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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Election Commission conducting massive fraud?

Anwar Ibrahim today exposed what he claimed to be the method which the Election Commission of Malaysia conducts "massive fraud" in manipulating the voters roll by giving an example.

Anwar said this was how they register an existing voter in another constituency by using the same identity card number but adds a forward slash / to the end of the IC number.

Anwar furnished a printout of a voter, Zarina binti Abu Tausi, IC. No. 81100101536 registered in the polling district Desa Rahmat in Johor.

The printout showed Zarina also registered in polling distric of Seri Mahkota in Pahang but with IC No. 811001015036/ which is the same number as above except with that forward slash / at the end of the IC number.

I did a search myself at EC's Electoral Roll Checking and verified that what Anwar claimed is correct.

Below is the screen shot of what I found and you can do the check yourself over at EC's Electoral Roll Checking. I did the check on Thursday 22 March 2011 at 3pm. If there are no changes, you should find the same result:

Electoral fraud by EC

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