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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Selangor MB crisis, Hadi Awang betrayal of PR

It was reported in The Malaysian Insider (Hadi admits offering Azmin MB post in unity government with Umno) that Hadi Awang of PAS had offered Azmin of PKR the Mentri Besar post by joining PAS, UMNO and a few PKR turncoats to form a unity state government for Selangor.

This is betrayal of the highest order by Hadi Awang. However, it was rejected by Azmin and the other PAS Selangor State Assemblymen if I read the article correctly. Just how dependable is PAS as a partner of Pakatan Rakyat? Can the voters trust Hadi Awang again? And PAS? I believe many others in PAS do not agree with cooperating with UMNO. Let's see how the development unfolds.

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