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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Debate: Did Mohammad exist?

From OutsideTheBox: Modern 'Muslim' Intellectuals, I was alerted to this debate between Robert Spencer, author of book “Did Muhammad Exist?” and concluding with answer "no" and David Wood, probably a historian or if not, probably an intellectual who knows that historian judge the truth of something on mainly 3 basis, sources:
1. were there early sources
2. multiple sources
3. independent sources
but ended up with the conclusion "yes".

David Wood's website is Answering Muslims.

Below I embed the video which if I manage to find the time to watch again, I probably will:

From there, I was alerted to another debate, this time between 2 Christian, Robert Spencer who concluded Muhammad did not exist and another Christian who believed Muhammad historically existed (I think it is Robert Spencer, and hopefully I got the above video and this video embedded below right:

If you are a seeker of truth, I would encourage you to pay attention to the 2 videos above or perhaps also the webiste Aramiac Broadcasting Network which claimed to be seeking after truth which if I can manage to squeeze in the time, I will return to read and/or watch more videos.

And for balance, here is Adnan Rashid's Muslim Debate Initiative which Robert Spencer put as a lesser formidable debater than David Wood which if I have all the time in the world would like to find out more too (but doubt I can spare the time).

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Anonymous said...

Just to correct you, Adnan Rashid is not part of Muslim Debate Initiative - and never has been. He is part of the organisation called iERA.