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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comparison: Dr. Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh

Normally, I try to avoid copy-paste, but we have been provoked by this Dr. Mamakdir to no end and hope more thinking Malaysians will read this from Malaysiakini (Master of divide and rule) and learn to discern which of these two elders are real statesman plus how to discern when the unscrupulous try to use racism to provoke:

'Mahathir's recent comments are clearly racist, revealing his true character, and I have lost every respect for this man who, in my opinion, has taken the nation to ransom.'

On Dr M, just stay retired

The Smaller Mamakdir: I wish to respond to the letter, 'Dr M, just stay retired'.

Contrast this to that other old veteran Ku Li, who is advocating greater racial and national unity through encouraging change and acceptance of a more egalitarian Malaysian society. On the other hand, Mahathir seeks to rejuvenate his waning influence through a divide-and-rule strategy.

Mahathir's recent comments are clearly racist, revealing his true character, and I have lost every respect for this man who, in my opinion, has taken the nation to ransom. Why should a man like him keep destablising the country when his projects like the crooked bridge are abandoned?

Always Malaysian: Some quarters argued that Dr M has honed his 'divide-and-rule' tactics into a perfect art. But this may no longer be effective with the emergence of the new and free media.

Nevertheless, the public needs to be educated and enlightened on how such a strategy is being employed from time to time, regardless of whether the ruling coalition or opposition partnership may be using it. This is part and parcel of further enhancing the democratic process in the country.

Will we see a series of articles on this issue in the foreseeable future on the local and even foreign case studies of this devious art of 'divide and rule', the modus operandi of its proponents, how to detect such its manifestation, how can the public combat this socio-political menace and avoid being divided to the nation's detriment, etc?

Exposure is needed so that the public will be better informed when making political choices through the ballot box.

Malaysia is not to be divided up and ruled!
Malaysia is for all Malaysians!

Ong: Maybe the MACC advisers are not resigning because they want to follow Tun Mahathir's example. For many years, Mahathir has been complaining that although he is the Petronas adviser, his advice is never sought, and when he takes the initiative to give advice, his unsolicited advice is ignored. These MACC advisers obviously remember Mahathir's slogan "Pimpinan Melalui Teladan".

However the MACC advisers cannot be compared to Mahathir if both of their work performance are evaluated. When Mahathir sees something in Petronas which he feels is not right, he takes the initiative and springs into action with his advice and criticisms despite that they are likely to be ignored.

All the MACC advisers may be a lot younger than Mahathir, but unfortunately they appear to be a lot more lethargic compared to him. Their eyesight are not so good. What the general public can see, these advisers cannot see. Their hearing are also impaired. They cannot hear the public pleas to them to start acting their roles as advisers and watchdogs. They only manage to hear when such pleas turn to shouts.

What a pity - if only these MACC advisers follow Mahathir's leadership by example. They do not also follow Mahathir's example of springing into action even though knowing that any such action is just for show.

On Cabinet approves royal commission

Disappointed: A royal commission has been approved by the cabinet to look into the cause of Teoh Beng Hock's death? No! It is only there to look into the MACC's interrogation methods.

So, who will look into Teoh's cause of death which is what Malaysians really want to know? The court-appointed magistrate's inquest findings will only represent the judgment of a single person instead of a team of people from the royal commission. There is something wrong somewhere!

GH Kok: In view of Teoh Beng Hock's death and the pattern of MACC assault on Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government prior to that, we also hear of mysterious attempts to sabotage the Penang state government through the Kampung Buah Pala issue.

The pattern is slowly emerging of an elaborate and systematic attempt to undermine the Pakatan state governments by unseen hands working through federal agencies and other parties.

There are also theories that Najib plans to call for a general election in 2010 and therefore the pressing need to undermine and weaken the Pakatan before calling for the election.

It seems that all available weapons are now being used against Pakatan. There seems to be no limits. It started with Perak and now the campaign is in full flight simultaneously in Penang, Selangor and Kedah.

In view of this assault, it appears that Teoh Beng Hock is but a collateral damage. How many more victims of this "war" are we going to see? We the rakyat of Malaysia must stand firm against this assault.

We must keep our eyes and ears open and not participate in questionable activities. We must report to the press (online press) any suspicious happenings in our area or in the course of our daily life. Let the light shine on all happenings in every nook and cranny of this country.

The federal civil servants, who are always suppressed and bullied by their political masters, may they too shed light on all such abuses of their agencies. Bring it all out into the open and let the whole world see the truth. Courage is needed for the price of democracy is eternal vigilance.


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