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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rosmar Mansor spending spree & Holly's email

I had made an earlier post at Is Rosmah Mansor lying re Spending Spree. However, the picture of the email is small and the wordings are difficult to read. Below is a clearer image plus a transcript below it. Read and judge the truth of Rosmah Mansor's denial:

Transcript of the above image of the email:

Hi Patty,

I hope you are well.
Some news for you.
I thought you may be interested in one of Carl's latest fan, Malaysia's "First Lady" Rosmah Mansor. Carl received a phone call from her staff while she was shopping in Pitt St. asking if there was parking in Paddington for a limousine. They came straight over where Carl had a private appointment with Mrs. Mansor, going over styles, color and fabrics. Carl then prepared a presentation for her on New Year's Eve at the hotel Mrs. Mansor was staying out, and she chose every one of the 30 colors Carl presented. In total Mrs. Mansor ordered 61 pieces. Carl also was introduced to PM Najib Razak. All pieces she chose are to be made from Carl's signature stretch silk, and to be made bespoke after taking her measurements.

A few of the styles she ordered included the Emila skirt and long sleeve blouse below.

I would also be happy to offer you an AW12 style to run with the story, look book is attached.

Interesting, not?!


And here is a second email released over at Close encounters of the KL kind:

“Hi Patty,

I just spoke to Carl for some further information:
He visited Rosmah, and her PM husband on New Year's Eve at The Darling's Penthouse Suite in the Casino ( for the fitting and presentation. The pieces are for her everyday occasions, which are many. She meets some incredibly influential people, including most recently Michelle Obama so Carl is thrilled that she is such a fan. He said she was incredibly lovely, and she is flying him to Kaula Lumpar mid-February for a second round of fittings. The pieces need to be completed in a month from the second fitting. All pieces had to be altered to be with a long sleeve, with no bare ankles or wrists.
She is already asking for more pieces in addition to the 61 ordered, which is a mix of AW12 and SS11.

In addition to this, Carl has had a great season, his sales are extraordinarily 80% up post his debut Fashion Week show last year. His made-to-measure has definitely made him a favourite go-to and is his greatest point of difference - particularly against the onslaught of online stores.
Attached are the lookbook imagery, the following have already been published on Pages Digital.

Let me know of anything else you need,


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