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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Solution for DAP PAS disagreement re hudud and Islamic State

The issue of implementation of Islamic Hudud law (Syariah) and an Islamic state for Malaysia has cropped up again and can pit pro-hudud and Islamic state PAS against pro-secular state DAP which could lead to the unrevalling of the Pakatan Rakyat just like what happend in 2001 when DAP left the Barisan Alternatif coalition.

The dislodging of the decadent and decaying UMNO/BN from Putrajaya and introduction of badly needed reforms to Malaysia is seriously threatened by this possibility and all reasonable Malaysians will not want this to happen. The current momentum should be maintained at all costs especially now that there is a possibility to win Federal power. We have seen how the dastardly UMNO/BN has used their federal power to frustrate the state governments governed by Pakatan Rakyat.

However PAS will never be able to give up its aim to introduce hudud and make Malaysia an Islamic state probably because a Muslim is obligated to make these 2 a reality in their life. If PAS continue in its current stance, there is great danger of losing non-Malay and non-Muslim votes even if both PAS and DAP continue stay in its Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

On the other hand, DAP will find it extremely difficult to drop its insistance on Malaysia remaining a secular state and reject hudud. DAP if it continues to stay in Pakatan Rakyat in partnership with PAS while PAS continue to harp on hudud and Islamic state will also lose votes and may even be trounced in the election like what happened previously.

I appeal fervently to both PAS and DAP in particular and PKR in general to consider my suggestion to break this deadlock. Please please please do not play into the hands of UMNO/BN and hand them victory in the next general election. I have written on this issue before in Pakatan Rakyat should be a formal political party and not just a loose coalition. Below I will build on that.

Here is my opinion for a solution to the above. Pakatan Rakyat now has the Pakatan Rakyat CPF (Common Policy Framework) drawn up in December and which is a great platform on how PAS PKR and DAP can cooperate to win Federal power. May I humbly suggest that all the parties in Pakatan Rakyat should be political in the sense that its purpose is to win elections and form governments and its actions and policies should be solely based on the CPF. In this way, the aim of Pakatan Rakyat will not be jeopardize by this very major and fundamental difference between PAS and DAP.

My suggestion to for PAS to solve its delicate delima is as follows. PAS shoule separate into 2 bodies which I will temporaly refer to as "political PAS" (PAS for all will fit in here extremely well) and "religious PAS". "Political PAS" will be ONLY for the political purpose of cooperating with DAP and PKR within Pakatan Rakyat as mentioned above. All others such as the intention of PAS to make Malaysia an Islamic State and introduce hudud should striven for within "religios PAS".

In this way a member of "religious PAS" will not feel that he is neglecting his religious obligations but which he may practice and pursue within "religious PAS". Further, by doing this, PAS will then not need a "PAS Supporter Club" anymore as then all non-Muslims who support PAS can join "political PAS" and withoug any controversy can stand for elections and become office bearers. Conservative PAS members who feel strongly and negatively about the presence of non-Muslims within its party will no longer have any reasons to fee such.

Please PAS do seriously give some considerations to this suggestion and not jeopardize this real chance of becoming part of the Federal government.

If you think this is a good idea to break this deadlock, for the sake of Malaysia, I hope you will help spread this message.

Update: From Dr M says meritocrats are racist too:Mahathir: "Islamist party PAS also did not escape coming under fire from the veteran politician who said that it was using religion for political gain"

Perhaps when PAS separates its religious striving for Islamic State and hudud and its political ambitions, perhaps that would be an answer to Mahathir's accusation.


Vijay said...

That is an exciting suggestion. There are two points to this.

1. This is a drastic move which will shake the foundations of PAS' struggle, hence, its existence. A change this huge should come from within, not outside, which paradoxically, is not possible right now.

2. In a sense, this is pushing PAS into a form of secularism as well. One might argue, why not seperate DAP into two parts. A dominant secular DAP, and a sub-component which examines possibilities of neo-secularism.

Either points above will provide to be a weak link in a formidable approach to become an alternative government.

The goal for all Malaysians who are truly concerned about Malaysia, is not about who is in power. BN or PR. No one wants to lose. If non Malays lose, Malays lose. If Malays lose, non Malays lose. The "lost" we are talking about is from a global perspective. THAT is 1Malaysia, btw.

How DAP and PAS can solve their dilemma

1. Acknowledge the problem explicitly and the willingness to solve it behind closed doors, and not in the eye of the public, where it could be manipulated for certain ppl's unfair political advantage.

2. PAS should be allowed to establish Islamic state laws, in certain states where it is dominant. It shows the people have accepted PAS and thus, deserve what PAS promises them. Kelantan could be labelled as an Islamic Model State (IMS) which practices hudud. And, depending on the political landscape in the next 20 years, a few other states could be made into IMS. What is wrong in that? It is a beautiful system when done correctly, and it allows people to judge for themselves.

3. In the meanwhile, BN should take some time off being the government, and observe the DAP PKR PAS relationship, the IMS development and throwing out corruption from its system. The Malays will not lose political dominance in 5 years. It is impossible and illogical. So, if the Pakatan Rakyat does not do a good job of keeping the dynamics of our multi-racial country in tact, Malays can unite and bring BN back in power 5 years later.

It is a win-win situation for Malaysia. Governance wins, Corruption loses, Malaysians become a world force to be reckoned with again.

Don't vote with your emotions. Vote with your brains. If you vote for Pakatan, you are not voting for "chinese, indians, and liberal malays". The concept of race based politics is no more in this globalised world. If you vote for Pakatan, you are giving BN a chance to re-energise itself for the next 50 years. Thats all.

- Vijay Kumar

Peter said...


Thanks for the suggestion. However, I am a bit uneasy about the

"PAS should be allowed to establish Islamic state laws, in certain states where it is dominant"

because it is unfair to impose religious obligations on one who does not believe in that particular religion plus what we read about the going on's in those countries which can be consider an "Islamic state".

However, if we subscribe to democracy principle although I would dearly want to say no, I suppose we have no choice but to subscribe to that and then perhaps vote with the feet. I would further want to emphasize as regards "Islamic state" which require changes in the Constitution that "dominant" not refer to simple majority but to the 2/3 required to amend constitution.

BTW do read Should non-Muslim in Malaysia have a say over whether Malaysia become an Islamic state? to read about certain points we should be aware of.

Maybe I extract here some of them:

Non-muslim do not have the same rights as a Muslim in an Islamic state, eg "Zimmi is not allowed to be the president of the Muslim state or even to be leaders in army or judges among Muslims "

etc better read that post for a fuller explanation.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's a right of a Muslim to be enforce with Hudud Law and Islamic Governance such as non Muslim has their own rights which is well respected by Muslims esepcially within PAKATAN framework.. My suggestion is for PAS and DAP to sit down and educate each other the why and not of the hudud issues..I see some progress in this with the statement from Dr. Tan Siew..I believe he has more input and info with regards to Hudud Law compare to Karpal Singh which I dont blame him because the failure of UMNO governance to educate others!
As explain by Dr Tan, hudud law is for muslim only and non muslim can go own with the civil law..pls respect each other..before we demand other to respect us!!I believe PAS direction is not throw down all this to people throat! As they manage to govern Kelantan for 20 years..I believe the same model can apply in the future with regards to law & governence.

Peter said...

Anon 3:55

Thanks for your comments. Yes we are prepared to listen and be educated as you put it. However, we too would like others to listen to our own views and reasons.

You know, after publishing this post, I am toying with the idea of starting a PAS-DAP reconcilliation initiative where people can collect data and study the issues and find PAS and DAP can continue to work together to bring badly reforms to Malaysia.