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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chew Mei Fun a likely candidate for the Kajang by-election

It has been reported by Malaysia Chronicles that MCA has submitted only 1 name to the Prime Minister for candidature in the upcoming Kajang by-election termed as the Kajang Move by Rafizi. It is speculated that the person proposed as the sole candidate by MCA is former PJ Utara Member of Parliament an former Women, Family and Community Deputy Minister Chew Mei Fun.

Here is something that the Kajang electorate as well as Malaysians should know about Chew Mei Fun. In the days preceding the 12th General Election 2008, a question was posed to Chew Mei Fun: "With the BN whip perpetually in force and never lifted in Parliament, how can you as a BN Member of Parliament represent your constituency?" (Because of the BN whip, all BN MP must vote for any proposals or bills tabled in Parliament by BN and against anything coming from the Opposition IRRESPECTIVE OF MERITS).

Chew Mei Fun's answer: "It is not that simple. Before anything is tabled in the Parliament, a long process of consultation must take place. The stakeholders, NGOs, etc., are consulted...."

Not long after that, a bill was tabled in the Parliament proposing to raise the age for mandatory retirement of an Election Commission from 65 to 66 years.It is widely believed that the billl was specifically to enable Rashid to continue to serve as the Election Commission Chairman for the 12th General Election. When news broke, arrangement was quickly made for an urgent appointment with Chew Mei Fun.

At the appointment, Chew Mei Fun was asked: "Prior to the bill to increase the mandatory retirement age of Election Commission members from 65 to 66, how long was the consultation and who were consulted?"

Chew Mei Fun answered: "When I told you that, I was only referring to my Ministry"

Folks, you judge for yourself that if Chew Mei Fun or any other BN member become the Kajang by-election candidate whether you should vote for or against the BN candidate. For further info, refer to a previous article Why always vote against a BN candidate irrespective of reputation.

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