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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chou Z Lam's Bakun dam documentary - Angkasapuri lied

I have always held the opinion that many of the dastardly UMNO/BN politicians and the heads of Malaysian institutions or ministries frequently lie and their to the public. In the video below of an interview with Chou Z Lam, a journalist who was sacked because of his documentary on the Bakun dam, you will clearly hear him described how the Director-General, I assume of Angkasapuri, lied when questioned by reporters about the canning of his documentary. The Director-General said that there were only 2 episodes even though nobody sane can deny that Chou Z Lam's documentary comprises 10 episodes of which only 2 had been broadcasted before it was canned to avoid causing problems for SUPP/UMNO/BN in the Sibu by-election:

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