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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is it OK to lie to non-Muslims? Taqiya

I have sat through the video, 3 things you probably don't know about Islam and its main points can be summarized as
1. There are contradictions in the Quran but Quran has provided a way to handle contradictions: if there are contradictions, the later verses will override the earlier verses
2. It is the obligation of every Muslim to strive till Sharia is imposed in the whole world (creeping Islam)
3. It is OK to lie to a non-Muslim as long as it advances the interest of Islam (Taqiya)

I have not read the Quran, perhaps later when I have done, but have found an article where they quote verses from the Quran at Lying (Taqiyya and Kitman). The verses are not quoted verbatim but explanations. However, since the verses are numbered it will be easy to refer to the Quran to look up the verses and this is what I intend to do when I get my hands on the free copy of translation of the Quran and I would encourage you to do the same.

But in the meantime, let me focus on 3 (Taqiya) and examine this recent incident where PAS has passed a bill to impose Hudud on Kelantan and Kelantan PAS was also reported to have said We have the numbers for Hudud in Parliament

Note that in 2011, PAS had pushed the Welfare State and the slogan PAS for all, supposedly to appease non-Muslims and now has turned around and pushed to impose Hudud despite strong objections from its allies in DAP.

Footnote: There don't seem to be any reference to lying to non-Muslims to advance the interest of Islam in Wikipedia: Taqiya, only mentions of lying in time of dangers, so this may mean we really have to read the Quran for ourself to establish the truth.

Video: 3 things you probably don't know about Islam

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