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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock murder - MACC downfall

MACC Officer: We already have the fabricated documents to prove Khalid Ibrahim guilty. We will surround Khalid Ibrahim at his home like how we arrest Anwar Ibrahim.

Ahmad Said Hamdan: Yes, and we have made the boy confess that the Selangor Government misappropriate the government allocations.

MACC Officer: Err... Sir...Er... The boy didn't agree to sign the false statement, our man throw him out of the building after some struggling with him

Ahmad Said Hamdan: All of you who were not in the room when the interrogation took place. Leave now!
(all except 3 left)

Ahmad Said Hamdan: Why the hell did our man throw him out? We have planned to topple the Selangor Government for more than a year. Doesn't he know that this will ruin our plan to topple Pakatan Selangor? We have circulated the Exco nude photo, fabricated the documents to nail the MB and now the whole plan is ruined. Someone will find out that we throw the boy out of the building and that is the end of us.

MACC Officer: Sir, we will cover it up just like the Kugan case.

Ahmad Said Hamdan: Cover up my foot, the body was found under our building.

MACC Officer: Sir, we can make up the story that he committed suicide.

Ahmad Said Hamdan: No way people will believe he committed suicide, he is going to get married tomorrow. And his fiancee was pregnant for 2 months, there is no reason for people to believe he jumped down. Najib has planned this for so long and you bloody guys threw him out of the building and made a big mess. Why can't you guys do a simple job? Interrogate him and make him sign the false statement, is that too difficult? In 1998, the police forced Sukma sign a false statement to charge Anwar. Why can't MACC make the poor boy sign the false statement? Najib will be furious with this development. He will have a tough time to answer the public. Najib will stop funding us. Who is going to pay our salary? Do you think Pakatan Rakyat will fund us? They don't bloody hell have money.

MACC Office: Don't worry, we still have Khir Toyo.

Ahmad Said Hamdan: We might as well tell people the truth. Lim Kit Siang is flying here tomorrow. First flight of the day. Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Khalid will be here too. There will be a huge demonstration. Tell Hishamuddin to send the FRU here first thing in the morning. We are screwed.

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