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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ah Wah Gor trounce Ah Jib Gor in Facebook 9 times over

The hypocrite Najib has created another PR con - the Ah Wah Gor fan page which till today only garnered only 3,034 likes and is probably administered by staff paid from the public's coffers.

On the other hand, Ah Wah Gor has already garnered 27,083 links which is 9 times more than the pathetic An Jib Gor. Do go to Ah Wah Gor to add to the number of likes to show how you detest that fork tongue Najib.

Here is the link to Facebook Ah Wah Gor a the URL of Ah Jib Gor ( If you want to check on the latest comparison.

UPDATE: The URL for Ah Jib Gor above is the wrong one. The correct one is and today the number of likes amounts to 17,163

Let's go see what is the latest for Ah Wah Gor: 33,478. Ah Wah Goh still trounce Ah Jib Gor 2 is to 1.

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