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Friday, May 22, 2009

How Barisan Nasional rob Malaysia

From a comment describing how Barang Naik (alluding to BN or Barisan Nasional, literally {prices of) things increase) rape and rob the country:

I think you know how the Barang Naik coalition does business. You were there at NSTP.

Let's use the Bakun Dam as an example of how UMNOputras with the connivance of some Chinamen screw the rakyat.

In 1996 Ting Pek Khiing asked his good friend Mamakthir (now your Emperor) for the rights to build Bakun and transport the power to Mersing via a submarine cable of 560km. Never mind that a cable of this length has never been done before. Never mind that the cable has to be embedded in coral reefs around the Natuna Islands, owned by Indonesia.

Of course the real agenda wasn't about selling electricity; it was about the size of the contract for building the dam. Ting cleared an area the size of Singapore,and sold the timber - even before the EIA was approved. In 1998 with the financial crisis, Ting gave up the project - but the government still compensated him RM800 million for "work done". Work done referred to the clearing of pristine jungle.

So after clearing the jungle, the gomen decided that they should proceed with the project, so they went ahead to resettle the people, the local tribes. Sime Darby took over the project, found it to be unviable, and they too returned the project to the gomen.

Now the gomen has a RM8 billion hole in the ground, and the only way this hole is going to make money is to connect it via submarine cable to peninsular. How much is the cost of the submarine cable now ? US$4 billion for double circuits. Who pays for this money ? TNB - but they can't borrow this amount, so now the money can only be borrowed by JBIC of Japan with the federal government guarantee.

So now the pristine jungle has become a hole in the ground, which has become a RM8 billion dam, and which needs US$4 billion to make it work.

This is the BN gomen that the New Yorker is talking about - idiots that drive the country surely into the ground.



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