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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Practice safe sex, adviced Dr. Chua Soi Lek. (Malaysian Health Minister)

A wiser blogger had used various criteria like:

(my opinions in green)

1. Was the act non-consensual? Most unlike not as no evidences or force seem evident

2. Was it under duress e.g. pressure and threats to keep one's job, or to secure one's livelihood or security? I don' know the answer as I don't know who or what was involved

3. Was it a form of inducement e.g. in an employer-employee relationship which would result in benefits and advantages; or for political favours like good seat allocation, contracts, commissions etc.? I don' know the answer as I don't know who or what was involved

4. Did the Minister used his job privileges e.g. to get a free or discounted hotel room, used ministerial facilities e.g. official car, or dug deep into the public coffers to pay for that hotel suite? I don' know the answer as I don't know who or what was involved

Seem like it is hard to tell, so I think it is better to comment out what had been earlier been published. The only think I can see is one should not say one thing and do another.

Content below commented out unless some there are some compelling new developments that may cause me to reverse my decision.


miso freak said...

Did he use a condom? If he did that's as safe as sex can get... -I don't know can someone tell me?

miso freak said...

Thanks for help Peter...

I stumbled upon your site when I was googling for info on DAP. Good info do you have any on my Candidate Lim Lip Eng?

Peter said...

Hi Miso Freak,

Try leaving a comment at Baby Yok Shan which I believe is Lim Lip Eng's blog. However, most of the posts are by Tony P which I believe is Tony Pua, Parliamentary candidate for PJ Utara. Tony is an IT man so blogs should be no problem for him.

It is important to get to know our candidates, but it is also important to know what is the most important job function of a Member of Parliament. I this aspect, I am sad to say that our Barisan MPs have failed miserably, plus the Barisan Nasional have abused the two-third majority in Parliamentary. The most important objective for this coming election is to make this Barisan Harapan Malaysia a reality.

Anyway, I have called up DAP for Petaling Jaya and they say they will email me some information. Bookmark this blog (or copy-paste the blog URL which is

into a Notepad file and save it in a folder named, for example, "to check" or something and check back for updates.

When I have time, I will add a Feedburner subscription box for visitors to subscribe to updates for this blog.

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