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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BN's tyranny and citizens' response

The Barisan Nasional's government has become a tyrant. Why is that so? Read about BN's tyranny at REPRESSION, RACE, RELIGION AND ROYALTY. Here are some extracts:

UMNO used the ISA to detain the HINDRAF leaders, blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, Selangor Exco member, Teresa Kok and the Sin Chew reporter. This was not done to protect the common good but to protect UMNO’s rule.

The Police are used to arrest and prohibit the people from exercising their constitutional freedoms of assembly and free speech. Peaceful demonstrations are brutally stopped by tear gas and water cannons of chemicals. Ceramahs in Perak are banned. Candle light vigils in Petaling Jaya are declared illegal. Lodging police reports are prohibited.

Government institutions are perverted and subverted. Senior Civil Servants by disingenuous arguments make shamelessly biased decisions to panda to their political masters’ desires.

In Perak, the Election Commission refused to call for bye-elections after the Perak Speaker declared the 3 seats vacant. The State Secretary booted out the Menteri Besar and the Exco when a motion of no confidence on the Menteri Besar has yet to be tabled in the Assembly. The Police cordoned off the State Assembly Building to prevent the elected representatives from attending. The assembly secretary countermands the Speaker’s call for a sitting, then locks the doors of the assembly hall and throws away the keys for good measure. The state assembly has to be held under a refuge of a rain tree. We now have Rain Tree Democracy. The Judicial Commissioner disqualified a litigant’s duly appointed lawyer and appointed the opponent’s lawyer for the litigant against his wish. This is a kangaroo court dispensing Palm Tree Justice.

In Selangor, MACC issued a public statement that it had found there was a good case of corruption against the Selangor Menteri Besar, YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. If putting petrol into his car used for state official functions and donating cows to the poor are corrupt acts, why is receiving RM530 Million for buying a submarine not?! The Commissioner has violated the first principle of justice that a man is presumed innocent until he is convicted. The Commissioner had become prosecutor, judge and jury. In the case of Elizabeth Wong, there was a media frenzy in violating her privacy as the media rushed in like sharks to kill her political career. That was not journalism. That was gutter politics.

In Kedah, YB Arumugam had to resign as the state exco member and state assemblymen to safeguard his family from harm. After attempted bribery failed they threatened and kidnapped him to coerce him to crossover. Although he identified the perpetrator, the police released the perpetrator allowing him to make further threats. YB Lim Soo Nee and YB Tan Wei Xu received bullets when they rejected offers of several million Ringgit to cross over. Although a video had been taken by the then BPR officer of the negotiations and offer the only action taken by the MACC was to transfer the officer.

UMNO has betrayed the peoples’ trust in transgressing the powers given for its own ends. It has become a tyrannical regime.

What should Malaysians do?

The people then have a moral duty to rise up and oppose the illegitimate regime.

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