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Friday, April 26, 2013

Malaysia General Election 5.5.2013 Sign From God

Malaysia has been ruled by the same corrupt regime of UMNO/BN for 55 years but finally Najib has dissolved the Parliament on Wednesday (Rabu) and the useless Election Commission has declared Saturday as Nomination Day on a Saturday (Sabtu) and called for election on 5 May 2013, a Sunday (Ahad).

Are all these dates and days a sign from God? Consider these:

1)Pegumuman bubar Hari Rabu (Announcement of Parliament dissolution on Wednesday)

R-Rakyat (Public)
A-Akan (will)
B-Buang (throw out)
U-Umno (United Malay National Organization)

2)Tarikh Penamaan Calon Hari Sabtu (Nomination Day)

S-Semua (All)
A-Akan (Will)
B-Bersatu (Unite)
T-Tumbangkan (to overthrow)
U-Umno (United Malay National Organization)

3)Hari Mengundi Jatuh Pada Hari Ahad (Election Day falls on a Sunday)

A-Adalah (This is)
H-Hari (Day)
A-Akhir (Last)
D-Dato Seri Najib memerintah (Dato Seri Najib rules)

4)Tarikh Mengundi 5.5.13 (the election date is 5.5.13)

55 tahun Umno memerintah (55 years of UMNO rule)
2013 tahun yang terakhir (2013 is the final year of their rule)

ان شاء الله insya'Allah God willing

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