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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guessing game - how thick is Samy Vellu's skin?

To break the monotony, let's us have a guessing game. It was reported that Semi Value @ Samy Vellu @ (more accurate no value) went singing and crying on his by-election campaign. After the fact that he had robbed the Indians instead of helping them, he still had guts to go round campaigning. He came upon some Indians living in squalid conditions (these same Indians were robbed by Samy Vellu @ no value their share of prosperity) saying "At one estate Samy Vellu said: "I don't know why your living conditions are so bad. I want to find out. I will act on it but after the by-election," thus indirectly telling voters that the goodies will only flow if the BN wins the by-election.

Now here is the game. How thick is Samy Vellu @ no value's skin?
A. 1 micron
B. 1 mm
C. 1 cm
D. 1 kilometer

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