throw the spanner into the works."

Like I said he is no novice, he knew by going for the deputy Presidency he would be drawing Anwar to play his game. He wanted to get Anwar to back him, but then Anwar is no Novice too, and Anwar's deputy needxs no testing for sincerity, he has proven himself not only
to Anwar but the party at large. he has tremendous grassroots support, the grassroots love him, they are now suspicious of Zaid and Zaid knows it so he goes about making wild allegations to nullify the PKR
elections, he is trying an UMNO on PKR.

UMNO has all the experience to carry that out, you have KU Li and Mahathir their eto tell you how to operate it from both sides, so who do you think are those who play the flip side.

Zaid knows what his actions will do to the party, but he has underestimated the membership and the sentiment of the rakyat, he is now playing his cards.

Take it from me he is not the only Turn Coat, Wee Choo Keong turned Coat and we all witnessed it, then there is GobalaKrishnan waiting for his opportune moment. They are puppets on a string, they wait for the moment that UMNO pulls the string and they dance, and the the dance is called the how many millions do you want me to dance for?

One other person looks like he is being set up to make the cross, that will be Najib's trump card, the negotiations are going on, I believe in London with one interested party in Malaysia too, it will come believe me it will, but it is something I will not want to comment on.

Is the situation really bad?

For PR? well yes and more so for PKR, but and it is one big BUT there is still hope.

If all of us do our part let the others know the hypocrysiy of UMNO and the BN, how UMNO robs the Melayu and the Bumiputera, how the MCA and MIC do the same to their people, and how the natives of Sarawak and Sabah are being made fools of then we can turn the tide.

It's not too late we have to start now, but on low key then gradually increase the tempo, we can if we want to we can make the change. and change we must.

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