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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing greeds of UMNO/BN related politicians

The alternative media have exposed so much of the corruptions and misuse of public funds that it just amazes me and make me wonder if they have ever though of life after death and whether there will be a Day of Judgement, but I pray to God to keep me from such wanton greed and hope that God do not find too many sins in me when I depart from this world.

It just amazes me why anybody would want so much of wealth for after a few millions or a few billions of US dollar or Malaysia ringgit, what good will the extra millions or billions do them? How much can they eat or what kind of lifestyles do they hanker after? Do they not think of their descendents and whether eventually they will be made to bear the shame when their corruptions and misdeeds are eventually revealed.

True or not, do go over to BMF names 49 Taib-linked companies worldwide – Kudos Malay-BN leaders! and decide for yourself the truth of what was revealed there about the numerous Sarawak Chief Minister (White Hair Rajah) linked companies worldwide or whether their undertaking to reveal not only that but also the wealth of UMNO and I maybe BN linked personalities.

In the meantime, just take all I mentioned here as unconfirmed rumours. Good night.

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